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David Beckham Sexually Violated by Reporter

1/21/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham grabbed headlines in Milan after a woman from an Italian prank show grabbed his crotch -- carrying out a full-on sexual assault for what she thought would be a funny TV segment.

The video shows a "reporter" sneaking through a crowd and reaching down at an unsuspecting David Beckham. The woman then gropes his crotch -- in an attempt to see if he measured up to the Armani underwear ads.

Beckham was furious -- and security instantly swooped to forcibly remove the woman from the area. Still, she chased after the soccer star screaming about how she wanted to see his manhood.

The woman was not arrested and her footage eventually ran on her Italian TV show -- she thought the whole thing was a big joke.

But if the roles were reversed -- and it was a man grabbing a woman ... would the reporter have gotten away with it?


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1735 days ago

Chris Brown is so last Year    

Your darn right it is wrong, if some guy grabbed onto her hooters, or grabbed her crotch and wanted to see them, it would have been a nightmare.

He should press charges, stupid stupid move.

1735 days ago

Mr Minky    

I think the female reporter has definitely over-stepped a boundary. How dare she do that. How would she feel if someone groped her private parts.

Silly woman

1735 days ago


I am sure if the harrassment was in the other direction a male would have been jailed immediately, what happen to equal rights. She should be equally prosecuted.

1735 days ago


If I were David wife I would hunt the gal up,plus, David should press charges...

1735 days ago



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1735 days ago


her feet were cold and after all he did have a pair of socks down there....hope the woman sterilized her hand after touching what Poshtitute used!

1735 days ago


The only way I'd let a woman do that to me is if the reporter was Christie Bear.

1735 days ago


what do you do it everyday and get away with it....

1735 days ago


That's pretty messed up how she will most likely get away with this. She should most certainly be prosecuted. It was unwanted sexual contact, which she should have to be in jail for just like if it was the other way around!

1735 days ago


Erin gets her ass on film and she wants the guy to rot in prison for life. She never was touched. This woman planned and filmed her groping escapade. She wont do a day in jail. No double standard there.

1735 days ago


You are right when you said a man would be locked up pronto. I think her ass ought to be hauled of the jail. Man or woman, it is wrong and against the law. Press charges David. You were violated and she needs to stand before a Judge.

1735 days ago


If that were a woman the man would have been beaten down and taken to jail. No double standards should apply. David Beckham deserves a very public apology, and the reporter should be charged with sexual assault. Her behavior was not funny. It's was sexual abuse/assault. The law needs to nail her and press charges immediately. Her behavior will be repeated against men. Woman want equality...we've got it. It also means we have to live by the same rules as men. No double standards allowed. Why hasn't she been arrested yet?

1735 days ago


She should be fired, she should be prosecuted and convicted, that's what would happen to a male reporter if he did the exact same things to a female celeb (or a non-celeb). And since all the evidence is right on tape, CASE CLOSED. he should press charges, absolutely. it sends a bad message to the world if he lets her get away with this assault, female photographers and reporters will think they can overstep personal boundaries all the time.

1735 days ago


Lucky that Italian "reporter" was a chick... Just imagine if that was a dude who did that. There would have been a beat-down of epic proportion!

BTW, Beckham's security team did A SH!TTY JOB - seriously, that girl is like, what, 5"3, but they cannot restraint her properly? Those guys should be fired!

1735 days ago
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