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Jon Cryer - FBI Investigating Alleged Death Threat

1/21/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer - FBI Investigating Alleged Death ThreatJon Cryer -- who stars with Charlie Sheen in "Two and a Half Men" -- told authorities his life was in danger -- possibly by a hitman -- and TMZ has learned the FBI is investigating.

Cryer sounded the alarm last Friday. Sources tell us Cryer told law enforcement he believed his ex-wife hired a hitman to kill him.

Cryer and his ex have been embroiled in a bitter custody fight, which has gotten even more intense recently.

Sources tell us the FBI has been on the case for a week. As far as we know the agency has no suspects. The FBI declined comment.

As we first reported, security descended on the set of "Two and a Half Men" last Friday and the show was taped without an audience. We're told this Friday's show will also be taped without an audience ... but it's for creative, not security reasons.

Our sources say Cryer has told people the threat has abated and he feels more secure.

Cryer's ex-wife told us last Friday she was unaware of any threat against Jon.

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Why do these stars have all this plastic surgery???? Don't they know we as viewers can totally tell and talk about it?? Why not grow old gracefully like my Mom? My Mom is beautiful !! She has had nothing done and my Dad DOES NOT want her to have anything done or she'd look know. We like the starts just the way they are BEFORE all the plastic surgery. Why do they do it ???

1734 days ago

dan mcgrew    

Almost all of the stars are so ugly that they have to have p surgery to improve their looks.. But if you saw them in person without makeup you wouldnot give them a second look and say what made them a star. UGH UGH UGH

1734 days ago


Plastic surgery makes you look like a freak, it is so unnatural looking. What gets me is they think they look good but they actually look bad and would look much better if they did not have the plastic surgery done.

1734 days ago


Jon Crier might had a Dream or might be suffering from Paranoia
it happens. FBI should check the functioning of his brain

1734 days ago

Richard Glanz    

forget leno and forget conan nbc needs to hire someone who can pull the 20-35 year old range someone they can relate too in the 2010 era

1734 days ago


i think cryer isent playing with a full deck , i am sure he is on some kind of drugs , and made up the whole story about his life is in danger , he is halucinating i am very sure , i dont think anyone is interested in that idiot ,,to kill him , he better get checked out by a shrink, he is not all there ,

1734 days ago

Brat Pack memeber    

John Cryer WATCH out! Molly Ringwald put the hit on you!
Or maybe it was Andrew McCarthy..his career hasn't gone anywhere in 25 years. Maybe Emilio Esteves..HE hould be playing the Charlie Sheen's brother on 2 and 1/2 men! YES..It's Emilio!!!!

1734 days ago


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"you can act like a man instead of a hollywood finocchio"

1734 days ago


I'm more concerned over the phot of Cher, Carrot-T, and Dolly. The mind plays tricks on you when you scan articles real fast. I thought the phot said are these 3 persons really ONE? So I studied the photo and said they could be, Bondo, Silly-Putty, and Botox change looks-don't they?

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1734 days ago


OMG - Cryer should get out of the "closet" and admit it is his boy toy that is after him. He has NO talent and a real Queen Bee.

1734 days ago


Why are people so mean???????

1734 days ago

Mr. Cryor,

I hope that you are feeling well and that you are not overworked. I know that many times threats are serious and the things that people do for money is sometimes shocking. I am very aware in my area that there are dirty cops, embezzling college professors and music business filth that do pay to hurt people. If music business has these type of wealthy rats who pay for harm, I am sure that Hollywood has them too. I hope you get to the bottom of the threats soon so that you may incarcerate those individuals who may have paid to have you killed.

On the other hand, I want to be kind, and encouraging. I am a Registered Nurse and I am very far in my Psychology degree and know a little bit about Anxiety. Sometimes, things are very stressful in life and we may perceive a situation to be more dangerous than it actually is because our hormones and adrenaline system reacts to alarm our entire body.

My suggestion to you is to slow down, get proper rest, good diet and exercise. Aromatherapy and Tai Chi exercises can sometimes calm a person and they will feel better if a situation comes along like a custody battle. Custody of our precious children is a matter which can cause ANY WELL PERSON to have symptoms of paranoia. Paranoia is not just a disease that is a mental illness category. Paranoia is a common, normal response to an anxiety threat like a custody battle. I hope that you and your wife can put aside your differences and if there is no reason that joint custody is an inappropriate choice, then work it out to the benefit of the children.

What I think may be going on is CHILD SUPPORT QUESTIONS. That is another matter and unfortunately, whoever makes more money is stuck with the bill.

Good luck, Jon. By the way, you are a fine, fine actor. I enjoy the show Two men and a half. I hope that you and Charlie Sheen will stick it out and continue the show. Tell him to start Tai Chi meditation and Aromatherapy and I trust the both of you will feel alot better!

I wish I was working on your show with you, I bet my personality which has a tendency to make people laugh, would ease your problems. Too bad I am not reading a script to do it! I hate being the kind of person that says things that are funny unintentionally. Like today, I was mad at the cats and I yelled out the house window, If you do that you will probably still live, but you will be in a whorehouse in Katsickastand, trust me on that! Go figure???......

1734 days ago


So whats next?????

Two and a Half Hit-men ????

1734 days ago
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