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Beyonce Tequila?

1/27/2010 5:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Beyonce at the Hope for Haiti telethon last week (left) -- and allegedly pregnant publicity whore Tila Tequila at some event last year (right).

Beyonce and Tila

One of them loves the single ladies.

We're just sayin'.


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I love beyonce! Team beyonce, but I am pretty sure this isn't a contest. Get all of B's clothes here

1732 days ago


exactly how much of this toad are we supposed to stomach?

TMZ is going out of its way to push this fugly skank liar.

1732 days ago


So Tila's pregnant? I've said it before & will say it again: 1 thing 4sure it ain't no JOHNSON & JOHNSON baby! SERIOUSLY, if TMZ needs 2 follow a no-name, come to my house, I can do drama SO better than Tila!

1732 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

Why does Whoreonce keep bleaching her skin and wearing blond weaves? Is she that ashamed of being black? If you look at pics of her 10 years ago, you see she used to be so much darker. Sad people aren't happy with themselves.

1732 days ago


i realy hope someday i realize why TMZ give so much space to this ugly gremlin with fake tits
caouse right now i dont

1732 days ago


BOY! Beyonce is getting lighter and lighter! She didn't look ANYTHING like she looks now, when she first came out.

1732 days ago


Did someone at TMZ just call somebody a "pregnant publicity whore"? I think someone there at TMZ is angry and hates Tila.

I always thought she was fake even when she first came out as a "reality celebrity" on Double Shot at Love on MTV. What a crock! Love?!!! Yeah right!! She was making out with girls and guys left and right. I am sure she made out with the whole filming crew too! Nothing says "love" like a bunch of people spreading the STD'S!!! DISGUSTING!!! I HATE MTV NOW!!!! If anyone is a "media whore", it's MTV!!! MTV USE TO STAND FOR "MUSIC TELEVISION", NOW IT'S A BUNCH OF FAKE "REALITY BS!!!

1732 days ago


Hell they're both attention and publicity whores...Beyonce being the biggest of them all. She only wants to be seen and heard, and as a couple of posters said, she's always copying someone, she's a recycled, remanufactured, weave wearing, yodeling, stripper in a leotard and heels. I wished she'd just go far as Tequila, well at least she's doing what young girls do, Beyonce is 30 something pretending to be 28...She sucks ass.

1732 days ago


hey troy....tila is 28...not exactly a young girl

1732 days ago


Tila looks blacker than Beyonce....and she's Vietnames!?!

1732 days ago


Wow, Beyonce is going to be really pissed at you guys for comparing her to that vile little piece of trash gutter rat!

1732 days ago


You all are haters!!!! My girl is prego!! CONGRATS TILA!!

1732 days ago

love her!    

Beyonce is an empire and a true inspiration. Why would you even try to compare tila to her. Tila i know you read these. I think you are a miserable nasty vile ugly woman. if you are pregnant i feel just awful for your kid. you're going to drive your kid to hate u one day because u are a liar and too into yourself and a drug addict. I hear courtney love needs a roomie since her kid francis bean got out.

1732 days ago


yeah courtney and tila would be the best roomies in hollywood
both attention seekers,bisexuals,liars,big egos,talentless,no taste of clothes or anything,hard core drug users and of course WHORES

1731 days ago

love her!    

Oh man I also just realized...both their "loved ones" offed themselves to get the hell away from those psychos. RIP Cobain & Johnson...To bad the roles werent reversed

1731 days ago
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