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Conan O'Brien Gets Justice from NBC

1/27/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NBC may have defanged Conan O'Brien by getting back in bed with him.

The network just picked up an hour-long pilot produced by Conan O'Brien's company, Conaco, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The pilot -- "Justice" -- is centered around a Supreme Court justice who resigns from the Court to open a private law practice.

So Conan -- who would have put NBC on the no-fly list if he could -- apparently isn't that bothered about doing business with the network he says screwed him.



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1733 days ago


What a way to get back to Conan NBC! Try harder! Love you Conan!
LOL!!!!!!!!! The funniest "2 girls 1 finger" reaction video EVER!

1733 days ago


Will see what happens but I am still a Jay Leno fan:

1733 days ago


can't stand this funny looking jack a ss!

1733 days ago


I knew his goofy a ss would fail! I knew it, i knew it, i knew it!

1733 days ago


What do u expect from a ginger-head coksucker ?

1733 days ago


This was obviously part of the payoff deal when he left.
Now we know why he said NBC was such a great place for him for 20 years.

1733 days ago


What are you guys trying to say??? talks

1733 days ago

PB & J    

Let's not forget. Aside from his quirky persona on The Tonight Show, Conan has always been a writer as well as a successor producer. We tend to forget that his talents far outreach those in front of the camera.

Way to go, Conan!

1733 days ago


Business is business, Love Conan!

1733 days ago


i can't imagine he has any problems taking more money from them, who would.
also there would be a head of orig programming or something like that at conaco dealing with the acquisitions dept at NBC. it wouldn't be like Coco would pull out a tape at the end of a session with the lawyers and ask them to check it out, it would be entirely separate from the negotiations.
its almost impossible to get a pilot funded, it would be bad business not to do a deal with them. for each one that gets funded there are hundreds that do not.
he is smart, funny and a nice guy.

ps jay leno sux, his humour is cringey and dated and nails on the chalkboardesque.

1733 days ago


People who waste their whole life wanting to be first on a site like this are the lowest forms of human life possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They aren't even human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1733 days ago


man, i was hoping for a talk show... but whatever's clever. i'm still TEAM COCO!!!!!!

1733 days ago


I guess this poses a dilemma for all the Conan fans who vowed to boycott NBC. Are they going to boycott NBC's new show produced by Conan's company?

It only proves that it's all show business with the emphasis on business. If I was one of the Conan fans who was going into fits the last few weeks, I would feel a bit used by O'Brien.

It was all sound and fury signifying not much of anything.

1733 days ago


It's business. What do you expect?

1733 days ago
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