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TMZ Live: The Game Sets the Record Straight

1/30/2010 7:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Game showed up for the second TMZ Live of the day -- and shot down rumors that he's the father of Tila Tequila's alleged baby.

TMZ Live: The Game!

Also: The Game says Gilbert Arenas should be tossed out of the NBA (maybe), the latest update on his feud with 50 Cent, and could Harvey score on Kobe Bryant?

Plus ... The Game is introduced to the "Pants on the Ground" song and Harvey finds a way to bring up Merv Griffin, Mick Jagger and O.J. Simpson.


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You know damn well you ain't pregnant.

You the one lying and you know you didn't call TMZ today to give an interview about what The Game said..

If you're such a "big celeb" why would TMZ tell you to come back on Monday because the office was closed. That's cause you never called and won't be there on Monday either.

Everybody in the hip hop world knowS The Game already had a baby mama, how come you didn't?

You said he lied to you about having another baby mama and you started crying that's why you look so sad in the pics leaving the studio.


1673 days ago


Well, 'the GAME'..(lol@that name), should keep his trap shut about Gilbert Arenas; at least Gilbert never stooped so low to have sex with that disease-infested Tila ho, am I right?

1673 days ago

Evan Byrns    

1. Surrogate mom for her brother; 2, Dad is a war veteran & hero; 3. Dad is Swedish; 4. Dad is Game. And this is just in a few days. TT was happy when she started tweeting this AM, now she says she was "crying when she left the studio last night."
I guess this goes along with her "Secret Service Agents," "huge movie deal that makes her a movie star," "quitting Hollywood to help the artists on her label" and "quitting Hollywood for her baby," etc. A delusional mind such as TT's might actually believe these fantasies.

1673 days ago


Wow im impressed with Game what a great guy he is !!!

1673 days ago


I am impressed that the Game had the balls to say what many Americans wish they could be heard saying.....That President Obama is doing a good job and he's just trying to fix the mess that George "Dubya" created! Obama didn't do anything to start the recession....Bush took care of that and made many more mistakes that we "working class" are now paying for! For all you haters out there, please give our President a chance to show you what he can do when the economy turns around!

1673 days ago


I personally will buy any CD that is produced by Dr Dre. even without all this drama. It will be a 'banger'

STFU TT you ho

1673 days ago



1673 days ago


omg! her so called "wifeys" toxicollogy report isn't even back yet and she is saying she is already pregnant by the Game??? wow. long mourning process.. please. she's pathetic.
can someone please vote her off the island?

1672 days ago


HA, the woman is having a fit over the interview.

1672 days ago


LOL...this guy calls himself "The Game". doesn't get any better than this.

1672 days ago


That joke ain't pregnant. She's a lying loser who will say anything for publicity. She creates story after story based on the continued publicity and the response it generates... Why are you even covering this? She will miscarry long before the nine months is up (in her typical storytelling fashion). The only way her pregnancy will ever be believed is if someone goes into the potty with her (video camera on hand) and tapes her taking a pregnancy test. And does it quick because God knows there is someone jacka** enough out there to help her get pregnant so she can get outta this lie. I ain't waiting no nine months for a paternity test. Now Tila! How bout Monday, when you visit TMZ - this is what should go down! Then we'll see won't we.

Yeah, Right... Now she's just mad cuz her latest ploy to have The Game lie for her didn't work. Please drop her from your coverage. She has mislead her fans so hard - it isn't right anymore to buy into her at all. She's basically calling me an a**hole to my face by trying to get over with these outlandish lies. I don't care anymore even if she is sick in the head - I'll never accept or follow her again. We want her gone! Don't mistake our coming here protesting as anything more.

God know she reads all this... So...
Hey Tila - What happened to your "secret service" bodyguards? They went missing already. And your grammy party? Couldn't seduce someone last night at the studio to take you??? Couldn't get @avanterose to introduce you to some real celebrities??? Find it crazy you'd turn down a grammy party considering you want to work hard for all your new artists, esp Razb2k... HAHA... Or maybe you scared you'd get found out real quick you end up somewhere that you aint able to manipulate the media (Radar Online) that will pay to let you lie.

1672 days ago


tmz thank you for your show...seriously me and my gf love watching your show as much as we can.we live in north carolina and wonder why you never send out people around here!wilmywood is in full effect..and yes downtown wilmington has more celeb appearances than you would think..alot live in the area quietly..obviously or you guys would have em on the show..yepper they may be here for filming or fun or just because but they are here none the less...i know some local stores some frequent so you guys should be able to find the skinny them easy...good luck come see us sometime you might like it here and move yourself....

1672 days ago


omg, Im so glad the Game stepped up and put that thing in her place. I hope he sues her for slander or something. that thing is such a disillusioned, pathological liar, i cant believe TMZ reports anything she says as credible. She's doing this all to keep her name out there and this site is giving it to her. I hope other celebs take this as a warning so she doesnt do the same thing to them.
omfg she makes me sick.

1672 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I think Tila Tequilla must have been artificially inseminated by aliens, because no humun would touch her.

1672 days ago

gene yuss    

Harvey actually has pretty nice thighs

1672 days ago
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