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Jayson Williams Robbed, $150K in Stuff Taken

1/31/2010 6:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jayson WIlliamsJayson Williams is allegedly the victim of a crime -- for a change -- after a report says his home was broken into and a slew of sports memorabilia, electronics and jewelry were stolen.

Among the items allegedly stolen from Williams' South Carolina home, says the NY Post, were were a pair of Tiger Woods' shoes autographed by Woods himself, shorts signed by basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain, and a handwritten lyric sheet by rapper Tupac Shakur.

It's unclear when exactly the alleged incident occurred, though the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office did confirm to the paper they were investigating a burglary at the home.

Williams recently pled guilty to aggravated assault for the 2002 shooting of
Costas Christofi. He will serve at least 18 months in prison.

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matt, matt matt;

Please wipe that JW jizm off ur lips and calm down. I never said anything bad about your pole-smoking homosexuals. Whatever bites ur crank. If you want to follow JW around and spy on him, ok w/me pal.
Old Matt gonna be the only person ever to have a restraining order placed on his ass, by a murderer?
You freakin' perv! Did you perhaps steal one of his errant golf balss to stick up ur azz while you sleep? Do you sleep with a pair of his dirty jocks on your head?
Matt, matt, seek counciling. Get some meds for that sore on your penis.

1729 days ago


oh man, this Matt guy sounds like some kind of celebrity-murderer stalker. Charlie Manson and the rest had them too, bur never actually had one write and tell how he stalked home, golf course, etc.
Bet he has some great souveniers tho. Hey Matt, how much for a used pair of Jason's underwear? No, not the ones with your spooey on them...

1729 days ago


Looks like pat robertson outed another deviant stalker. Kudos pat. This Matt sicko needs to be incarcerated immediately.

1729 days ago


haha yea yea keep getting on me because i was visiting someone that lives in the same community and i felt like seeing what his house looks like. Because thats so out of the ordinary for someone to want to see what the finished product of a house looks like after seeing it when it was 1st being built.

1729 days ago


why are you all getting on him for checking out his house? If i lived there i'd want to see what it looked like as well.

1729 days ago


i call his bluff! he "stole" it. probably insured?????

1729 days ago


At this point, I'm sooo OVER, these athletes. They are more like reality TV "actors", than genuine athletes. Right comical..the whole lot.

1728 days ago


So I see that this is a good excuse for all the Tupac haters and racists get to get happy over someone's troubles. Well, don't you know it is not a good thing to rejoice over someone else's misery, no matter how much you may not like them? Shame on all of you!

1728 days ago

Dez Pettiford    

Wow! Sorry that happen to Jayson!! I think the people Jayson is hanging with is truly not his friends. Jayson have been through alot from getting a divorce from his wife to having to go to jail for 18 months. I know we cant judge this guy for what hes done, but we have to treat our brother with respect & as a Christian I pray for this brother.

1727 days ago


Ain't life a bitch Jayson?! A little advice...don't drop the soap in the joint. Nah, I take that back...drop all the soap you want. Just remember your "bitch" name is Takeesha, not Jayson.

1726 days ago


He wasn't robbed...he's starting to stash his stuff to prevent it from being taken from him in civil lawsuits to settle all the misery he causes.

1711 days ago

Nikki Thomas    

You people are so high and mighty. Yes he should be in jail but to listen to how hateful you people are. I hope we all have a judgement day!

1650 days ago


This was an obvious set up because of the wrongful death civil against him.
One of his homeys now hiding the stuff from the prying eyes of the court.
This slime bag whose I Q just has to be less than room temperature will enjoy prison with his bun basting buddies.

1610 days ago
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