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Miss America 2010 Wasn't All That in 2002

1/31/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Caressa Cameron was named Miss America 2010, she was an awkward high school freshman at Massaponax High School in Fredericksburg, VA.

Caressa Cameron

There she is ... most likely to become a beauty pageant queen.


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Bring 'Em Young    

Va. girls are the best !

1724 days ago



1724 days ago


we all looked bad back in the day...everyone can look good,if they try and want it....hit the gym people.

1724 days ago



1724 days ago


Yuck. She hasn't changed from her younger years.Fugly !

1724 days ago


There were definitely prettier girls up on that stage last night. If it were truly a beauty contest.... But, wait, isn't it supposed to be a beauty contest?

1724 days ago


no jm, miss usa is the one that's focused on beauty. miss america puts focus on talent and intelligence

1724 days ago


I think it is wonderful that a lesbian was finally voted Miss America. I think most of them didn't get that far before because of the way the casting couch used to be. You go, girlfriend!

1724 days ago


Boy, she's no beauty, that's for sure.

1724 days ago


Get your heads out of your asses people. And get the hell out of the caves!

The Miss America pageant is a long-standing competition which awards scholarships to young women from the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The winner of the national pageant is awarded the title of "Miss America" for one year.

The pageant originated as a beauty contest in 1921, but now prefers to avoid this term since Swimsuit and Evening Wear comprise ONLY 35 percent of the overall score used to judge contestants. The pageant began in Atlantic City, New Jersey and was held there each year in September through 2004 (except for the year 2000, when it was held on October 14).

In January 2006 the pageant moved to its new home and time in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pageant presents itself as a "scholarship pageant," and the primary prizes for the winner and her runners-up are given scholarships to the institution of her choice. The Miss America Scholarship program, along with its local and state affiliates is the largest provider of scholarship money to young women in the world, and in 2006 made available more than $45 million in cash and scholarship assistance.[1] Since most of the contestants are college graduates already, or on the verge of graduating, most of their prize money is devoted to graduate school or professional school, or to pay off student loans for courses already taken. The Miss America Pageant is the largest provider of college scholarships for women in the United States.

The current Miss America is Caressa Cameron from Virginia who won the title on January 30, 2010.

Ok, now that you've been schooled, lets continue... The contest IS NOT a beauty contest, by definition. In fact, it goes as far as to state that the contest has nothing to do with beauty - in the traditional sense.

TMZ has the dumbest staff (can't spell) and the most low-brow visitors of any site online. If you dont believe me - take a look at ANY of the entries into the contests here. ALL losers. ALL trash.

Its true - You know it's true!

1724 days ago


Dayum! She is one fugly, buck toothed creature. It amazes my how every single solitary year there is always a black chick finishing first or second. The law of averages would say this shouldn't happen, but we gotta kiss ass when ever we can. She is a dog.

1724 days ago


"And get the hell out of the caves!"

Read more:

MsMikaela, not to be rude, but I don't think this is the right place for your anti-war tirade. Thank you for that history lesson, too. I hope Caressa enjoys her well-earned time at Wellesley College.

1724 days ago


First of all, why post something negative about her right off? She JUST won. Doesn't she at least deserve a congratulations!? Second, everyone has awkward high school photos. Third, I went to high school with her and she is very sweet and was always well liked. She wasn't one of those stuck up people who thought she was better than everyone. I'm sure this will be a huge change for her as she is now in the public spotlight as well as it's scrutiny. She deserves the win and best of luck to her. All you haters out there are just jealous and if it was someone you knew you wouldn't be saying that.

1724 days ago


Do I smell a little "Hater-ade" brewing? How about the author put up the high school pictures of the TMZ staff and then let's see what the public has to say. Especially since the television version of TMZ isn't exactly filled with "Top Model" hopefuls. She's even cute in high school. We all have the awkward teenage face, but the beauty is still there.
#12, where is your picture? Even if your picture was gorgeous, your words make you about as unattractive as they come. Only a random drawing of individuals would allow the law of averages to be considered in the crowning of pageant victors or the runners-up. Miss America is not a random sampling. It is a very specific pool of ladies vying for the crown. Once in that pool of 53, it still is not a random selection either. The judges select winners based on points earned. Don't be upset because a member of a minority group keeps doing well. They didn't say, "She couldn't sing that song, she looks terrible in her evening gown, and she screwed up the question, but hey, she's Black, let's give it to her anyway." This is what Black people get upset about. Even when we do well, it could never be because of our talent, skill, or ambition, it has to be because someone was trying to be nice. Get out of here with that mess! The woman is talented, as much as it must turn your insides to think it.

This is not an issue about race. It's not even an issue. A talented woman won a scholarship contest and will represent this nation. I don't care if she's purple with green stripes. For TMZ to dig and find this picture shows why we have some of the issues we have in this nation. Instead of celebrating something good, we have to make comments that tear people down or hurt them. SHAME ON YOU, TMZ. Your actions are uglier than any pictue could ever be because you set out to hurt or destroy people. Why don't you put those skills to use and find us a picture of bin Laden's hideout or the picture of the next location terrorists will hold a meeting?

1724 days ago


She is gross. Miss America has gone way down hill since it left Atlantic City.

1724 days ago
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