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Miss America 2010 Wasn't All That in 2002

1/31/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before Caressa Cameron was named Miss America 2010, she was an awkward high school freshman at Massaponax High School in Fredericksburg, VA.

Caressa Cameron

There she is ... most likely to become a beauty pageant queen.


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She obviously bought some hair.

1696 days ago


WHEW!!! and I thought I like BIG earrings!!! Does she have counterweights hidden someplace???

1696 days ago


I really don think most Black give a f about the Miss Uninverse? America?.. whatever contest, I doubt if any of us actually even new that it was going on. So they couldn't have picked her for political correctness. If anything, they picked her to draw more attention to the pagent; because with a fake blond-haired, blue-eyed contact-wearing, breast implant wearing, botox-filled, fake spray-tan White winner, the pagent WOULDN'T HAVE MADE NEWS AT ALL! Everyone knows Hugh Heffners girls are old news.

1696 days ago


Good for her, quite a change!

1696 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Why didn't they ask her THE QUESTION ??????

1696 days ago


there's ugly people in all races, and the people on here act like white people are the angelic race of the nations, the bees knees if you will, having grown up around white people all my life, and am still currently surrounded by white people, i know from experience that they're OK, i enjoy them, but they def aren't some sort of crazy race full of great looking people. Not saying there's an outstanding amount of great looking black people either, im just saying both/all races have their "lookers", mixed races(any) have the best, and thats the truth, being exotic is soo much better then being pale and plain

1696 days ago


MsMikeala-sounds like you have an ax to grind. Chill. In MY opnion,this site is ment to be FUN!!! (who'd you rather?/mixed up celebrity/what's the big friggin difference?)You need a chill pill-life's too short to go off on silly beauty pagents-ever seen Toddlers and Tiaras? Sad.

1696 days ago


the braces didnt help much she is still ugly as hell with them huge ass beaver buck teeth.she was chosen purely for being black and a lesbian.halle berry first black for the awards thing,obama nobel prize and presidential election for being black,sotomayor for being latin thrust into the sup court even after showing bias during the conneticut fire dept lawsuits wanting more blacks/latins thrust into positions of command they did not have the intelligence to perform.its one thing if people like this are deserving but to do it JUST because of a sexual orientation,race or heritage is just ridiculous is ridiculous and makes a mockery out of the entire thing.wonder how many blacks watched it JUST because she was many never even knew what politics were and never even registered to vote in there life but ran out and did it when obama was running based ONLY on the color of the candidate.

1696 days ago


is the white coated tongue going to be in style now?

1696 days ago


I'm from Fredericksburg, Va, and I couldn't be happier for her. I do not personally know her, but its great that she won. Yeah, she looked dorky her freshman year...big deal. I love yall TMZ, but really come on it that slow of a news day?

1696 days ago


These comments from all sides are shameful.

Why the fu-- do you all even care?? Will you ever meet her? Has she affected your life in some way? NO!

So get over yourselves: she won and that's it. Game over.
You think she's going to lose one night of sleep because of your racist asses?
Grow a pair and grow up.

1696 days ago


Im glad she looked like that, rather than the freakazoids who start primping for the crown as toddlers. Those are creepy! Yah for a normal girl!

1696 days ago


Many of the above posters are naturally drawn to this low-life website. See following story:

A few years ago, a new celebrity appeared on the scene. He was young, talented, and completely innocent of the pain that celebrity can bring. His amazing talent took him took him to the top of his game. Life was good. TMZ made no comment.

One day, small, very private, matters began to surface regarding this celebrity; rumors that should never have been made public about him or any other celebrity. TMZ jumped into the fray, snooping into every corner of his life, both then and in the distant past. You hounded him, his family, and friends unmercifully, until you provoked a physical confrontation. Then, you cried foul.

Very recently, this celebrity embarked upon a positive change in his career, that will bring him back to the top of his game. I alerted you to this fact. TMZ was not interested!

I’d say this speaks volumes about the motives of TMZ and Harvey Levin.

This morning, in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, you said what you are not out to defame, just to have fun. Really? Trying to destroy the careers and lives of celebrities is fun? How very junior high!

Me thinks, Harvey protests too much.

Definition of a bully: A quarrelsome, swaggering, cowardly fellow; one who terrorizes or threatens those weaker than himself. To coerce by threats; to intimidate.

1696 days ago



1696 days ago

Dav id    

What did you expect? They have to elect a black or someone is racist. Even though there were MUCH more deserving women there, there was really only one politically correct choice. This country is going to hell in a handbasket kissing ass over something that none of this generation had anything to do with.

1696 days ago
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