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Michael Jackson Doctor Ready to Surrender

2/3/2010 8:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who administered the fatal dose of Propofol to Michael Jackson -- has made plans with the L.A. County District Attorney's Office to surrender on charges of involuntary manslaughter ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned the D.A. has been in touch with Dr. Murray's lawyers. The plan -- the D.A. will file charges and then immediately notify Murray's lawyers. The lawyers will then bring Dr. Murray to the downtown L.A. courthouse and surrender to a judge. By surrendering, Dr. Murray would not be arrested and handcuffed.

We're told the D.A. has already drafted the criminal complaint and it could be filed as early as today. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter Dr. Murray faces a maximum of 4 years in prison.

A lawyer claiming to rep the Jackson family says they are upset with a 4 year maximum sentence, calling it "just a slap on the wrist."

Dr. Murray has too many court cases on his plate. We've learned he was due in Las Vegas court this morning. Murray is being sued by medical imaging company for non-payment of fees. Problem is .. Dr. Murray is in L.A. waiting to surrender. So the Las Vegas judge just issued a default judgment against Dr. Murray.

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No Avatar


The guy should not go to system is so screwed up. let him go to Haiti and work for 4 some good....Legalize the drugs and junkies like Michael can od by themselves

1692 days ago


This doctor took an oath to do no harm, It doesn't matter what medications Michael may have asked for, it was the doctor's decision. Michael Jackson would be here today if this doctor had taken his oath seriously. I read the reports and Michael Jackson was not addicted to drugs as some have blogged. The drug this doctor administered was the only drug in his body. This doctor killed him. I just hope that this man will nor be allowed to practice medicine anywhere every again.

1692 days ago


I need a lawyer to deal with this. So, my child gets 2 to 5 for less than a ounce of marijuana and Micheal's killer will probably get 2 if that. Where is the justice? Call me if you feel like you can work this out for me. I'm serious..I'm just not who to sue..Doctor death or the judicial system?

1692 days ago

Al Schrader    

That doctor is innocent. Mikie was having trouble sleeping, so he hooked himself up with another dose only by mistake instead of 25 mg he took 250 mg Result ? He stopped breathing...end of story.

1692 days ago


Too bad Dr.Murray happened to be the one, it could have been any of the Dr.s in MJ's life. Doc Murray was negligent for sure, but he was paid to do what he was doing. Michael lost his life and Murray lost some freedom and quite possibly his license to practice medicine. But sadly no one wins in this one. Michael is gone and will forever be remembered for the good he did in his life. He gave us so much. His untimely demise ,however , was not purely the fault of others. Mj did not seek or accept the help that he needed and therefore ultimately lost his life to the power of drug abuse. R.I.P MJ

1692 days ago


More than being a man and an artist, MJ was a devoted father. He left behind 4 children, 3 of them are still young and I'm sure they need their father very much since they were so close to each other. You can see in the pictures how Omer looks after them. That doctor took a man's life, voluntary or involuntary he took his life and he should be in jail at least 25 years, but on the other hand that doctor's carreer is finished. Only a person out of his mind would look for his services. Anyway the Jackson should fight for appealing this sentence and make him pay with more years without freedom. I'm sad so many people judge MJ for the outside. We can all see now he wasn't raising wirdos but wonderful, beautiful children devoted to family values we don't see much any more. This man MJ was able to teach that to his children that is what it counts. He made those children honorable citizens with morals and values.
Put that doctor in jail for more than 4 years please.

1692 days ago


Although not one of us knows all of the facts, I am with you all the way Tonya! BRAVO!!! Much love and respect!...mazzo

1692 days ago


I don't think he should get any time in prison at all. If anything they need to pin a metal on him.

1692 days ago


mahafakir- C'mon now its silly to say the doc is only being charged b/c he is black. These celebrity docs need to understand that their oath as a doctor is more important than the money these celebs are willing to pay. It's not like the doctor unknowingly gave him meds that another doctor had prescribed and then MJ OD'ed on it. In that case the blame would lay firmly with MJ. In this case it lies with both of them. This doctor gave him medication that should only be used in hospitals AND required constant monitoring of the patient. That is negligence and wrongful use of the medication and he deserves whatever jail time they give him.

1692 days ago


Yes the kids appear to be nice and sincere, but do you really think they would appear otherwise. In public appearances at the ages they are now, they are versed in what to say and how to dress and behave. In the yrs to come, as they grow, they will be their own person. Values yes, they may retain what Michael has taught them, but as children grow, many things can change . They too can suffer from depression, scars from the death of their father, and yes even drug abuse, not to mention dramatic upheaval caused by the paternity claims and vicious remarks regarding their paternity etc. so God Bless them , but keep in mind that Drug abuse is a disease and Mj had it. Unfortunate that he could not be saved, but that is not uncommon! we have lost many good people to this horrible affliction. Sadly, this probably will not be the last either. Blaming Dr. Murray may ease the pain for those who are still in denial, but he is not solely responsible for what happened. His negligence as a Physician was undeniably reckless and he should be stripped of his medical license for good. However, Dr. M was hired to do what he was doing. He was even going to be doing this on the tour so accountability lies in more than one person. Had this not been his job, he would not have been the one to face what he is now faced with. Don't forget , all reports indicated that Michael asked for more drugs as what was being used was not working!! MJ still is a legend and was an amazing man . He will never be forgotten and always be sorely missed. R.I.P King Of Pop

1692 days ago


There is so many topics that could be discussed and this man loved his drugs and his family are wanting to accuse and blame everyone but him. This Dr. should be left alone...................he tried to do the thing that MJ wanted and MJ's family couldn't keep him off the drugs either. The whole Jackson family is so dramatic that even the grief looks unreal. Let us get on with making America right for everyone. Peace is needed in this world and especially here in the USA. Lets go to the polls and clean out and start over and do it right this time.

1692 days ago


I think the doc should be given a parade and the keys to the city.

1692 days ago


someone should give the doctor a reward. kids will be safe from michael.

1692 days ago


Children lost a father; mom and dad lost a son; all you naysayers go see This Is It, filmed up until the day before he passed. He may have used painkillers in the past, but that's history; he was alert, energetic and eager to get back on top which is where this tour would have taken him. If I give you a gun and tell you to shoot me, are you any less guilty? Murray purported to be a doctor, first do no harm, doc. I wonder why MJ didn't ask his brother, Jackie, who was living in Vegas at the time MJ moved there, for the identity of a good doctor when Paris needed one, rather than this guy? So many unanswered questions. RIP MJ

1692 days ago


Just when we've FINALLY been able to stop hearing about "poor" Michael Jackson, yet another chapter in what has already become the longest news story on the planet begins. OK, so either the Doctor surrenters for Manslaughter or turns himself in.. it started to become endless a few days back when it was just speculation.... now that it's been established, there'll be "news" shows on every channel not only about IT, but they'll all go back to when "the tragedy" happened, and retrace it all... even though I don't know how it could possibly be intelligent enough to forget any of it... it was the lead story on the news every night, all over the front page every day... but I shouldn't even have to feel compelled to write this.. I KNOW Im right about THIS one... well I've rambled... sorry... we'll see if anyone sees my post and feels the same way.

1692 days ago
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