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Casey Johnson Died of 'Natural' Causes

2/4/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson's manner of death has been determined as "natural" by the L.A County Coroner's Office.

Casey's cause of death is listed as "diabetic ketoacidosis" -- which is a state of severe insulin deficiency.

As we first reported, Casey's body was found on January 4 ... but we're told her body was undiscovered for several days.

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And her "wifey" Tila said she knew for a fact it was a drug overdose. Way to stand by her, Tila.

1689 days ago


By the time the autopsy results are in, wifey Tila is "pregnant"
and moved on...

1689 days ago

dirty diana    

not natural if your 30!!! i would hope anyway! yeah she was diabetic, still shouldn't have died. i think the coroners office is just as easy on these people as the cops are!

1689 days ago


it was about time!


1689 days ago


So if Tila can't be arrested for murder can she at least be arrested for being a skinny, disgusting little skank and a publicity whore? Please, please...

1689 days ago


I'm guessing that Casey Johnson did not take care of her medical condition. If she is a type I diabetic, diagnosed in childhood, she probably needed to monitor her condition daily and probably take medication, and maybe insulin daily. I'm guessing, again, that with her lifestyle, she neglected her health. You just don't see that many 30 year olds, diabetic, with the financial resources she has, drop dead from "natural causes" from diabetes.

1689 days ago

Social Worker    

Tila told her to stop taking her medication. She said it on an interview with Jane Velez Mitchell.

1689 days ago


Sad very Sad.

1689 days ago


That's what I was diagnosed with back in November. And I almost died as well. I am still not fully recovered from that incident.

1688 days ago


who cares, she lived a selfish life, BYE

1688 days ago


A young life, gone. How tragic. This young girl did not have to die this way. Rest in Peace, honey, Rest in Peace.

1685 days ago

Effects of diabetes    

We have upped the calories and still he has no energy. We are now suspecting the Lyrica. Reading the side effects list is like reading a list of all.

1684 days ago


Lola...Hello...anybody home? You obviously have just enough education to know "something" but unfortunately you are clueless enough to be dangerous. Perhaps you are a nurse? Type 1 diabetes, or autoimmune insulin deficiency,(formerly called Juvenile Diabetes because it typically starts in childhood), ALWAYS requires INSULIN injections.

If someone is on oral "medication" for their "diabetes" they are a *Type 2* diabetic, which is insulin resistance that can be treated by diet, weight loss, exercise, medication, and sometimes insulin injections as well.

There are rare exceptions such as an adult with slow onset Type 1 diabetes (LADA) who can be on oral meds, but that is such a rare case that forget I mentioned it. As a 99.999999% of the time rule, Type 1 diabetes means TOTAL dependence on multiple daily insulin injections just to stay alive. Casey Johnson had Type 1 diabetes since age 9, I can assure you she was on insulin. In fact, she had an insulin pump.

Also, it is rather common for a Type 1 diabetic who "takes care of themselves" to end up having a seizure or be in DKA. I have a $10,000 insulin pump with continuous glucose monitor, eat a ridiculously healthy diet and weigh and measure everything that goes in my mouth, calculate every insulin adjustment 3 times, plan my exercise according to my blood glucose level (if too high or low it's dangerous to exercise), test my blood glucose 12x per day, and I STILL have ended up in the ER and almost dead. In fact, I DID die once but it was in the ER so I was brought back. There are too many factors beyond a Type 1 diabetic's control. Even with a degree in Math and a high IQ, and the best technology ($$$$), injected insulin is only life support for a Type 1 diabetic and not a cure. It is also a very hard disease to manage and there is no break. One mistake and you could be *snap* dead.

Time to cure Type 1 diabetes. RIP Casey.

1675 days ago

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