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Jimmy Kimmel:

Dr. Murray Should Kill Himself

2/5/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Kimmel clearly doesn't think a maximum 4-year jail stint for involuntary manslaughter is punishment enough for Dr. Conrad Murray -- because last night, he told paps Michael Jackson's doc "should kill himself."

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Murray should kill himself. He have MJ Propofol even though he wasn't suppose to, he knew it was wrong therefore he should pay if MJ did ask for it Murray was suppose to say "No", that's all he had to do. Everybody saying "Oh Michael would have gotten Propofol from someone else...Michael asked for so it's his fault...Other docs gave MJ Propofol to" that's a bunch of b.s! Murray didn't have to give MJ drugs if he didn't want to, but he DID. If he cared about MJ and if he was MJ's "friend" why did he give MJ drugs? Murray didn't care about whether MJ lived or not. It was all about the money.

When you go to a hospital your doc does not give you what ever you ask for. It does not freakin' matter if he asked for it or not. MURRAY gave him the Propofol and other mix of drugs, Michael didn't give it to his self, as much as some of ya'll would've wanted him to. Doctors are paid to take care of people, they put other people's life in their hands. Murray basically took another person's life . MURRAY gave MJ Propofol. MJ died from Propofol along w/ other drugs. MJ did not die of natural causes or suicide.
MURRAY is responsible for what happened to MJ. There is no excuse that MURRAY can come up with that will make his actions okay.
MURRAY is the one to fault. POINT BLANK.

1640 days ago


Kimmel has got it all wrong...Dr. Murray did the world a favor because the reality is that Michael Jackson was a dirty pedophile. Hollywood famously forgets these things when it comes to talent...just like Roman Polanski....child rapist.

1666 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel is a bottom feeding troll who'll say anything he can to get a little press, considering nobody likes him, he isn't considered any form of A, B or C-list TV personality and is generally disliked all around.

I never had much of an opinion of the guy until I saw how nasty he could be and how he kept shilling his ugly man-girl boyfriend to happen.

Hey Jimmy, take your own advice! The world would be a better place without you and your body grease.

1666 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel is such a tool!

1666 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Kimmel is the funniest guy on TV. Never miss him. Original sense of humor...not like the other hacks like Leno and Letterman.

1666 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

>>>1. Love Jimmy!!! He's so painfully honest!

That is not honest, that is mean and inhuman. He needs help or is a threat. He'll probably be on the other side of the law some day.

>>Michael Jackson was a dirty pedophile

If he was guilty, he was a hebephile, not a pedophile. You're a giraffe.

>>Hollywood famously forgets these things when it comes to talent...

Maybe they just "get it." We are on this planet together. Let's make it work.

1666 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel should not say that about anyone. Suicide is an incredibly painful reality for many children, spouses and friends of those who have made that choice. It's nothing to speak lightly of.

1666 days ago


AWESOME!!!! He is so right.

1666 days ago


Of course I believe what Jimmy said because as we all know, White people are NEVER wrong, even when they are. The truth is that Michael killed himself. He knew he was taking a drug he shouldn't have. That's why he participated in back door medicine. Had Michael did what every other citizen does, like making appointments and going to a regular doctor in his office and when needed, going to a hospital, his butt would be alive today. But no, he couldn't be like the rest of the human race. He had to be special. And special gets you killed.

1666 days ago


I agree with #9 Leah---Thats nothing short ofreprehensible to say something like that. Jimmy Kimmel is a nobody, not even funny. And no matter what, I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I just buried my Uncle because of his suicide, its devastating to say the least !

1666 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel should also kill himself. He is a menace to society.

1666 days ago


What the hell is wrong with Jimmy? Suicide is nothing funny!! Whishing someones death is nothing funny!! Shame on you Jimmy!! Do you ever think of the young people that hear your evil words?????

1666 days ago


JK is the funniest late nite tv host.

1666 days ago


I think that u people need a wake up call because had this happend to one of ur Family or buddys u would be pissed.. I think maybe that was not the righgt thing to say but he is into comedy.. and It brings me back to when that butler guy made fun of MJ and thw whole babaything and everyone thought that was funny.. MJ might have had a problem and need real help to get passed it the Dr should have thought about what he was doing.. and letting a man lay there and Die knowing he needed help... how about that reguardless of the situation Murray Knew MJ need help and insted of messing around he could of got help but he didnt he went and got a 12yr old boy to see his father dying... so althouJimmy shouldnt "say things like that he has a Point" Murray will get 4 yrs for killing a man...he was noithing but a legal drug dealer... and HE should get Life for call prince in there to see his half A@@ attempts now that little boy who had wonderful memories of his father will be haunted by the images of seeing his daddy laying their dying... so I say Go Jimmy.. and for the Person who said HE should kill himself because of his name maybe u should go tell his mother that because that is his legal piss off.. people thougth is was funny when butler did it and I did not.. but I think it's funny now that Jimmy is doing it.. lighten up is what everyone screamed.... so i say right back @ ya..

1666 days ago


I agree that 4 or 5 years is not enough punishment for taking a life, be it Michael Jackson or anyone else.

1666 days ago
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