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Sarah Palin's Hand Gets Job Done

2/7/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class yesterday -- using cheat notes on her hand during the Q&A following her speech at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.

Sarah Palin
Cheaters never prosper.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.


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Osama or excuse me Obama my spell check says Osama, I just hope we don't get attack again. He will be toast.

1626 days ago


I was going to make a comment about BO having to use a teleprompter, because I really thought on this site there wouldn't be many, if any. I am truly shocked at how many people have come to realize and stand up for the truth. A couple of small notes on the hand is not cheating! Using a teleprompter to talk to an elementary school, however...

1626 days ago


Grrrooowwwllll My gosh is she HOT or what!!!!? She rang my bell 2 years ago!!! and I'm a Democrat!!! Levi is just mad that he wasn't able to get to the Mom....You know he wanted her...

1626 days ago


For those of you who don't think she used a teleprompter, you're kidding yourself. You act like Obama invented the teleprompter. Anybody doing a speech in front of thousands uses one. But the hand notes are certainly a first I'm aware of for a "serious" presidential contender.

1626 days ago

John Edwards    

"62. Let's set the record straight since some of you are apparently very unintelligent and take the words of Glenn Beck as fact:

-The speech you cite that was made in a classroom was an address to the press. He wasn't using a teleprompter to speak to students, but A+ for effort.
-No teleprompter was required when he went to the GOP retreat and hit 140 representatives with the truth during a Q & A.
-For those of you focusing on teleprompters, where were you when W made a fool of himself whenever he opened his mouth for eight years? Hundreds of moments much more embarrassing than what you're coming up with.

Cute attempts at altering reality. I guess it's easier to be hypocritical and spew hate than actually try to solve problems."

I guess this should be reposted. As stated I don't think the repugs can understand it but it's worth a try.

1626 days ago


Use of a teleprompter when delivering a speech or prepared notes is a common practice. All modern day presidents and most public speakers use them. However, they are NOT allowed during debates, town hall meetings,etc and the use of them during a Q&A is downright HILARIOUS!
Obama functions and is comfortable in Q&A settings, debates and town hall settings without Teleprompters. How hot would the outrage be if Obama was caught at a Q&A reading notes off of HIS hands?

1626 days ago


People that are bashing her are probably uneducated, with minimum wage jobs that never had to do a presentation. Glad we got that cleared up.

1626 days ago


You say Pallin was in 10th grade biology? She doesn't believe in science, remember. She would never be caught anywhere near a science class.

1626 days ago


You cracked the big case. Palin scratched a note on her hand for a speech. Obama NEEDS teleprompters for his speeches!
Palin did great things for Alaska.
Obama is tanking the USA.

Who'd you rather?

1626 days ago


Everyone at Huffington needs to get cancer and die. The evil fool they have helped to elect is destroying this country little by little. The worst has not even begun. He can't even read to school children without a teleprompter.

1626 days ago

gene yuss    

using cheat notes isn't the issue . writing them on her hand then waving her cheat notes around for everyone to see? she's untarted

1626 days ago


You guys are all MORONS. HELLO??????? Doesn't your stupid president READ everything he says. At least she just uses reminders. HE READS EVERYTHING. Talk about hypocrits. You guys are dumb

1626 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I think the most embarrassing thing about the notes on her hands dumb does someone have to be to not be able to remember the 4 or 5 random words she has scribbled on her hands?

For those of you dumb ones out there....the answer is...pretty freakin' dumb.

1626 days ago


Let me get this straight. Palin has 6-8 words written on her hand during a speech and you criticize her. Obama cannot speak without a teleprompter, and even when he uses it, he grossly mispronounces words (Corpse-men?) Are you f*cking kidding me?
Palin is a rocket scientist compared to Obama.

1626 days ago


I make a motion that Sarah Palin change her name to "Gaylord Opryland". Do I hear a second?

1626 days ago
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