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Randy Jackson Pissed at Courtroom No-Shows

2/8/2010 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson just Tweeted from inside the courthouse to express his total disgust -- because the people he thinks are profiting most from MJ's death are nowhere to be found ... namely AEG and the estate executors.

Randy Jackson

This all went down as Randy watched Dr. Murray get arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges in the death Michael Jackson.


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Go Randy!

1696 days ago


what a jackass...

1696 days ago


That's ridiculous.....AEG or the estate don't belong in that courtroom. The person that is going to profit the most from Michael's death, other than MJ's children, is his own mother. Get some class, Randy, and don't sit on Twitter when the person you believe murdered your brother is being arraigned. It's unusual for any family members to be at an arraignment never mind company executives or estate trustees. Another slam at the trustees because the Jacksons are pissed off that that is fees they could be making, but the Jacksons would run the estate into the ground.

1696 days ago


You seem to think he's upset all those people did not show for support... He's pissed they are not all CO-DEFENDANTS!!!

1696 days ago


I keep telling y'all....AEG had a lot to do with Michael's death. I think it was planned! Murray is just an escape goat!

1696 days ago


Why would they be there you idiot???? Thsi has nothing to do with the estate.

1696 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

There is no end to the greed of the Jackson family.Their meal ticket is gone and they still want to keep on milking it.MJ was a very musically talented guy that was gay and love little children (pedophile but not in a criminal way).MJ hated his family for the way he was treated by his father and exploited by his brothers.MJ hated to be black because he hated his father that is black.He may have had some sort of skin disease but the long flowing hair that he sported tells us he didn't want to have anything to do with being black.Of course black people cannot accept that fact just as they cannot accept the fact that Beyonce and a bunch of other black women rather be white.Their hair styles tells it so clearly.

1696 days ago

Blanket 50    

All those guys from AEG are nothing more than money whores.

1696 days ago

Jennifer Holgate    

They are getting what they wanted from Michael, money & that's where their interest stops.

1696 days ago


And why should any of them be there? Their job was, is to make money, not babysit. Michael was part orchestrator of his own death; he searched far and wide to find someone who would administer the drug to him and was willing to pay anything for it. He knew that he was risking his life. Unfortunatley for him things did not turn out well, but that's what happens in life sometimes. Michael was a very fortunate person to have lived such a life, but life is not perfect, and he was very unhappy and evidently in pain and sometimes being in that situation causes poor judgment, which makes only Michael and Dr. Murray at fault, not anyone else.

1696 days ago


There were millions of us with you there in spirit. You don't need those people. You have us, and your family is in our prayers. Your brother had an amazing talent, but he was loved by millions of people all over the world because of his loving heart and soul. Michael made a difference in this world, and we loved him for it.

1696 days ago


Yes, god forbid, Jackson pay anyone for services rendered to him. It really seems to be a foreign concept to the entire family.

1696 days ago

Johnny Ringo    

What a loser - texting from the courtroom is very poor taste. And thinking the folks administrering Michael's estate should stick their noses into the how did he die" fiasco at the courtroom? Yeah, right.

1696 days ago


OH SHUT UP RANDY! Aren't the Jacksons profitting too? Guess what? AEG had a CONTRACT WITH MICHAEL JACKSON. BOTH OF THEM WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY. IT'S CALLED 'BUSINESS'! Sick of this 'AEG murdered MJ' conspiracy cr@p!

1696 days ago


It’ll work out someday RANDY~~~~he should have included T.M.Z./ gloria allred/diane dimond/martin bashir/tom sneddon/LA County Sheriff Department/tommy mottola/Sony/and the entire damn state of CALIFORNIA~~
I am so happy that the citizen in the “background” is exercising her first amendment rights AND she told you clowns at T.M.Z.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~did you REPORT that CONRAD MURRAY abandoned Mr. M.I.C.H.A.E.L. Jackson to liason with a prostitute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~you are a bunch of yellow journalists

1696 days ago
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