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White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

2/9/2010 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House Press Secretary just openly mocked Sarah Palin -- and he delivered the blow with the palm of his hand.

White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

Robert Gibbs just addressed the media with a mini grocery list written on his hand -- plus two smart-ass additions: Eggs, Milk, Bread (which was crossed out), Hope, Change.

It's getting nasty in Washington, D.C. -- and we're not talking about the snow storm.


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Lmao....Palin is dumb as a sack of rocks and no way no how I would ever vote for that pea brain.

What an idiot! She puts women back 10 years. IDIOT! Republicians here's a clue...if this is your spokes person in 2012....May God help you! Your more clueless then I thought.Your the party of DO NOTHING BUT SIT ON YOUR BEHINDS AND COMPLAIN AND SAY NO TO EVERYTHING THAT YOUR PARTY HAVE NOT PURPOSE! YOUR PARTY PUT US IN THIS MISS. 8 YEARS OF BUSH!! YOUR POLICIES!!! YOU THINK PUTTING PALIN THE PEA BRAIN IN THE HIGHEST LAND GOING TO CHANGE A THING???? SHE PROBABLY HAVE NUCLEAR WAR AND BLOW US UP ACCIDENTLY! Its like you take an idiot to speak talking points and she can not even do that right! Palin would not know how anything works in life. Heck she can't even control her daugther getting knock up how she going to manage a country? How did this woman ever was the Governor of Alaska is beyond me.

Go get them Gibbs. Beat the Republicians on there own game. LMAO AT THE WHOLE THING!

1718 days ago


Sarah Palin is the dumbest bimbo the world has ever seen. She is a wh*re, a lousy mother, and a dumb as rocks b*tch....

Go back to being a lousy mother and commentator you half-witted boob!

1718 days ago

get a life    

Wow Some American actually take Palin seriously. Puleez dont do it to the world again, we suffered and suffered and then the final days of rhe Bush Admin we watched how conservative ideology brought down the economie then listened to the roar as the buck was passed on. Its also amusing when Palin starts banging on about stimulus spending, I seem to remember it was the repubs who opened the federal coffers to bail out their mates, while they had the chance! You gotta feel for Obama he has to work with an incredible amount of bloody minded obstructionist stupidity, the dude does not need a peace prize he needs to be canonises.

1718 days ago

You know what's funnier than this? Obama's 44% approval rating!! Har har har.

1718 days ago


#18 (SAM), I agree with you 100% I'm sick to death of the Dumb A$$ Democrats AND the Dumb A$$ Republicans!! BOTH PARTIES ARE A F'ING JOKE AND ARE PUTTING AMERICA INTO THE TOILET!!! I now REFUSE to affiliate myself with ANY "Political" party since ALL POLITICS ARE A JOKE!!

1718 days ago


This guy should work at deleting his "uh's" when he speaks so he can sound half-way intelligent.

1718 days ago


I can't believe this. My 6 year old grandaughter acts more mature than Gibbs does. What a wienie!! Lets face it, Obama is history and is going down faster than another smooth operator Toyota. Now is the time to get our country back from these bozos. I told my loony left friends that I have no problem with what Obama wants to do. At least if they pay for it. As for me, a note to my government: Leave me the F*** alone. I will take care of myself. And to Mr. Gibbs, it appears that you are ready to return to Kindergarden.

1718 days ago


Snooki is just another reality skank whore plus she is ugly.

1718 days ago


Sarah Palin is just stupid.

1718 days ago


Gibbs is a jackass. He'll be looking for a job when the "black" Jimmy Carter gets the boot in the next election.

1718 days ago


Not a Palin fan at all, but the current administration must be worrying plenty if Gibbs is resorting to this childlike behavior. I hope all the Dems are happy with the "change" Obama is bringing. GOP in 2012!!!

1718 days ago

john kramarz    

Her supporters will only give the good old "Why are you AFRAID of her?"
Then, they might tell you how Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address on an envelope, and since email is so prevalent today, there was no paper envelope, so she used her hand, which is more ecologically friendly. See? It's called 'denial'.

1718 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Amazing how Sarah Palin has the ability to synthesize her thoughts in the palm of her hand while Obama has to use a teleprompter.

1717 days ago


Gibbs is a moron & does he not have anything better to do than go around mocking a citizen? He & his so called leader should get buisy helping Americans find jobs. Obama & these idiots keep saying its all Bush's fault or the Republicans are standing in the way, wah wah wah, The Democrats have been in control since 2007! The Republicans could nto have stopped anything if they wanted too. And Obama VOTED YES for all the spending Bush asked for. Enough fo this BS politics, get to wrok helping this country & it's citizens or get the freak out of office. And shut off Obama's teleprompter & see if he can come up with 1 sentence.

1717 days ago


Please. Is anyone REALLY worried that this empty headed, moron is going to be our next president?? LOL Everyone has joked about Palin, why stop now?

1717 days ago
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