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Fergie vs. Beyonce

Who'd You Rather?

2/11/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking out of this world, pop divas Fergie and Beyonce showed off their boom boom pow bootyliciousness at their respective concerts last night.

Fergie and Beyonce
Question is ...


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SMH at TMZ and TMZ users. They are the dumbest people ever. You honestly think fergie's plastic surgery looking ass is hotter than beyonce? Beyonce has a better body, and ass and she ain't fake looking' like fergie. *supercrazyfacepalm*

1677 days ago



Why are you exagerating? she ain't fat she is just right. Mo'nique is fat. Not beyonce. smh at WP

1677 days ago


Really? Fergie is starting to look more like Carrot Top every day...just check out those eyebrows. So, let's ask this question again: Who'd you rather? Carrot Top or Beyonce?

1676 days ago


BEY-ON-CÉ Oba Oba!! Fergie está mais pra bitch do que pra Diva.

1673 days ago


Beyonce.. fergie is assss.. bey, is 100!..

1629 days ago


I think fergie and i like her better cause ive seen beyonce's pic
and fergies and i decided to pick fergie i like her voice her mood
i think she's prettier and some people will say back no beyonce i dont care its my opinion any ways bye and i want another pancake

1615 days ago


y'all r crazy if u think fergie is hotter then beyonce... fergie looks like she got run over by a truck... beyonce is amazing in every way she is beautiful and talented... i cant say the same for fergie tho
and to all of u racist ppl sayin black is ugly... get with the picture black is beautiful and so is every other race

1614 days ago


Wow!You all (miseducated/uneducated racists)need to step out of the ignorance that has bonded your minds and blinded your sight. "Racism" has nothing to do with biological proven science! It is a "social construction" cooked up an plotted for the sole purpose of exploitation. To exploit every continent of this earth by European White Men! Learn your facts and check the history, if you don't believe me! I am not a color or absence of a color. Neither are you. The only race that you or I are is the HUMAN RACE. So before you spew ignorance from your crud filled minds into society, why not educate yourself on what science has proven through genetics..that there is no one gene or any genes that are specific to anyparticular race of people that would cause them to be biologically specified or singled out as different from another. Why don't you uhhhh...get educated,instead of spending time on TMZ typing falsehoods to make your teeeny weeny racists ego's feel boosted? We ALL originated from the continent of Africa and truth be told, you have "black" blood in you all....whatever that B.S. is supposed to mean>>> P.S. During the height of racism many black people passed as white (ya know the one's whom the master raped and found irresistable to the point that it angered their wives to the pouint of jealousy). So your grandmother or grandfather may actually be black! Hahahaha. Well I spent enough time educating idiots... time is valuable, use your better. God bless you need it!

1588 days ago


Beyonce is naturally gifted.....a great body, talent..generally she is better

1578 days ago


first thing beyonce is my family and i dare you compare class to trash

1558 days ago


4 me i think beyonce is n1 you can't compar her. first of all tmz hates beyonce and loves the weight divas . even im weight but it's the truth.

1546 days ago


Pow fala serio Beyonce da de 10 a zero na Fergie
Beyonce minha diva te amo d+ =] vc e perfeita por favor
volte ao Rio de Janeiro para fazer mais um show espetacular
I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥I love you♥

1546 days ago


fergie is a lot prettier than any other woman! she is beautiful, nice, has the world's most desired body according to the surgeons ta plastics and always in the top 10 most beautiful women and sexy while the world was never bey nor among the top 100! bey and has pictures with a lot of cellulitis in the leg while never showed any cellulite on a leg of fergie fergie has a much more beautiful belly, mottled and has a different face and gorgeous, without the cometary Fergie is the most beautiful woman in the world!! also sings a lot, have a beautiful voice, Sipat be simply charming! The Fergie is the most beautiful woman in the world, has the best body and also is the best singer is bey thin chest, and on choosing the best photo of Fergie and the worst of envy bey fan who is disappointed when her diva loses more instead of Ketu and is disgusted is not inventing excuses and admits that Fergie is better!! Fergie I love you you're perfect in everything!!

1484 days ago


FERGIE got the smoky eyes,the humps,the boobs,the long legs and all the sexy makings, so why beyonce? Of course FERGIE definitely!! Well, I'm not shallow, despite of the appearance, talk about their voices. Sure they both are great divas, but Beyonce's voice rather like a powerful feast... Fergie sings so much sexier and dolce , esp in "My humps"!!

1447 days ago


Fergie Fergie Fergie!! You'd listen to both of their songs, but you'd only want to MAKE OUT with FERGIE!

1447 days ago
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