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I Lick Your Boom Boom Down

2/17/2010 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 40-year-old resurfaced on MySpace, looking anonymous.


Born Darrin O'Brien, the name Snow stands for "Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy."

Believe it or not, Snow has released five more albums since "Informer."


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Tony Baggadonuts    

His MySpace page says he is 37 not 40. So who is wrong?

1646 days ago


TMZ before you go blastin' someone who "believe it or not, has released 5 more albums" maybe give some props to him scoring 9 Juno nods in his timespan. And in those 5 albums, he's had a number of hit singles in Canada. So maybe do your research before you blab on about something you clearly have no idea about.

1646 days ago

John Funkhouser    

that isn't snow. ben roethlisberger finally got rid of his mullet...

1646 days ago


It’s funny how none of the Dbags at TMZ have ever accomplished anything at all, yet they’re the first to slag anyone who’s had any sort of previous success or fame. They insinuate that the people are a bunch of looser now because their fames behind them at the moment.

1646 days ago


Thanks--now I've got that song stuck in my head!!

1646 days ago


Not anonymous enough since you guys have to blab about him. lol!

1646 days ago


He's my friend's cousin... pretty nice guy.

1646 days ago


Snow is still doing his thing....Mostly in toronto

1646 days ago


11. He's my friend's cousin... pretty nice guy.

Posted at 11:29AM on Feb 17th 2010 by Shannon

Read more:

He really is a nice guy. We've been friends for a few years.I haven't seen him in a while, but we still keep in touch. He's got a pretty funny sense of humor too, lol;)

1646 days ago


Ya, he wasn't a one hit wonder in Canada. He had another albums released here in the late 90's/early 2000's that spawned a few hits. They were awful. Canada doesn't always have the greatest taste in music.

1646 days ago


#15. Really? Hahaha Learn to spell? I'm always amazed.

1645 days ago


He should've stayed with Marvin Prince who wrote his hit song Informer & made his career while Snow was in Prison...after Marvin Prince left no more # 1 on the billboard charts & Snow career went down the drain he turned to Slush, releasing garbage albums that went no where in Canada but was made a joke for a very talented person Snow definetly is an example of what not to do! he must be hurting after going Bankrupt in Canada in 2005, eminem is the real talent he stuck & helped his crew who made him!

1645 days ago


I remember when Informer was huge hit here!

@ #15

I think you need to learn to spell before speaking your ming, and its lOser, not looser. Unless you were trying to say #6 had a loose ming, then i guess you got it right.

1644 days ago

Gail (Jamaica Observer editor)    

Karma came back on Snow for what he did to Marvin Prince, the story is huge in Jamaica of Snow's greed and corrupt treatment to his ex partner Marvin Prince, that's why Snow is not in Jamaica for what he did to his Jamaican partner Marvin Prince, it's a learning lesson about this shady music business wikipedia talks about Snow & Marvin Prince & how Snow eventually fell so sad so sad & I still love his 1st album but after that ask wikipedia said all Snow's albums flopped it goes to show you behind every succesfulartist there is someone behind them

1644 days ago


haha.. as for those above preaching about Marvin... I will give you first hand knowledge...NO.. Marvin did not write informer..Yes Marvin introduced Snow to MC Chan..who launched his career... And as for bankrupt..haha.. u people need to talk about what you know.. Darrin.. has had more then informer as a number one hit.. And yes, he's been in jamaica and all over..recording with big names and .. has been sharing the stage with people like Shaggy, sean name it.. so get off the Marvin train.. and get the story right... Marvin knows it..and Darrin knows it too.. no need for me to devulge...

1637 days ago
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