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Tiger Woods -- So We Were Wondering ...

2/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods gave a 13-minute, heartfelt (?) apology to his wife, his family, his sponsors, his ... well, everyone. So now we ask ...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant


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can we please stop reading about this soon, i know they have to talk about that rediculous speech, but now that is over lets just leave this story alone, if his wife is stupid enough to stick around for a few more dollars so be it, shes already gonna clean up let tiger out of that idiotic rehab, and lets move on. i guess tiger is only addicted to sex with hot woman with big fake breasts , show me a few 300 lb 45 year olds he had sex with and ill believe hes an addict. i knew a sex addict he couldnt care less what the woman looked like, and he was a guy who could attract really good looking women, to him it did not matter, thats an addict, a guy who has sex with porn stars, playboy models and various other extremely attractive women is just a kid in a candy shop, tiger grew up under heavy guard, probably barely had a girlfriend until a late age and when he realized that he could pretty much have any woman he wants that run in that circle he went for it. i didnt see any plain janes in that lineup. an alcoholic will drink wine from a box if thats all there is, a drug addict, forget what they will do, a gambling addict will bet his last penny and then borrow some more, tiger is as much as an addict as those girls he had sex with "really liked him for his grand personality" the whole thing could have been at the very least delayed a while if the guy lived like any normal billionaire in a house where the neighbors were no less then two or three tiger woods drives away,thats about 1000 yds. what kind of billionaire lives right on top of his neighbor. well that 911 call cost him his reputation, of curse his marriage about 100million or so, and let everyone know what a lying phony he was. im not his judge but if he wants to take 20 million dollar checks from big companies every year for being a role model he should have been one, otherwise he should have made his money playing golf, told his wife he wants a divorce and go to town. the guy was on the cover of the ny post 19 days in a row more then 9/11 lets hope it doesnt take another 9/11 to get his face off the cover.

1709 days ago

grossed out.    

Helene is right. Waa, waa, waaa! What that crap is that all about? He is the lying cheating man whore - why on earth are we to pity him???????

1709 days ago


Women are retards. She has already forgiven him. All of you women would to if your husband was Tiger Woods or any other super athlete.

1709 days ago


What gets me are the women who slept with a married man. They knew it was Tiger Woods and I am sure dollar signs were dancing in their heads. "Keep your legs close to married men." Can you believe that one of the homewreckers wants an apology? Its about getting your face out there and that 15 minutes of fame. Dont be surprise if one of the homewreckers try to sue for money. Tiger will get himself together and whatever happens to his family he will have to deal with. The children come first and Elynn want feel the recession.

1709 days ago


Does Tiger have any kind of relationship with his black family? I know that his father was married before. Does Tiger have any black friends? I am cool with Tiger and understand all black people are not the same. Just curious.

1709 days ago

Fred Farkel    

One last thing that no one has mentioned.

Tiger is looking very white. Almost pale.

Like MJ.

That is all.

1709 days ago


The only reason we haven't seen Elin...SHE HAS KNOWN ABOUT ALL OF THIS BEFORE IT WAS LEAKED! Seriously, the only reason it all came out is Tiger hit the tree after a spat with his wife, then some people said it was because of a fight between the two, and then all these women came out saying they were a part of it...TRYING to get 15 minutes of fame, and hopefully more money.
They got nothing, they now have lost getting more hush money from him for sex, their fame time is up. Elin knew about all of these, of why hasn't she come out and said a statement this whole time? Because she would break down crying because SHE KNEW, and probably encouraged it.

1709 days ago

Joe Jhonson    

hahaha. I coached my sons in acting for nine years each…..and that was the worst performance I have ever seen! He auditioned, but he does not get the part!
Does he think the public is really that stupid?

1709 days ago


Come on people just move on with it. Sick and tired of all the crab.Leave Tiger and the family alone,let's get on with life or you guy's get a life.Let's face it no one's perfect in this world unless you are an angle from haven.Just move on man!
Welcome back Tiger!Still The Man!King Of Golf!Just Do It!Peace Yo!

1709 days ago

grossed out.    

Hey Truj - I believe you mean crap, not crab, and angel, not angle. Come on, if you want to insult posters here, and least do it legibly. And what is with that anyway, you post to complain about people posting? Do you see the hypocracy? Do you know what hyprocacy means?

1709 days ago


His apologies may be sincere but having his mommy in the room with him and having her put her two-cents in afterwards kind of nullified it for me. He's a grown man who made his own choices. I would've been mortified to have my mother stand up and wag her finger at anybody for my mistakes! I am sure this has been a humbling experience for him (and rightly so) but I've been asking myself all along... where are all of the creeps that helped him create this lifestyle? They are just as guilty in my book. Were any of these people truly his friends? How could they look Elin in the eye all of these years? Her entire world as she knew it has been pulled out from under her and was a sham from day one. Who could she possibly trust in Tiger's world ever again? Think of the sheer volume of people that were in on this! It's appalling.

1709 days ago


Hey #55 you might want to crack open that dictionary yourself and learn how to punctuate while you're at it. Gosh. Lighten up, dude.

1709 days ago

grossed out.    

Hey 58 "really" - the punctuation is perfect. You might want to open a dictionary yourself. Was your post necessary at all? Really?

1709 days ago


Especially with all this contrived crap, he's used up whatever sympathy he might have gotten from me.

He's done.

1709 days ago


I think that apologizing to a porn star would be the ultimate humbling experience for this guy. It should be public, face to face in prime time. I would love to see it happen.

As for make up sex, I don't see how Elin could let him breathe on her let alone touch her.

1709 days ago
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