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Tiger Woods -- So We Were Wondering ...

2/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods gave a 13-minute, heartfelt (?) apology to his wife, his family, his sponsors, his ... well, everyone. So now we ask ...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant


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The TMZ brand has proven once again that it totally lacks any semblance of class, which is apparent in everything it touches. You are sleazier than the Jerry Springer show and employ people who obviously never passed English 101 or probably even graduated from high school. You are simple-minded leeches with no writing or interviewing ability who suck the life out of society.

1705 days ago


This is a joke. While Tiger cheated on his wife with all these woman, I must laugh. Each and every one of them knew he was married. They knew he had a child. This was the most well know Golfer in history. These woman should be ashamed of themselves for seeking public notoriety and trying to capitalize on sleeping with a married man. You go to Europe...nobody cares. Only in America would we try and make money off someone misfortune. Even when bill Clinton "did not have sexual relations" we made a mockery of our president. In Europe and other countries, a mistress is just that a mistress. She does not come public.
This woman who says she is in love with him...oh me oh my. Get a life. She simply wants her claim to fame. The Book "I slept with Tiger" . Woopee...Our media has nothing better to do. We as Americans thrive on others misfortunes. TMZ. LOL.
Give the guy a break. Oh sex addiction...thats a crock. he is a guy. He got married at a young age. Women throw themselves at him. Who cares. we have people who are losing their homes and cant find jobs. We spend more money helping the people of Haiti than we do helping people who are homeless in our own country. Get a grip people. The guy cheated on his wife. I know Women who like sex as do men. We don't know what his life is like at home and we should not care. It's his life. My wife cheated on me. Did I go running to the press. Did the guys who slept with her go running to the press. NO. AMERICANS. Focus on what is important. Bringing industry back to this country. Rebuilding our economy and focus on what is important. Not this BS. Tiger get on with your life and the rest of you who seem to care about his infidelities, get your ass off the couch and make a difference. Put your energy to something useful. Find out how you can make a difference.

1705 days ago


SAWGRASS REDEMPTION ! Who wrote that Elin?

What has Buddha have to do with it?


1705 days ago


some of these comments are amazing.

Does anyone really believe that Elin didn't know what was up? Why would she be checking his phone? she knew what was going on and was content on being the athlete's wife. The blow up didn't occur until the mess became public on the enquirer's cover.

If you remember, many people knew about this but nobody (including the tabloids - check the Enquirer's story on ESPN) thought that people would find it compelling.

The bar down the street from his house said Tiger was there regularly on weeknights - even had a preferred section they named the Tiger Room. Then you have others (not even acquainted with the family) saying they heard about this years ago. There's even stories of Tiger being caught before and his team negotiated a magazine cover in exchange for silence.

Everybody (agents, business partners, fellow golfers, family, ELIN, friends) knew and everybody kept their mouth shut because Tiger was the ultimate Golden Goose (1 billion in career earnings by a 34 year old GOLFER). But once the affair was outed, everything fell apart.

There's alot of revisionism as well. Tiger was never a squeaky clean person or even an affable figure (didn't do autographs or handslaps with the gallery). He's always been standoffish, always had a hot 'club throwing' temper, and he's said more curse words on live network TV than anybody living today. No one knows anything about what the guy likes/dislikes not even his closest fans. His after event media interviews are usually a few generic statements and that's it.

Now, I'm afraid that Tiger is making a big mistake. There's no reason to hang onto this IMG/Nike arranged marriage, there's no reason to apologize on tv, there's no reason to quit golf, and there's no reason that you have to go into seclusion at a sex rehab center.

Did Letterman quit his show and go to rehab? Is Shaq taking time off from the NBA to enter rehab after all the affairs he's had? Does Jude Law withdraw from his role in a movie after he's been outed with sleeping with numerous women? Does a rockstar quit touring because he's caught nailing groupies nightly?

It's ridiculous that Tiger is doing this.

Especially when you consider that his fan base is squarely in the most coveted demographics (18 to 54 year old males with disposable income). Most of whom were drawn to Tiger's dominance, greatness, and "I'm the best" alpha male demeanor. These are the exact demographics that Tag Heuer, Gatorade, Nike, Gillette, and EA Sports market their products.

Here's some good advice Tiger: quit rehab, divorce and give Elin double of what she asks, and get back to what is you - golf. The fans aren't going anywhere and neither is the casual viewing public. They've been watching you at various stages in your life since you were Two Years Old.

1705 days ago

Naomi Carl    

Enough of this Tiger crap.He is a typical joke and all he does is hit a ball into a hole.WOW what a great way to become famous.Now hes famous for cheating so what else will he do to get in the headlines. His apology is because he got caught. So how long does it take to screw around until you need to apologize>>> If this guy doesnt know right from wrong by now he never will.His apology was so phoney, his rehab even worse. He knew exactly what he was doing and chose this path because he wanted to. The women involved are like animals in heat. NO self respecting person would even consider hurting another human being the way these did. What did Elin do to deserve all this, what did his children dop to deserve this.His selfishness really paid off. He needs to find out how the shoe fits on his own foot.Hes a disgrace to mankind.

1705 days ago


You white devils will get what's coming to you very soon. If you devils thought nine years ago was bad just wait until we see what God has in store for all the evil white demons walking the Earth. Good vs Evil coming soon

1705 days ago



1705 days ago


LOVE YOU TIGER!!! Don't listen to the haters. You are HUMAN~! And thank you for the apology. You did well and we listened.


1705 days ago


Do we really care what he does in his private life? I for one do not. The guy is a golfer and a great one at that. Leave him alone and let him get on with his life. remember let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I do not believe there is anyone out there that can do this.

1705 days ago


I'm not God, so I don't have the answer to these questions. People need to stop trying to play God. We've all had our opinions about this man (including myself), some justified, some not so much. I don't agree that this whole business doesn't concern anyone else but his wife and family. That's not true. If we knew the truth about the fallout affecting many different people, we'd all be in shock. I still find it interesting that his big speech yesterday was held at the 'Players Club' - that might give certain people a clue. But it's true what his mother said, he didn't kill anyone. I admire his work ethic. I guess he works hard and plays hard, but playing hard is ok as long as it doesn't affect other people.

1705 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

These athletes are worshipped by men, so they get paid. Then they are worshipped by women, so they get laid.

1705 days ago

john b.    

He is a bum -- one of the all-time liars and frauds. His performance at the "event" was awful. I didn;t believe a word he said, except his sense of "entitlement." Rehab can't fix that.
If Elin stays with him, she's as pathetic -- and irresponsible -- as he is.
It'll be interesting to see the public reaction when he returns to the course -- and how he plays, My prediction: he's psyched out now and will never be the dominant old Tiger again. Just another good golfer on the tour. But still marked a bum and fraud for all eternity.

1705 days ago


Reg. no 66./Sam

I hear you, but devils come in all colours, shapes, sizes and guises,
some of them even in our own families. As a grown person (and I'm assuming you're grown), one would assume that you'd know this.

1705 days ago


Tiger has made his behavior a public issue by promoting his image as a 'squeaky clean family man' to the public and his sponsors. He lied and now he's caught and paying the price. To bad but he either needs to:

A) Apologize and also clean up his act
B) Tell everyone to take a hike and keep doin' the ho's

I personally don't believe A is an option. As Tiger admitted he thought he was 'entitled' to the benefits of his celebrity which I thought was very revealing.

There is a good possibility that some form of performance enhancing drug was being used. Over the years Tiger has lost his edge in golf (maybe the ho distraction factor - who knows) and I believe he was looking for an edge. Note that this edge with HGH (or other PE substances) in golf doesn't yield extra distance. What it buys the player is the ability to back off and hit a shot at 60% power instead of 80% which improves accuracy. It also fuels his desire to capitalize on his celebrity (Ho, Ho, Ho).

When Tiger comes back he won't be a shadow of his former self. He'll likely be off performance enhancers and have Elin shadowing his every move. He'll also feel the pressure of being constantly watched by just about everyone. It will be years before he recovers if at all.

Do I feel sorry for Tiger? Absolutely not. He made his bed (literally) and now is laying in it. It's everyone's business because he essentially he cheated us all.

Maybe Tiger should have let everyone know who he really was from the start. At least then he wouldn't be a lier and this issue would be his personal business.

1705 days ago

wayne p    

how close is what gloria allred doing to extortion????? asking for huge amount of sums to prevent her CLIENTS from talking to the press..

once women figure out that jumping into bed with famous stars... they can score millions later.. using gloria...

does gloria get an IRS 1099 mailed to her on the money she received and redistributed???? thats not enough to make a dent, but every bit helps...

1705 days ago
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