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Scotty Lago -- Apologize and Go ... Or Just Go!

2/21/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Scotty Lago didn't volunteer to leave the Olympics, he'd have been told to leave by the U.S. Olympic Committee ... this according to sources close to Lago.


Lago offered up an apology after a mildly suggestive photo of him -- using his bronze medal for snowboarding to score chicks -- popped up on the Internet. He agreed to leave the Olympic Village on his own accord, but sources close to Lago tell TMZ he received an ultimatum from the U.S. Olympic Committee: either say you're sorry and go ... or get ejected from the Olympic Village.

As for when we might hear from Lago himself ... we're told he's in a "blackout period" -- meaning he can't talk about the incident at all until March 3.

A call to the USOC was not returned.

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Since TMZ is the reason he had to leave early, TMZ better do right by him. This kid worked hard to get to the olympics and one picture by the greedy TMZ to post outrageous shots cost him a lot. Did you cost him endorsements? You better do what you can now to help him out. Sucks to practice for all that time, win a medal and have a douche company like TMZ ruin it for you. How much did you make off that pic?

1706 days ago


For the people saying it's TMZ's fault..Im sure TMZ wasn't the only site to have the pics. It's their job to do things like this or you guys wouldn't be coming on looking for news on celebs.
I don't think he should've been told to leave though. He's a young kid having fun. But I guess his contract was specific. Oh well...boys will be boys.

1706 days ago


I have read the comments on this thread and I have some questions 1)Why should tmz waited until after the olympics to post the pics? It seems like people are angry that they didn't wait until after so not to totally disgrace America.
2) Why are athletes held up to a higher standard? What he was doing was blantly using his medal as a sexual toy and using America to do it and people are mad that TMZ caught him.
3) Would America be so angry if TMZ would have caught a different olympian doing the same thing from a differnt country?
4) Why is the female refered to as a "whore" but poor Lago has been disgraced by this picture? Should it not be either both should be embarrassed by this picture or they were both celebrating that America won a medal!

Can't wait for the hypocrites and name calling to come out on this one because it seems like many people cannot comment intelligently without resorting to childish antics.

1706 days ago


TMZ is a great concept...but WHY would you find it necessary to use THAT photo of a young athelete? I love TMZ, but Harvey you are leaning very close to the "bad taste" when you expose a young 'role model' You DIDN'T have to use THAT photo. Shame on you for bad judgement...not Lago, he's 20, he doesn't know any better - HARVEY YOU DO!

1706 days ago


Good for the punk. Ever heard of the word "respect"?

1706 days ago


Give a guy a break! Its his and he earned it!

1706 days ago


People, people, people. He got in trouble because he didn't promote safety. He was supposed to have a condom around the medal before she bit or kissed it! Rock on Scotty.

1706 days ago

Oliver B    

I love how TMZ says that picture of Lago "popped up on the internet". Wow...how did that happen? Take some responsibility TMZ! You're playing a major role in this, regardless if you agree or disagree with what's happening.

America is so lame. Compare Canada's Jon Montgomery, who won Gold in Skeleton racing. After the race he walks through Whistler through a massive crowd like a her. Some girl runs out of a bar and hands him a pitcher of beer, which he starts drinking on the street as he walks, making his way too the broadcast centre. He then (because he's an auctioneer) auctions off the Gold medal beer "the best beer you've ever tasted" to himself, and then drinks it straight from the pitcher....all to a huge cheering crowd, on national T.V. Later he's shown signing a girls chest as she screams like she's at a Jonas Brothers concert.

This just shows the differences in our countries. We love our guy for having innocent fun. In America there will probably be a lawsuit somewhere down the road from this "incident".

Either way....get some balls TMZ.

1706 days ago


Is it me or does it always seem like the media tries to catch only AMERICAN athletes partying at the Olympics. Give me a break! He's a young kid, what young guy wouldn't try to score chicks? I'm a woman but when I was his age all I did was PARTY and I turned out ok. I think people need to lighten up! It's not like he had his wee willy winky out and the girl was biting on THAT!!!

1706 days ago

John Poole    


Levin, you and your team posted it!!

How do you sleep at night?

1706 days ago

just rude    

This is where TMZ has to step up and realize young people get goofy and need personal space. Now hw can't go to the Final Ceremony. Wake up TMZ and stop ruining. We do not need to see everything!

1706 days ago

I. Clark    

TMZ casually plays with the lives of many people for its own profit. TMZ is the bottom of the bucket and they don't care. This ruinous story just earned them thousands of additional hits. They are grinning broadly. I came here to leave a comment because I find their sense of fairness is warped and destructive. They are a kind of virus spreading through all our media. As for the Olympian, what a jerk. He diminished his own accomplishments and the reputation of the 2010 Olympics. Those who defend this kind of public behavior have forgotten what honor and sports are about. Private behavior and public behavior are different arenas. Athletes, like all celebrities (and politicians), are using their success to exploit their own sexual recklessness. The problem is we have become a nation that enjoys watching, and often encouraging, the worst behavior of the famous as a form of public entertainment. There is a tremendous loss attached to all this voyeurism. It is ruining our sense of restraint and our sense of virtue---qualities that may be forever gone from our notion of admirable human qualities.

1706 days ago


WTF TMZ. You're article seems to forget the fact that you paid for and posted these pictures without any thought that you could harm one of our Olympic athletes. Nice work...

1706 days ago


TMZ sux azz!!! This is why I quit coming to this site oh so long ago!! Always trying to ruin some young stars life!!! you guys should be ashamed of yourselves! But I know you heartless idiots don't care whose life you ruined!!!

1706 days ago


i think that people need to start worrying about other problems in this world and not what a 22 year old that just got third in the olympics is doing while he is out. its funny how the girls can pose basically naked in sports illustrated and no one says one thing about that. relax people its not that big of a deal, people should worry about themselves, and not what types of photos people are taking, who they're hanging out with, and what they're doing with that person. Scotty Lago is amazingly talented and that is what people should be focused on.

1706 days ago
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