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Eddie Griffin Rips Dr. Murray -- He Must Pay!

2/23/2010 11:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Griffin thinks Dr. Conrad Murray is gettin' away with murder -- metaphorically -- because he thinks the Doc's bail was set WAYYYY too low for someone "we know injected Michael and killed him."

Eddie Griffin: Click to view!

Griffin -- who was so close with Michael that he attended the famous 2004 molestation trial in Santa Maria -- had dinner with La Toya in Hollywood last night ... and on his way out, went off about the bail situation.

The comedian was a little off with his numbers (Murray's bail was set at $75k ... not $25k as Griffin insists), but he's clearly pissed off that a man like Murray got such a low bail, "but a regular little motherf**ker from the streets of Compton ... gets a million dollar bail."

FYI -- the judge in the Murray case actually departed upward from the standard bail rate in an involuntary manslaughter case ... it's usually set at $25k.


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This tree swinger is nothing but a racist POS that deserves to have his ass beat on a daily basis. Way to ignore his racism TMZ

1702 days ago


If Socialized medicine is so great and wonderful, then why is the Canadian Premier opting for the U.S. healthcare system instead?

More liberal lies and propaganda being exposed as the frauds that they are. Liberalism continues to fail and it's beautiful

1702 days ago


i agree with him, michael got a multi million dollar bail for supposedly touching a kids and this man only gets 75k for killing someone, that ain't right.

1702 days ago


I love how to no one blames michael and michael has no responsablitys for his own actions. Michael Took those drugs and made the doctor give him those, regardless of who the doctor was he would still have gotten all those drugs! Come on people wake up!

1702 days ago



1702 days ago


I agree that Murray has every right to defend himself in a court of law. I don't necessarily think he should have been denied bail, but I do think it's outrageous that he's still allowed to practice medicine (and has been practicing these 7 months) while the trial and outcome of it is pending. I think his license should have been revoked months ago -- at least temporarily. It could also be reinstated if he's found not guilty.

I don't think Murray killed Michael on purpose, but I think he's a coward for not outright admitting the mistakes he made and accepting punishment for it. I would actually have some respect for this man (after all, none of us are perfect) if he stood up and said, "yes, I should have monitored him more closely, yes, I should have refused to treat his insomnia this way and in this setting, and yes, I was negligent although I did not mean for this tragedy to be the outcome."

1702 days ago

TV Gord    

Murray was merely the conduit by which Michael committed suicide. If he wasn't there, another doctor would be. With one less pedophile on the planet, where's the crime?

Oh, and to #33 up there, that politician chose American treatment because he's a conservative who wants to ally himself with the Republicans who prop up the health insurance industry. (Would you like a napkin? You're imploding all over yourself.)

1702 days ago


Correction, Diane. "Supposedly" killing someone. The doctor hasn't been convicted yet.

1702 days ago


36. I love how to no one blames michael and michael has no responsablitys for his own actions. Michael Took those drugs and made the doctor give him those, regardless of who the doctor was he would still have gotten all those drugs! Come on people wake up!

Posted at 12:35PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by ken

It doesn't matter IF Michael asked for the drugs(which i don't believe) the doctor should have said no! But he chose greed over common sense and it killed a patient! Murray is responsible and should be held accountable!

1702 days ago


TV Gord,

In reality, a "Conservative" in Canada would be a Liberal in the United States. A Liberal in Canada would be a Communist here. Besides, how do you explain Danny Williams ABC (Anything But Conservative) campaign from 2008???

Stop embarrassing yourself, tool

1702 days ago

TV Gord    

Williams' "Anything But Conservative", was just a name to fool the gullible people. It apparently worked on you, Tanders.

1702 days ago

TV Gord "Progressive Conservative"...

Never mind, though. We're boring the Americans.

1702 days ago


Just a name to fool gullible people to vote for NON-Conservatives? You are making my point for me.

And yes, there is no such thing as a "Progressive Conservative" in the real world. Canada is almost as Socialist as Cuba and Venezuela.

1702 days ago


he is right..murray lives(or used to live) in a 3 million dollar house!!!

1702 days ago


Michael Jackson's soul burns in HELL while his bald doped up body rots in the dirt. F--K Michael Jackson. FREE DR MURRAY!!!!!!

1702 days ago
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