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2/25/2010 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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haven't people figured it out by now.. anyone on these shows is a camera whore.. they are trying to get more publicity... and most contestants have either been in the biz or are trying to break in and further their career.. IF you can call it a career.. haven't you noticed that you keep seeing the same ol people pop up on all these reality shows... and then they make it to the talk show circuit.. it's all crap

1700 days ago


Rozlyn was such a b%#$% on the Bachelor. She is a GENERIC, LYING, MARRIED HUSBAND SEDUCER, and for her to call herself a mother?! She said she had no access to calling her son. What a fake @$$, stuck up, lying, wears too much make-up that makes her look like a 50 yr old cougar wearing, BIZNATCH. She was dogging Chris Harrison the host of the Bachelor for flirting with a married woman, when she was screwing a married man in dark stairwells. HELLO!? Plus you know if Chris Harrison the host, gave her a blank check she would sleep with him too. Money hungry HOOCHIE!!!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A MILLION OTHER BLONDE, GREEN EYED, TAN SKINNY B$%$%@S, NOTHING SPECIAL TO SEE HERE.

1700 days ago


Who cares, what about her husband? I bet he is making out with the maid right now. Why is the woman the "slut". You don't know if this story is true, and maybe she was some single cougar that happened to look like that chick from OC Housewives. Who cares what some stupid 25 yr old college guy says! Why are you so bitter about this story? Did someone cheat on your @$$? Don't get mad, get even!!!

1700 days ago


She has deformed ears, so she'll be easy to spot especially if it's a closeup of her giving head.

1700 days ago


Well Endowed Gentlemen.. mmmmmm Im buying! What's he look like? She's hot too.

1700 days ago


Rozlyn is incredibly hot...but sadly I doubt this is true :(

1700 days ago


I watch the Bachelor, but this years bachelor was sort of a sissy. I was disappointed this year. But I still watched....Give us a real man to watch next year. Geewiz...

1700 days ago


First of all, the FIRST thing.. is ignorant. Who cares if you had actually had a comment, where in the rotation it is and again, I emphasize the IF you had a comment since the only thing you say is FIRST like an idiot. Secondly regarding this arcticle.. i love how she's deemed a celebrity when in fact, i've never even heard of her nor have ANY of the people in my office that I have asked. When I finally looked up who she was.. I just had to laugh. I guess if you actually get put on tv for 15 minutes now.. you can call yourself a celebrity.. until of course, your 15 minutes is up which in this case, I hope is soon. I dont care about some nobodys sex tape and I think most people would agree..

1700 days ago

juan carlos    

rozlyn is not the only one on the show with skeletons in her closet. One of the girls i believe i have her on girls gone wild when she was younger.

1700 days ago


Please get this tape released. Enough hype of all these celebrity tapes and pictures, but nothing ends up getting posted.

1700 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

Rozlyn Papa is absolutely smoking hot!!! This babe can read off a teleprompter, knows which camera to look at (and when) and is poised beyond belief. Now we discover she can do porn as well? Is there no end to her talent?!

I just hope she did her sex tape with a porn worthy stud and not with a phallic Lilliputian.

1700 days ago


She is a whore! If she keeps going the way she is, she will get her son taken away from her. Good example you are setting you looser.

1700 days ago


oh YAY!!! we watch another WH*RE'S rise to fame and fortune. how long before this sl*t gets a "reporter" gig on some disgusting E! Entertainment "news" show a al Tiger Woods' #1 wh*re??? American society is so gross and disgusting...constantly rewarding disgusting behavior. no wonder little 13 year old girls are taking playboy type pictures for their myspace/facebook profile pix...why work hard when you can just spread them, record it and make some money???? SICK!

1700 days ago


The whole thing is joke

1700 days ago


They got the Rozlyn Papa sex tape over on

It's her, for sure.

1700 days ago
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