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John Travolta -- Unzipped

3/3/2010 8:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After having dinner with a male friend at Katsuya in Brentwood on Tuesday, John Travolta started to let it all hang out.


The 56-year-old is really fly.


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Love John leave him alone....

1672 days ago


Nobody cares TMZ. We like John. We don't care if he's gay or straight. We don't care if he had dinner with a male or female friend. (Has to be one or the other, right?) We don't care.

Low blow taking a picture of a nice guy like this. Really tacky. Almost as bad as when you published the location of Tiger's daughter's school.

1672 days ago


He is light in the loafers.

1672 days ago


John: I know you like to fly...but really! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Lol

1672 days ago


Wow, lots of Scientologists here today! How long are you planning on playing the "he lost his son leave him alone" card??

Perhaps if the batsh*t crazy cult he belongs to recognized autism it wouldn't be an issue. Sorry, I can't feel a lot of sympathy for someone who donates millions to a pretend "religion" that kills with its quackery, fair games its critics and throws its own members in a prison camp. If Scientology is a religion then so is the Mafia.

Leave the cult and get your fans back John.

1672 days ago


Do you show pics of Harvey after he comes out of the woods with his fly down and wiping his mouth? So why did you have to show this,jeez.

1672 days ago


That is the entrance to the world of scientology...

1672 days ago


Wow how is this even news? i swear tmz looks for anything to post. his sweater is unbuttoned to am surpised that is not the news...

1672 days ago


I'm not a Scientologist but what are your crimes, TMZ?

1672 days ago


We TMZ you just lost me as a viewer. My son died of cancer at 16 and suffered DO you want pictures of him going from 145lbs to 60 You make me sick Iam John Travolta's age and I don't know how he and Kelly go on. They are Decent people they gave money to the county where they live when a Hurricane hit there a few years ago. YOU ARE PATHETIC

1557 days ago


OH NO!!! His zipper was down!!!! *gasp* I hope next time they see him his shoe is untied or his collar is a little bit messed up because that would just ruin him!!!! Really? This is dumb. It happends to every one. Have you ever thought that mabey he went to the bathroom and didnt lock his zipper mabey he forgot to push the little thingy down and it stayed sticking up and them it fell down. I know thats happend to me before

1534 days ago

Peter Anthony Reale    

I have a profounfly 50 year old son with autism, he's blind and mute; now what? you are rotten to the core for belittling one great man who loved his son as any parent would; my sister died from a shot for diptheria; say something about my father and mother; my wife is 86 and I will be 1st Oct; wife got sick;I put son in foster home eight months ago;Mental health Linda Kaufmann and her husband, fiduciary comptroller of the monies Adult Foster Care Home - and threatened me - give up guardianship or we will make you in meat balls took my guardianship (us)to court "for griping about the Adult Foster Care (AFC) 2599 S. Isabella Rd. Mt. Pleasant, Mich 48858"
signed Peter Anthony Reale with greatest respect for John Travolta' family see Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun Newspaper Editor who said to me personally: what happened to you can happen to me {his son is too like Trovalta and me. :

1492 days ago
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