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Debbie Rowe Cries at Michael's Mausoleum

3/4/2010 12:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe was at Michael Jackson's mausoleum in Glendale, CA yesterday, crying hysterically and hugging fans.

The emotional gathering occurred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park -- where a bunch of Michael Jackson fans meet on the third day of every month and bring cards, gifts and letters from fans around the world ... this according to

Turns out Debbie -- Michael's ex-wife -- showed up to Forest Lawn as the meeting was in full swing, and started hugging MJ's fans and crying.


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for once tmz was able to name the source of the information!!
lmao!!!! and it turns out to be a HOAX FORUM!!!!! this is great!!!!
loving it all

1640 days ago


Oh leave Debbie alone!!

I'm sure she feels the emptiness of not having Michael here with us. She actually knew him better than any of us fans, plus she carried his kids for him, and it doesn’t matter rather she was paid or not to carry them.

There is that connection to Michael and his kids when it comes to Debbie. She was brave to have consented in helping Michael bring forth his own children (rather or not they are his biologically, that doesn‘t matter). She had to know she was going to be ridiculed and left feeling dejected, as some of these comments show.

I would feel Debbie’s pain too if I stood in the very place where Michael’s body lays. And for Debbie, just knowing that the world has laid to rest one of the greatest entertainers of all times, and that she played a very big role in Michael’s life, would certainly bring grief to her soul.

Debbie, you’ve been strong up to this point so go ahead and let go. Crying is grieving the lost of a love or just letting go, and it is a cleansing of one’s soul. So go ahead and wash away that sorrow and know that Michael is very grateful for your selflessness.

I feel you pain Deb; however, know that you brought Michael the greatest joy he ever knew, his children.

1640 days ago



1640 days ago


That HOAX board users stole that pics from the Justice4MJ group NOT TMZ!!! Go and read that thread on that board!

ROFLMAO! They believe that TMZ is watching them.
Yeah there is no other way to get an info...

1640 days ago


21. She worked for a plastic surgeon yet, is one of the ugliest people.
That chin!! Imagine if she and Jay Leno had children. Wowza!
Posted at 11:09AM on Mar 4th 2010 by Mari

Get you facts straight or STFU! Debbie worked for Michael's dermatologist! She's a nice, caring person - the inside is more important than the outside - jeeez!

from Asd

1640 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Ok TMZ, you got this one WAY wrong! Here is the TRUTH

Quoting the damn HOAX SITE? WTF? That should have told you TMZ before you even thought of posting this garbage. That site still thinks MJ is ALIVE.. DUH!

There were no paps there folks-- this was the MJFSC monthly trip to Forest Lawn.

Sorry-- but TMZ you're azzes on this one!

1640 days ago


You are not the only one still crying... how I understand you...
RIP Angel Michael

1640 days ago


So easy for one to judge another.

It's easier than taking a look at themselves, plus it makes them feel superior when they can point out all a persons bad stuff..just plain mean hearted or a simple mind...all kinds of reasons.

This woman should be left alone. Let her grieve in her own way.

1640 days ago

wish mj was here    

ahhh is she crying cuz she misses michael or is it the money.come on everyone she loved his money and you cant tell me its not true.she didnt give a damn about know whats really strange she wasnt at mjs services and now with the videos on youtubbe coming out about mj is really alive now she shows her face at forest lawn and crying.ahh come on debbie cut the crap .i find this really sad.oh look her kids need her and shes not there why???? i will tell you why she cant have anymore of the money.just fake tears thats all.

1640 days ago


She is out looking sympathy so she can try to get her kids and hope the court will rule in her favor.

1640 days ago


Why is this woman NOT on the list to enter the mausoleum & visit the tomb??? Let's see...the Jacksons can't raise their own kids & have to dump them all off on Grandma to raise & throw some grocery gift cards at the mother of their children. Yet this woman(although I don't really care for her on a personal level) carries 2 children & gives birth so MJ CAN HAVE CHILDREN OF HIS OWN but the Jacksons can't put her on the list so she can visit the tomb & grieve personally & privately??? What the hell is wrong with those people? Her 'motives' for carrying those children are 'questionable' at best but if she cares ENOUGH to want to visit the gravesite, then she d@mn well should be allowed inside. To me, this is just nasty & spiteful to not allow her in. She's not seeking custody & it would seem that she hasn't made any effort to see the kids. I really don't think that would be good for them anyway. Okay, she may have 'rented out her womb' but SHE DID GIVE MJ WHAT HE WANTED MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD. So why can't they just let her visit the mans grave?? D@mn! It's not like the 'Jacksons' have such a monopoly on being great parents themselves!

1640 days ago


Posted at 10:54AM on Mar 4th 2010 by kno

You idiot: TMZ STOLE the photos from the JUSTICE4MJ group and those fans are the ones that took the pictures.

Read more:

hey idiot they give the link to the site were they found it......
so maybe you should open your eyes every now an again

1640 days ago


HA! It is amazing to find people here actually defending this so-called woman who sold her kids, not once but twice! Michael wanted nothing to do with her and planned to use her as a surrogate until she went blabbing to a friend (purposely) who sold their story to a tabloid.

Debbie Rowe was not allowed inside to see Michael, she was kept outside like the rest of you ghoulish fans who will not leave this man alone: I, or anyone else, could have drove up to Forest Lawn and did what she did. She was not allowed inside, that is only for family and close friends.

This woman will not get her kids because she doesn't want them, never did. She only had them because she had some crazy notion that Michael would fall in love with her, and he didn't. He showed his preference and it was for his ex-wife, not Debbie.

1640 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Wish peeps would get off of Debbie's back with the negative remarks. I think its heart warming to see someone who was close to Michael shedding tears and showing feelings at losing him. She is probably the only one who has shown true grief in public. She's shown more than the family, thats for sure. she looks fine. she used to get some treatments doen from Klein, but she's a horse woman, out in the sunshine, let her alone already.

I just looked at a video clip of a montage of people who, either living or dead are gay. Guess who's picture was in there? Yea, Michael's. Now I don't pass judgement, but if a very professional and established singer, songwriter, stage show producer can put Michael's photo out there among Paul Lynde, Rock Hudson, Peter Allen, Truman Capote, etc. and sing about gay men without being sued, it tells me what I have suspected off and on for years. Michael's private life was in fact private. why do you think he had to 'buy' his children, why do you think he had so many gay friends, questionable relationships with women? Stands to reason. So now the truth is in fact out there, cuz like I said, couldn't tag it and have it in the public if it was not true. He was never a pedo, never harmed a child, but as far as sexuality, 'fraid he swung in the other direction.

1640 days ago



1640 days ago
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