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Conan Launches 'Half-Assed' Comedy Tour

3/11/2010 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

conan obrien comedy tourConan O'Brien has announced a 30-city comedy tour -- but he's warning his fans, it's gonna be a "half-assed" performance.

As for what O'Brien will actually be doing on tour, Conan claims each show will be a "night of music, comedy, hugging and the occasional awkward silence."

The tour, which begins April 12 in Oregon, is officially titled "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour."

O'Brien will hit major cities across the country -- and Canada -- and will even be back in L.A. on April 24.


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Ugh, Zack & Osgar - What does that have to do with Conan's live show????? Can't you read? - This is not a free advertising site, I would NEVER buy anything from you because of that cheap-a$$ self-promotion.

Conan, give up the digs at NBC, they paid you off way more than you are worth. Grow up, be a big boy and develop a show for your fans, whoever they are - Welcome back to the Tonight Show Jay!!! 11:30 is funny again!

1695 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

So nothing has changed. He's always been an unfunny half-assed jackass.

1695 days ago


Toronto Appearance sold out already.

1695 days ago


This will do a world of good for Conan's creativity and it will help any project he's involved with after. Look what happens when a show host just returns to the same chair night after night; they get very stale and routine, and that's exactly what you have with Jay Leno (horribly predictable and boring) and Letterman (fading into a dull routine for quite a while). The road is the best instructor and environment sometimes. Go CONAN!

1695 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

Wowzers. Lot's of anger on here. That just means more tix for ShowCoCo for the rest of us, I guess. Did Conan have sex with all of you and forget to call you back the next day or what? If you don't want to go to the show, don't go. Stay home and watch Leno or that new show on Fox "When Belzer's Attack!".

1695 days ago


Poor Conan ... what was his excuse when he was NOT legally prohibited from being funny on TV?

1695 days ago


Have to laugh at whoever said "This tour will be a success." ... Well, yeah, if you call getting fired from the best gig on TV and doing a live consolation show in Duluth, Minnesota a "success".

1695 days ago


conan WHO? Thought he disappeared for LIFE.

1695 days ago

Roy Miller    

Hello Harey and the fine staff at TMZ.

Conan's Tour stops in Kansas City, Missouri on May the 16th. The ticket prices are $39 and $79.00 which doesn't seem to unreasonable until you get into what the are calling the Hotseats in front of the stage which go for $250.00 apiece. Meet and greet with tickets are $695.00 each. Didn't Conan just walk away from NBC with $40 Million in his pocket? Does he need the money that bad? Thanks, Roy in K.C.

1695 days ago


@ moveover:

Please elaborate on Conan's "firing". He was offered the 12:05 timeslot and refused it.

1695 days ago


I wouldn't see this guy for free. His show will last a minute longer than his Tonight Show. Fact is .... he just sucks.

1695 days ago


or that new show on Fox "When Belzer's Attack!". by Milf Biggenson

I scared hellz out of my dog laughing at that line!

I have hot Conando tickets coming my way, even if he sucks it will be an hour spent better than watching Leno suck up to the dink crowd.

1695 days ago


31. I call BS, Alfie. You've never see Conan do standup and neither has anyone else. Conan has never, repeat NEVER, done standup. He's going out on tour to introduce people. What kind of idiot would pay to see that?

Nowhere does it say he is going to do stand up and even as a fan I would not pay to see that. I expect him to be him, do some skits, have some laughs and be a goof...if I want stand up I turn to lewis black, izzard etc. A big goofy Irish catholic making fun of life is worth some cash to me.

You say he is not funny but come on, even a conan hater has to admit to a chuckle when he was on the Martha Stewart show.

Chill out, his fans will pay to see him and people like you will not no worries

1695 days ago

Jeff Spring    

I got my tickets for PA - WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! COnando!

1694 days ago

Gerard David Jr    

So I guess FOX isn't happening? Knew that would happen. So I hope he takes writes that are actually writing funny stuff, not the stupid stuff, like we have a good show, every two seconds... Good By!

1692 days ago
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