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Lady GaGa -- Who's That Girl?

3/14/2010 3:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Lady GaGa in her new video for "Telephone" (left) -- and Queen of Pop Madonna back around the time she was filming "Who's That Girl" in 1986 (right).

Lady Gaga and Madonna

Neither are natural blondes.

We're just sayin'.


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I just can't get over how BUTT-ASS DOG FUGLY this creature is!!! Madonna is just as FUGLY, and I think she looks more like nasty Amy Winehouse than anyone else!!!

1652 days ago


But then again Madonna's look is taken from Merilyn Monroe so ... Im just saying )

1652 days ago


She looks better than Madonna!

1652 days ago


no one has said gaga is being original....she´s just recreating what has been done and to be honest, she´s least her record company is not telling her what to do/write/dress/say/play... like britney, aguilera, pink(early) did, at her age all those mentioned above were puppets(and some still are)of their record companies.
besides ALL today's artists are unoriginal so gaga is not the one to blame...she´s great and she´s got the seal of approval from madge herself so i don´t see why the hatred
she´s fresh, doing, yeah something already done, but at least coming from what she wants and not what she´s told to do....she likes art, she knows how to play piano and has an amazing ear when it comes to catchy songs.....oh before i forget, she knows she writes silly shallow songs....she knows

1652 days ago


Lady Gaga has only one hit album to be a Diva you need at least 5, SO SHE IS NO MADONNA YET, Gwen Stefani has a better chance, GAGA has to prove herself she has a sophmore album and longevity.

1652 days ago


Who in the world gives this garbage time of day?! She's a talentless pre-fabricated, commercialized insult for art! What's music coming to, Gaga needs to be gagged!

1652 days ago


Well, it's no secret that Gaga is a big Madonna fan. Yes, she does look a lot like Madge in her video, and yes, I think it was on purpose. She was just paying tribute to her idol, which is nice, if you ask me. I think Madonna would be flattered.

1652 days ago


Both have no talent.

1652 days ago


Oh please, Madonna has been playing the 'look at me' since she came on the scene. Madonna was never 'original' either. She copied Marilyn Monroe and Grace Jones, when she couldn't copy she just went with default Madonna mode.."skanky slut". When she couldn't put out any more good music she decided to film herself with her gay entourage giving blow jobs to wine bottles and talking about looking at her own vagina in a mirror and tasting herself... yeah it's Lady Gaga who's nasty?? I don't think so, then when we didn't care about that nonsense 'Madge' decides to run around in baby clothes with braids screwing whoever that old cougar could her gnarly 90yr old hands on.

Lady Gaga is much more attractive and talented too. Madonna, well she's still good at bed hoping, and acting a slut such a wonderful mother.

1652 days ago


She also does a Marilyn Monroe impression on that video.

1652 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

YOu cannot even compare the two. gaga is NO where NEAR Madonna's catergory. Madonna wore interesting outrageous outfits too BUT her music was good and memorable. Maodnna has proven longeviity and talent. whether you like her music or not, she DOES have talent.

Gaga can play the piano, big deal, so can every music student in America. Gaga's voice and music are not memorable.

Love her or hate her there is something charming about Madonna, people love ot hate her yet hate to love her. gaga doesn't stir these emotions in people. It's like "here's another kooky outfit from Lady gaga" ho hum.

1652 days ago


It doesn't bother me that GaGa is a skank. It doesn't bother me that her music is generic dance fluff. It DOES bother me that she does not appear to have any real originality or creative "spark". She makes noise and videos that are then carefully packaged and marketed by large corporations. The packaging and marketing is where all the $$$ comes into the picture. Who GaGa is and what she does is entirely incidental to the real mission, which is to make money for her corporate sponsors.

1652 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Gaga did an interview where she said she was all about the music .. just a sec while I stop laughing........ any ways all she does is turn up every where in some clown outfit that screams "look at me" LMAO. Nothing she does is original every thing she does some one else haas done before her and probably better.... Grace Jones check out her music videos then there's Maddona, gaga has a long ways to go to out do those two

1652 days ago

Just sayin'    

They are both ugly. Period.

1652 days ago

Just sayin'    

The reason GOO GOO wears stupid over the top outfits and wild make up and hair is to distract from her ugly @ss face. That big old honkin nose is hideous!

1652 days ago
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