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Axl Rose Takes Bottle Rocket During Concert

3/17/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose was so pissed this weekend during a concert he almost walked off stage -- after being pelted with a water bottle.

It all went down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when someone in the audience launched a liquid filled plastic projectile at Rose during the opening number.

Axl was ticked and stopped the show while screaming "You wanna f**k up the show for everybody? You wanna f**k with me and my boys? We will leave."

They didn't -- and the show continued moments later.


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After all the hours he made the people wait, I wish the bottle would have hit the head :P
I love Brazilians :)

1642 days ago

pink floyd    

too bad it wasn't a brick!!!

1644 days ago


Into every life some rain must fall.

1644 days ago


What a BIG baby.

This is nothing compared to what he has done to fans over the years.


1644 days ago


I wish he would just leave FOR GOOD!

He single handedly screwed up what could have been one of the best bands ever!

You suck Axle!

1644 days ago


Whaaaaa...I'm a washed up rock star..whaaaa I'm a big fat pig...whaaa..nobody likes me...whaaa..I'm really trying to pretend this is G&R ...whaaa.whaaa whaaa.
FU Axle you Dbag hack. When does Chinese Democracy 2 come out?

1644 days ago


Hey, the man set a boundary and I respect him for it, and I think the majority of the audience did too!

The little pr*** with the water bottle should have been escorted off the premises!

1644 days ago


I will never understand WHY these pricks go to a concert just to throw crap at the band! It is completely stupid and a waste of money! Axl has ALWAYS gotten pissed when people throw stuff at him or THE BAND. I think anybody who throws something at a performer should be left alone with said performer for 10 minutes. It's just ridiculously stupid!

1644 days ago


I find it odd that people are taking exception with Rose here. If I was him I would have done the same thing or declined to play again until the people around him pointed out the bottle thrower so I could have him removed. Sorry folks but just because you buy a ticket to a show doesn't give you the right to act like a loser and abuse the performer or athelete (who have this happen all the time). No story here.

1644 days ago

Tom Jones    

Maybe if he wrote more good songs and a lot less filler material people would not throw $hit at him! Welcome to the JUNGLE, we got fun and games!! Ha-Ha!!

1644 days ago


It isnt' CELEBS that are crazy, it's society. Bottle rockets can really hurt somebody. Look at just the comments here. I rest my case. I don't care to see anyone hurt. Day to day life is so hard for so many these days, what's all of these posters' problems? A very sad commentary on humans wanting to see other humans hurt and in terrible pain either physically or emotionally.

1644 days ago

El gringo    

Axl handled that very well.

1644 days ago


I don't condone anyone throwing bottles at the guy, but he is such a tempermental baby, that it's difficult to have any empathy for him. He is so egotiscal. A prime example of someone who is own worst enemy. He had talent but is too impressed with himself to convey it.

1644 days ago


Too bad that water bottle wasn't filled with piss.
For the record, that was not Guns N Roses playing.
It was Axle and a bunch of bitches.
The real GnR died a long time ago, and Mr. Rose, aka douche bag, is the one who killed it.

1644 days ago

too bad it wasnt a bullet    

too bad it wasnt a bazooka...sick of this lil (p) rick anyway...he is soooooo irrelevent...axel and his cornrows should go and have a few drops of dirivan

1644 days ago
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