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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- Graphic Texts

3/18/2010 3:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The text messages one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses allegedly received from the golfer are extremely graphic, TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Joslyn James will release more than 100 text messages she claims Tiger sent her while they allegedly carried on ... the texts are pretty shocking.

And James will post other things, such as room keys from Las Vegas hotels with a Tiger image on them.

The stuff will be posted on at 11:00 AM ET.


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In reply to rolexx

You stated:

she's a skank? really? then what does that make that a-hole tiger? he's just as much a skank as you claim she know the old sayings....takes one to know one....birds of a feather flock or(fu__) reap what you are what you "EAT"...he's a pathetic disgusting likeness of a human being....keep in mind he chose her and all the rest of his flings!!
The simple deference is that Tiger Woods has actually done something with his life, that takes a great deal of skill, and perseverance.

He will go down in history for being one of the best golf players of all time.

While these whore skanks he was with, will just go down in history, for just going down.

Enough said.
End of story..... Artofwar

1688 days ago


This is pathetic... let this family heal and move on. TMZ... you really need to find SOME kind of back bone! THERE ARE KIDS HERE! LET THIS FAMILY HEAL. TMZ.... throw this skank some pain pills and run from her!

1688 days ago


The site is requiring a password???

1688 days ago

doc murry    

your a moron kasey...elin is standing by her man because of the money and nothing else,,why else would a woman go back to a man who obviously screwed anything that had 2 legs....he was feeding these women any story in the book...uhh i dont love my wife anymore...we are getting divorced,,,my wife doesnt understand me..duhhh how could they not fall for crap like dont make her a hero or him innocent in all of this,I bet she isnt sleeping in the same bed as that pig of a man

1688 days ago



Who cares about Tiger or Elin or Gloria or any of them!!!


Entertaining as all sh*t

1688 days ago


All this lady is good for is the Lawlz. / x2 Facepalm

1688 days ago

doc murry    

hey art of many father of the year awards is your boy going to get,,in the grand scheme of things,,whats more important jackass

1688 days ago


She should have released the text messages back in December or January when the topic was hot. No one cares now. She's trying to cash in because Tiger is playing in the Masters. She's a used and old worn out forgotten tramp pretending like she's a victim. Her 15 seconds of fame are up. The younger tramps got all the attention and she's pretending like she's so upset.

1688 days ago


this is so stupid and so is this bit** you slept with a married man for goodness sake what did she expect 2 happen did she realy belive this superstar was gonna leave his lovely wife 2 b with a porn star come on now this women need's 2 fade away and fast realy i am tired of hearin about tiger and all his women he's not my husband (thank god) it is between him and his wife but the porn star is a dumba** who is makin all of women look horrible she can cry a river 4 all i care she is dumb and noone care's anything about her

1688 days ago


Pull up a collage of Tiger's mistresses. All of them are super attractive, long haired, and most blond. This loser does not fit the profile whatsoever and I'm not buying it. Text messages can be faked. Why in the world would Tiger sleep with this if all those other gorgeous women were available. She looks like trailer trash. And even if she did sleep with him - she's certainly proved she has no class. What would be the purpose of releasing this stuff now after all this time other than as an extortion threat. There are children involved here that are really hurting by this senseless behavior

1688 days ago


There would have to be more proof that they were all from Tiger Woods. My husband has his image on a keychain he puts on his golf bag... oh my god.. does that mean??? NOTHING. This bitch has had her 15 minutes... GO AWAY... I hope nobody takes the messages seriously and that Tiger can go back to his life... WHY would this bitch put Tiger's wife through this. AGAIN.

HEY PORN STAR! HE AIN'T COMING BACK! If he even was there before.

1688 days ago


Joslyn James, with Gloria Allred needed tiger to admit he had an affair with her so she could sue tiger. Tiger kept his mouth shut, and now Joslyn is releasing text messages to the public, so she could get money by selling to National Enquire.

If National Enquire printed Tiger could sue the text messages before they became public, national enquire. After they are public information, then National Enquire can pay her to print the nasty messages. - National Enquire can pay Joslyn, no more phony tears, and you.

1688 days ago


Hey Mikelost - you're obviously LOST alright, have no idea why a woman would stay with a man aFTER MULTIPLE AFFAIRS...she could have had millions and millions and more millions with a CUT AND DRY under Florida laws...perhaps you should check in to the Florida divorce laws before you post as if you know...sweetheart! Period. It makes no sense why your post claims she would stay because of money, Perhaps she has two little children with a man she loves...shes not the loser either way. God Bless her for having the dignity to stand by the man she loves...Perhaps you never had a woman care enough about you that way. maybe someday life will bring you happiness, too. Good luck toi you and somday maybe we will see a opost that says Mikesfound! lol

1688 days ago


What he would pay her off or something? It's no secret at this point that he was sleeping around with .. well.. alot of women. So what's the point of releasing text messages except to try and get money, or revenge. You were the other woman, honey.. you were the whore. He was married and you were never going to be Mrs. Tiger Woods. Get over it.

1688 days ago


Trashy bi!tch. Nobody cares anymore. go home and make porn.

1688 days ago
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