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Lady Gaga Concert -- As Fake As Her Hair

3/20/2010 1:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A hair care launch party where Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert were supposedly performing next month has just been canceled ... not surprising since reps for both artists told TMZ it was all a sham.

The concert was being promoted by a guy in Martinsburg, West Virginia ... who told TMZ earlier in the week that tickets for the private event were going for $100 - $200 ... an event Lambert's agent told us was "not legit" and Gaga's manager said was "completely false."

Refunds will be available Tuesday. Whoops.


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I wonder if a lady gaga likes anal sex?

1682 days ago


Both of these babababutt jockeys make my ears bleed.

1682 days ago


Anyone who knows the dumbass, know this was a sham!!

1682 days ago


@ marcus, Well I do (it's actually a lot more pleasureable) and she's a very sexual girl like myself so I'm pretty sure she does too.

1682 days ago


They need to DUET on Fever already.

1682 days ago


#9 They keep in contact via text and are friends so a duet is not that long off. He's still the new kid on the block tho as he said. I'm sure Gaga will want to cameo in Fever if it's released (radio stations are scared on one pronoun. Only America has a problem - Singapore with Muslim girls embraced him and he beamed and hugged them back but the US is still as backwards as ever). They should actually do the entire vid together, f--k with gender, mess with people's minds. She should dress in a hot fitted suit and tophat and have him sing the song to her throughout the vid and have her sing her parts. So fun and so hot. And he could dress up as well if he wanted to, he's one of the few men who looks hot in drag or wtv you call it. It's awesome that he has friends and fans in Slash, Zeppelin, Spielberg, Tyler, Burton, Gaga, McCartney, Marshall, Muse, Cuomo, LPerry, Xtina, Rihanna, Beyonce (I think, she's the only one I'm unsure about), that's a lot of people he could collab with and most of his own friends can sing and perform too.

1682 days ago


each url . com /sD
twit pic . com /17br1f

Twit.ter . com /AdamLambert
Twit.ter . com /LadyGaga

1682 days ago


Yep, and it was one of our own obsessed Glamberts (yes, I proudly raise my hand, totally obsessed fan here) that spotted this and brought it out in the open.

Who says celebrity obsession doesn't have its practical uses?

Had she and a few others who went out on a limb to make sure the facts were revealed not been feverishly combing the web for anything remotely related to the amazing Adam Lambert, many more would have been victimized by this con man.

Hey, Gaga fans, where were you? You were asleep on the job. LOL.

1682 days ago


Lambo's Japan Interview was freaking hilarious, hysterical sense of humor, he's so awesome. I laughed so hard when the interviewer dude started touching him, why does every presenter come onto him? Lmao kinda weird, women just get flustered but they don't actually start feelin him up! Adam's response was hilarious lmfao. And his voice is maaaad. And he can dance, his dancers needed to step it up tho what the hell. Gaga used to be so sweet (you tube 'Exclusive Lady Gaga embraces her little monsters') but now she's...different. He'll be fine if he doesn't become fame-affected. I still like Gaga though.

1682 days ago


Lambert's management were onto this so fast but the Gaga fans got proper ripped off. This Hair product dude was getting $$$$'s the ******

1682 days ago


KatieJ I think you're a troll.

1682 days ago


What jermaine said.

The thing I like most about Gaga that sets her apart from a lot of successful singers - aside from the fact that her POP music surpasses most other POPstars' today, is that she actually can sing. She can sing circles around the likes of Beyonce even without all the fabulous attire. Unless she suddenly loses her voice, I will have mad love for her and her slightly twisted brain. On top of that she is so intelligent, she may be obnoxious and a control freak but her talent is so great.

The thing I like most about Adam that sets him apart from both pop and rock singers today, is that he can actually sing, not only sing but SANG. 5 range vocals that hit every note on the guitar, they're controlled and emotional or they're soaring and dirty on WLL, his voice is insane and stunning, on top of that he is also mad smart, plus hilarious. His charisma energy is magnetic, it's I guess why everyone who meets him falls in love with him even people unsure beforehand. It's called charm I think and it helps that he always has at one thing fresh or cheeky-funny to say. Both rarely go off-key or lose breath even when moving. They both do everything slightly better than most people. No matter how much you try to sing or look like them, you'll fail.

1682 days ago


Jermaine, what TMZ doesn't accept more than 2 links?
The 3rd one was Gaga Speechless acoustic. Mofos.

1682 days ago

Vermin Jerky    

@Yeah Right:

Why would you think that? Check this out:

adamofficial dot com slash us slash node slash 1339397

That's the lengthy conversation that's gone on on Adam Lambert's official website. You'll notice that KatieJ's been an active participant and is a long-time and active member (same for me.)

A bunch of people jumped on this. One member posted this, I jumped down the local newspaper's throat, others joined me, Adam's website moderator jumped in with an official statement, a West Virginia local managed to contact Lady Gaga's management, and then eventually Adam himself tweeted.

Hopefully we collectively stopped too many people from buying tickets, because that Tuesday refund may never come. I hope it does, though, because some people did buy tickets.

1681 days ago


Idiots! KatieJ is no troll!!!!!!!! She's a huge Adam Lambert fan just like me!!!!!

1681 days ago
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