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Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian are History

3/23/2010 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have called it quits, because Reggie couldn't handle the media blitz that has become Kim's life, TMZ has confirmed.

Sources tell us Reggie was fine with Kim before she blew up and just can't stand all the attention. We're told the breakup is friendly -- no arguments.

It's being described as "taking time off" -- but when you hear the full story it's clearly splitsville.


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Dirt Burger    

Kim K is a freaken joke! did you see who her boyfriend before Reggie was? Ray J! you couldn't find a bigger loser than him unless you dated Corey Feldmen! Ray J dresses like a 17 year old and talks like he graduated from the University of dumb ghetto boys! And Kim's big mouth mother and sister's were OK with Ray J? They are all desperate people who will do anything for attention.

1674 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Great job Reggie! Kim was way too old for you, by the time you are her age (almost 30) she will be a plastic surgery botox junkie just like her mother. Find yourself a nice your own age with real values, not like the plastic phony ones that the Kardashian family have.

1674 days ago

Dirt Burger    

If this was just a stunt for her show, then Reggie deserves everything he gets for going along with an attention seeking whore like Kim.

1674 days ago

King of TMZ    

Congratulations Reggie now you're an idiot no more.

1674 days ago


Perhaps Reggie Bush has realized what a tramp he had. Really was he kidding Kim is stone cold trash, and her family is just lame. Keeping up with her lame family will be replaced by yet another lame white family with no talent trying hard to get rich for doing nothing. Reggi is what 24 years old there is no way he will be tied down to a 30 year old sleeze bag, having sex with the tramp is one thing but marrying her please get real. All that whinning on her show faking sex moves while her younger sisters are in the next room. And her bad looking mother who lives her life via lame as= Kim is in need for a new face lift. Just get the telephone from her idiot husband Bruce Jenner, please GOD I know you are out there make this lame family go away.

1674 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Reggie just made a wise decision, Kim is almost 30, when Reggie is her age is NFL career will be done. Sorry but most RB's are done by age 30. Now you will have to spend the rest of your life as Mr Kim Kardashion? I couldn't think on anything worse than having to watch her and her pathetic family chase fame and attention when they are no longer relevent 5 years from now.

1674 days ago


It's funny, I wonder how Reggie Bush was able to be admitted to USC. The is the classic tell of a dumb jock vs a hot chick. Reggie Bush better hang on to Kim because that chick is the best thing that will ever happen to him. Grow some grapefruits Reggie its not like you are Tiger Woods. If you lose Kim you better be able to do better than her and that my friend is almost impossible. First there was OJ and now we have Reggie Bush two dumb USC football players.

1674 days ago


Wow, I really thought they's last...sure...

1674 days ago

i'm willing to bet that it is "REALLY" over this time and i don't blame reggie at all!!!!!!!!!

1674 days ago

a jones    

Umm...she banged ray-j...on tape...he's stupid for even claiming her like that. I think that move is still haunting her.

1663 days ago


You know everybody make mistakes that they regret. Yes I think that the sex tape had a lot to do with his decision and maybe the family always budding in thier business. But everybody deserves a second chance. I thought they were a lovely couple and was hoping that they would get married. Kim is a very sweet lady that made some wrong choices, we all do. I know she really loves Reggie. Unfortunately she can't take back what was done in the past. I mean he knew about this tape before he got with her. But he stayed anyway. He must have saw something in her that made him stay for the length of time he was with her.
Everybody and I mean everybody have done something in their past that they wish to take back. But what do you do? You learn from your mistakes and move on. Who are we to judge anybody.
I think that they are both good people that deserve happiness and I hope she can find somebody that will love her unconditionally and not based on what everybody else think or say. And I hope Reggie find happiness too! I really hope they could work things out. Life is to short to be unhappy. And Khloe you need to pay more attention to your man before you're in the same boat. And hopefully the oldest sister will eventually come to her senses about Scott. Now those are the two that need to split. There is no love there.

1663 days ago


yeah its the sex tape...why would u want to be with someone that everybody can see sexing the heck out Of u..REGGIE PLEASE KEEP IT MOVING..your mom would be so happy.

1662 days ago



1657 days ago

mike sartell    

Do you notice that besides the black athletes, these girls all
have natural moustaches.

1658 days ago


The reason they broke up is becuz Reggie was telling Carmen Ortega how much he was in love with her and for her to move with him, that he was ready to end things with Kim so Carmen quit her job at and the hole time was just telling her what she wanted to hear and Fu*ked up Carmen's life so she got back at him by doing all the things shes done. Now she had to start over cuz if all of Reggie Bush's lies.

1656 days ago
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