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Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian are History

3/23/2010 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have called it quits, because Reggie couldn't handle the media blitz that has become Kim's life, TMZ has confirmed.

Sources tell us Reggie was fine with Kim before she blew up and just can't stand all the attention. We're told the breakup is friendly -- no arguments.

It's being described as "taking time off" -- but when you hear the full story it's clearly splitsville.


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there were too many differences. Is she the type of woman you want to raise your children in a Christian environment? People really have to start thinking about their future as well as future plans for family.

1666 days ago


I'm sorry that this couple could not work things out. Everyone of us has skeleton's in or out our closet. I beleive that Ray J was the culprit in exposing that tape because she left him. I truly hope they get back together again. True love never dies.

1671 days ago


About time Reggie. I'm so glad you finally wised up. You deserve and can do so much better. Get a woman you can be proud to take anywhere and not have to worry about what people are saying and thinking behind your back. Stop being the butt of everyone's joke. If you stay with this attention whore woman and her nutty familly, you are in for a lifetime of misery. Don't look back.

1671 days ago

Naheim Judane    

HA HA HA IT IS ABOUT TIME Reggie left that no-talent fat cow lol I have been waiting for this for months, Thanks KIM for trying to make the superbowl all about you.this is so funny so now go away with your no-talent self & take that squeaky mouse voice that we all hate wit you. & by the way mabey you should try slim fast or Jenny craig because you could stand to lose a few pounds cow

1670 days ago


MAN I GET TIRED OF THE VAGINA RAN MEDIA CONSTANTLY HARPIN ABOUT HOW MEN CANT "HANDLE A WOMAN WHO IS SUCCESSFUL". REGGIE GETS PAID MILLIONS A YEAR, ACTUALLY HAS A TALENT AND NOT JUST A CERTAIN MASSIVE ANATOMICAL PART,HAS JUST WON A SUPERBOWL RING and i'm sure has other hot white girls with big butts, and they actually think he is sweating her. She has a porn with lil short Ray Jizzle, a sorry show on Dancing With the Stars( If RJ was in her booty, maybe she coulda moved it good enuff to last a few more rounds) and a show only ego obsessed loosers watch. I dont think Reggie is sweating this chick.

1670 days ago


i still dnt get how this whore got famous...

1670 days ago


Dang! I'd have to leave after that stunt she pulled on Super Bowl Sunday when he was getting interviewed and she barged right in like it was HER day. And, her Mom! My gawwwwwwd, that woman needs to see a shrink!

1669 days ago

steven hernandez    

idk she may be high maintanance but they made a pretty good couple i mean u couldn't really tell they were having problems i thought they truly loved eachother but things happen i guess and final thought she is still hot

1667 days ago


I don't blame him. She seems so plastic and unreal. I don't know what kind of substance there is to her.

1672 days ago


Or is it because of that sex tape? Tell the truth Reggie.

1672 days ago


Good! Now go away please.

1672 days ago


famous pro ball player can't handle press? give me a break

1672 days ago


She's high's as simple as that.

1672 days ago


I'd hit it!

1672 days ago


He is sick of her old used up coot..finally! Get yourself a nice girl Reggie, you are hot as hell and you don't need some gold-digger trying to hang on to your can do so much better!

1672 days ago
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