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Nick Jonas & Rick Warren: Love Thy Fellow Man

4/5/2010 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evangelical Christian boy bander Nick Jonas hugged it out with controversial marriage equality opponent and Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren at Anaheim Stadium on Easter Sunday.


Jesus loves your skinny jeans.


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He only feels that marriage is between a man and a woman. Why is that all of a sudden controversial TMZ? He happends to have more sence than most people I've seen. Actually read what he is preaching then make statements on what is controversial about him. Thanks.

1670 days ago


Always criticizing the Christian. Close minded "liberals"!

1670 days ago


I can't believe all of the attacks on Christians that I've read or watched the last couple days. If Christians made jokes against Jews, Muslims, or any other religious group...I'm sure there would be such profound outcries.

1670 days ago


You guys really need to get a life, just cos someone does not agree with your opinion does not make them wrong. You need to get a life: You criticize young people trying to abstain before marriage (Jonas Brothers), u criticize young people who have sex before marriage, i guess the only way to please u'all would be to be low-lives with no ambition & order words: You. I have stopped following TMZ cos you guys suck BIG TIME!

1670 days ago


"Evangelical Christian boy bander Nick Jonas..."

I would like to see equal opportunity hate from you.

Please retitle this as "Jewish Columnist Harvey Levin Hates Christians." At least you wouldn't be beating around the bush.

1670 days ago


yuk! yet another reason not like the Jo Bros!

it wont be long before we find out what kind of creepy hypocritical things Rick Warren's up to behind the scenes!

our dislike and distrust of rush, beck, hannity and the republicans is the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of closed-mindedness----we dont like/trust/believe in them because of the ugly, hypocritical things THEY do.

if you dont think there's some nasty dark story just waiting to break on rick warren, you are incredibly closed-minded and naive.

1670 days ago


No, they're not making fun of Christians, just the zealously born-again type, who give the rest of us normal Christians a bad name.

1670 days ago


Rick Warren is a just like Dr. Phil: a fat attention whore who will do or say anything to get publicity.

1670 days ago


I am sorry, but there is no sense in denying people their rights. We live in the US where "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Denying same-sex couples their right to marry violates the 5th and 14th Amendment to the Constitution -- the due process clause, the right to fair and equal protection under the law, and the full faith and credit clause. It is also discrimination based upon a trait that a minority of people cannot change. In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virgina that "marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival.... To deny this fundamental freedom surely to deprive all the State's citizens of liberty without due process of law... " Not to mention the fact that the Founding Fathers set a precedent for separation of church and state in this country, and denying gays their right to marry is supporting a Christian (religious) agenda and making laws based on religious doctrine. This argument is not about whether you think it is right or wrong, conservatives vs. liberals, or even religion vs. secularism, but giving due rights to American citizens.

1670 days ago


ok for all those saying tmz give it a break cause the young man and warren just believe something different and when is that wrong to think their belief on marriage leave them alone? ok ok so if he was hugging someone pro gay equality to their other tax paying members of the united states you the same people saying leave him alone would swamp him with how dare he, and so on. It isnt that warren believes that marriage is male and female that isnt the problem it is that he did alot to get people to vote on if gays should have the same rights as other members who are us citizens, they freaking voted on another groups rights. That is like letting the jocks in school vote on the geeks, if we voted on black marriage and white do you think any black person would have been able to marry or hell vote. You can believe whatever you believe that is all of our rights, hell if you want to believe in a angry sky god, and hebrew zombie go for it, but for those that have that belief why must all follow your personal belief? And freaking tax exempt at that, the catholics are great examples of what happens when you let peoples personal beliefs take hold over others rights.

1670 days ago


Amen, Shawn!

1670 days ago


Im done..., the Jonas bros. are hypocrites.
And the "pastor" is a psycho himself.
The religious freaks are more dangerous than terrorists.

1670 days ago


Between pages 1 and 2 of TMZ today, there are nine Tiger Woods-related stories and ten separate Michael Jackson items. Who would have thought I'd find relief in a Nick Jonas "news" item?

1670 days ago


Why must you retort to making fun of Christians? Harvey, you would be upset if me, a Christian, made fun of Jews and homosexuals like you. I have enough sense to respect others sexuality and religions. At least the Jonas Brothers have a good moral values and a good head on their shoulders unlike many others today.

1670 days ago


I don’t approve of the loose application to the term “Christianity.”

And I don’t approve of Nick Jonas dating Selena Gomez.
Vanity is not good for Selena Gomez even if it get her fame, notoriety, money, celebrity status and a Celebrity boyfriend/s.

Selena ought to get rid of vanity, quit her non Christian life and find a good Christian man to raise a family with.

1670 days ago
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