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Cuba Libre!

4/6/2010 1:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The handsome 16-year-old resurfaced at some communist event in Havana on Easter Sunday, looking indoctrinated.

Elian Gonzalez
On April 22, 2000, Elian was taken from the home of his Miami relatives by U.S. federal agents and eventually returned to Cuba.

In 2008, Elian became a member of the Young Communist Union of Cuba.


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So sad. He had a chance for freedom, but Bill Clinton and Janet Reno blew it for him. His mother died in vein. Look at that commie shirt!

1661 days ago


I was wondering earlier today what this kid was up to. Yeah, he looks indoctrinated indeed. Like anybody else whose life revolves around an ideology, he looks like he takes life waaaay too seriously. Then again, in his mind, he's right. So maybe he's happy. If he is, good for him.

1661 days ago


Might as well turn commie. Democracy failed him and shipped him on the first boat out.

1661 days ago


Got a Commie zit on his forehead.

1661 days ago

Tom C.    

Yes, it's Bill Clinton and Janet Reno's fault... If they hadn't sent him back you would have then blamed them for violating the sanctity of family for not shipping him back to be with his father. Lose, lose.

1661 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

to #1, yeah huh, poor boy, man we let thousands of Illegals here in Cali, poor boy went to the wrong state LOL, maybe when he turns 18 he'll make a brake for it, ya never know

1661 days ago


Poor kid. He could have had a better life here...

1661 days ago


Kayan Phoenix representing her kkk redneck side yo! B!tch.

1661 days ago


Well, if he's actually happy, has free health care and has more esteem than many of his gangland peers here in the Latin cities, what more should he ask for, just b/c you disagree with his country's politics. Obviously if you knew anything about Cuba, you'd realize we damn near blew up the world over that stupid little spit of land...thank you John F. Kennedy for solving the crisis before the right wing could have turned us into dino DNA food, part 2. Better red than atomic dust, if you ask me-no doubt you'd rather flame old politicians and wait for "another chance" to wipe the commies for mommie, even at your own rear end's wiping.

1661 days ago


Where is Gloria Allred when you need her?

1661 days ago

Chip Robinson    

He was an ILLEGAL ALIEN people! Why are you cutting our own government down for following for enforcing the laws we have in place? Are you serious?

1661 days ago


He arrived here with dozens of other people on rafts, where is your outrage for them? Just because he was a cute kid? The others ran and hid, they didn't have their families parade them in front of camera's to get sympathy. His family used him. He had a father who loved him and wanted him back, the USA didn't send him to an orphanage, they sent him to a dad who loved him. For those of you who are parents out there, just think of how you would feel if your child was taken from you?

1661 days ago


He was a LEGAL immigrant, all Cubans who step foot on US soil are automatically citizens. There's was no reason he should have been sent back to Cuba. It's sad that his mother died for him to live a better life and experience freedom and they took it back.

1661 days ago


Will you stop with your ignorant, odious red-baiting already?

1661 days ago


C'mon PEOPLE!!! it or not........NONE of you can change this.....HE is probably more educated than any of YOU/us!!!

1661 days ago
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