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Bombshell McGee

Half-Naked Karaoke

4/6/2010 1:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before she became famous for allegedly wrecking Sandra Bullock's home, Bombshell McGee busted out some strip club karaoke ... with a song you wouldn't expect a suspected neo-nazi to enjoy ...

A few months ago, McGee performed "No Scrubs" at the Pure Platinum strip club ... a song by "TLC" ... a group that contained multiple African-American members.

The dislike of broke-ass men sees no color.


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A dog in heat sounds better...

1661 days ago



1661 days ago


Why do you give this person any attention? It must be hurtful for Sandra Bullock and you only spur her on. It's amazing. Good things come to those who do bad. She'll probably make a lot of money over this whole thing. Disgusting and you help her by making her a celebrity.

1661 days ago


You are assisting this piece of trash get even more attention and more notariety. Please don't. She's loving what TMZ is doing for her. Don't reward her.

1661 days ago

me in ny    

Everytime I see her or her name, all I can picture is some old hag at 60 with ridiculous tats all over her face. Stop posting EVERY LITTLE THING about her, no one cares. TEAM SANDRA!

1661 days ago


She's kidding, right? A scrub is the only thing this piece of tattooed trash can get. Ugh, she's nauseating.

1661 days ago


Look! It's another member of Skankaholics. WHORE. TRASH. You are wasting bandwidth with this garbage...and OMG...I frickin' watched it! Poor Sandra Bullock. This is atrocious. SHE is atrocious. Thank you, TMZ, for showing us what a truly horrible piece of wasted human flesh this bee-otch is.

1661 days ago


Look! It's Marilyn Manson...oh wait...that's an insult to Mr. Warner. NEVER MIND.

1661 days ago


Sandra if you have not as of yet filed officially for divorce yet, do please watch and listen to this wretch---you'll run so fast to the lawyers office after knowing your man put the thing he put in you, inside of that. Lawyer first trip, blood test second trip.

Jesse James is about the lowest form of life out there---now that we've learned he was a purveyor of dog fighting. Nazi stuff speaks for itself. This skanks performance on the tape speaks for her.

Get the Divorce Sandra---its in their pre nups he gets no money of hers if there is infidelity on his part.

He fooled you, the public, the press, everyone but his employees...they knew the boss was a cheater, but he paid well, so he bought those sheeps silence, while Sandra thanked him and them...

1660 days ago


I really hate defending this person but she didnt wreck Sandra's home, her husband did that all on his own.
She wasn't the first after all, keep the responsibility where it belongs.

I also highly doubt amoung all things this woman is, that she is a
Neo Nazi, one uneducated juvinile photo dose not a Nazi make.

It's kind of sick how McGee apparently doesn't give the media enough by just being who she is ( it's enough for me! )
They need to add more subjective fuel.

1660 days ago


'a group that contained multiple african-american members'
lmao... couldn't just say tlc was three black girls...

1660 days ago


lmao @ the PC safe zone regarding the "multiple african-american members" but not so much caution with a tattooed white girl named McGee

1660 days ago


I think this hags profession should be in horror films, because that is clearly the most nastiest, freakiest, toe up from the floor up thing I have ever seen in my life.... all u peeps who pay to see that thing naked, SEEK HELP IMMEDIETALY!!!!

1660 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

Hey TMZ, where is the info about Jesse James' dog fighting?

It's been reported already on some online sites.

1660 days ago


What an ass, she actually TRIES to sing. Hey dummy, the only
microphone you work well is the meat one

1660 days ago
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