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The Object of My Affection

4/8/2010 6:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's sexy 41-year-old former TV actress turned movie star Jennifer Aniston.

Jen Aniston

It's amazing what breaking up with Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and John Mayer will do to a gal.


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She is HOT! I would do her in a second.....

1666 days ago


She is absolutely gorgeous, HAWT, and sexy!!! For the JJ loonies to call her ugly and pathetic is just, well "lunacy". They're just a jealous bunch because their HOlie now looks like a 500 year old Skeletor and a figment of what she used to look like.

1666 days ago


Somethings wrong or why would all the guys head for the exit sign?!
Maybe she's a nagging ME-monster.

1666 days ago


I don't like her as far as talent goes but she is very pretty and has a great body.

1666 days ago

its me    

well...gorgeous. truly. but that is what making it to 40 without having kids gets you - the best of everything, and no one to share it with. dont get me wrong- i am 100% TEAM Jennifer, i love her movies, and think she is beautiful and natural. but who stresses HER out? how many sleepless nights has SHE had? have her breasts been suckled by hungry babies? has her stomach been stretched to incubate a human? i'm not jealous, just realistic..and i look fantastic for having 2 kids - but not THAT fantastic!!!

1666 days ago


What is wrong with this girl? She must be completely Psycho because she is absolutely sexy, classy, and personable on the outside and looks to be an all-around fantastic catch!!!

She must boil rabbits for fun after the third date...why else would she be single?

1666 days ago

Bont Anne    

Sorry to say it but I've never ever thought that miss Anistonopoulos jennifer was attractive(And I'm not the only one to think). She's got the face of a greek (in tulip shape), her legs are awful too much muscled, she's flat and so on...;and even with surgery of the face and money she still looks UGLY.I wanna say that i'm straight and precised that I've never been jealous, I 've always loved watched women on magazines like every girls or in the street whithout staring of course.Nevertheless >I think Angelina Jolie is really gorgeous she looks like a russian doll, she's got a perfect complexion and body, beautiful face and was really glad the day I learnt that B Pitt let her down for Angie although I don't like too much her personality she's really from far A BOMB;Probably that we don't have the same taste regarding what or who is beautiful .I noticed that American tastes are totally different from Europe tastes
Anne, Bordeaux, France

1666 days ago


Team Jennifer scores another point! I need her leg workout! She is so beautiful. Her movies could be better though, I hate tearjerkers.

1666 days ago


leave the girl alone, she is hot and imho is hotter than she's ever been with any man by her side, just 'cause she was careful to suss out her parnters before she had babies with them doesn't mean there's something wrong with her, i would call that smart!!!, no point in being a single mother if the guy turns out to be a dud dad or husband, i'd say she's lucky she didn't have kids with Brad, look how great he turned out to be to her. The only people her making negative comments are jealous and that is all, and if you eat well and don't eat junk and make time to exercise you can be hot too, babies or not, lots of hot looking women with babies out there, not that being thin is all there is to life but just saying. Having a man and kids isn't the only thing in life either, having good friends is important which she surely has. I can bet she will end up marrying someone who is not famous in the end, when two famous people are together there is a battle of ego's in a lot of cases, maybe she should marry a great chef or something, someone who will spoil her and not make it all about them. She deserves someone nice.

1666 days ago


It's funny because I guessed Angelina Jolie and it turns out to be the ex. Either way I am satisfied…

1666 days ago


If I had the time and money she has I would be even hotter than her. She has personal trainer, personal yoga lady, personal massage every day, hairdresser at home always available not to talk about the retouches. Have I said all?

1666 days ago


god shes so effin hot. i get how some folks dont think shes beautiful but christ for them to be in such denial over her body?? please. and yes, we all get she hasnt had kids..blah blah blah blah. point it out all you want, it still doesnt change the fact that her body is rockin'.

1666 days ago


Shes asexual, just like Kidman, Sandra Blockhead. These three women are so bland and boring. Nothing going on in the bedroom.

1666 days ago


I am a leg and butt man and wow!!! They are great legs!!!!

1666 days ago


She's hot, but she just doesn't want to do the dirty and naughty stuff in bed... I know this from a good source ;)

1666 days ago
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