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Big Ben -- Decision Coming in Sex Assault Case

4/9/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger will finally learn if he will be criminally charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman -- the Ocmulgee District Attorney will make the formal announcement on Monday.

D.A. Fred Bright claims the "investigation, interviews and report" in the Roethlisberger case have been completed and reviewed -- and they will announce their "decision in this case" at a press conference on Monday.

As TMZ first reported, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is accused of sexually assaulting the woman in a nightclub bathroom in Georgia.

It's unclear which way the D.A. is leaning -- but in the past, Roethlisberger usually emerges victorious on Mondays. Ben Roethlisberger Pictures

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You speak to the cops,...and they misunderstand what you say, write it down wrong, can't remember 6 months later why they wrote it when it's time for a trial = U R F**ked.

1603 days ago

D. Miller    

I agree with the response about the DUKE players and that Ben is still young and he should not have to worry about every little thing he does when he goes out to have fun. But times has changed and when he signed that contract he needs to be a little bit more careful on walking in any place he goes because women are evil and they will try to get what they can while they are still young also. I hope Ben moves on from this because I love watching him play.. Like some of Ben's passes in the past LET IT RIDE and move on.


1603 days ago

Come on!    

If the D.A. was not going to charge him, wouldn't they want to get rid of this story in a Friday afternoon news dump? Not sure if my thinking is on target, but waiting until Monday leads me to believe they will charge him with something?

1603 days ago


I think its the oposite .. where the DA is concerned waiting the weekend .. ya know what they say about 15minuets of fame ... cause once he says no charges the press and everyone else leaves town .. If the DA realy had an air tight case I believe he would have charged ben by now . for no other reason than to say I GOT CHA...

1603 days ago


If the DA has the results, as they say they do, and the DNA is a match to Ben, he would have been arrested already. They would not wait until Monday to do it. They would issue a warrant immediately especially in a sexual assault case, because now he is a liability and the police would potentially be putting others at risk.

1603 days ago


They're holding a press conference? I predict he's going to be charged.

P.S. - Yum, Kooky! Big fan of Kooky!

1603 days ago


He did not refuse to be interviewed by the police. He was intially interviewed after charges were filled against him and he was cooperative. The cops wanted to interview him "again" and that is when they did not receive a response from him. He had no right to be in the womans bathroom regardless and for that he makes himself look suspicious. He's pissing his career away, that's for sure.

1603 days ago


Whether he's charged or not, many Pittsburghers just want the big goon and his reputation to QB elsewhere.

1603 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

RE:::And before anyone tells me I'm nuts, remember the lacrosse players from Duke. Everyone was so sure they were guilty, too, and we all know what ended up happening there.

Posted at 11:54AM on Apr 9th 2010 by LittleMo

um,mo? I prefer to remember that Roethlisberger has been accused of the same before & got away with it.To me,that gave him a 'free pass' & like many sports figures,hell,men in general,he used that 'pass' to pull this shit again. YOU remember Duke if it works for you, but really, THAT has nothing to do with this.just cause that didn't happen,doesn't mean this didn't....if you wanna use that 'logic' as a reason to believe him,well,what about all the times it truly does happen? Can't use that as an example if you wanna play fair,can you? MOST times,refusing to co-operate,or running,etc.....is deemed as a sign of guilt.

1603 days ago


GUILTY! He was accused once,got his free pass & decided to pull his crap again. Just like idiots trying to use the Duke case as a means to exhonerate this predator, I'mcalling out the 'refusing to co-operate' as a means to show his guilt! aw,WTF goes into a woman's bathroomto help??? A guy asks another female to go 'help' & if none around,he asks the bar employees! Sheesh, WTH happened to America & this obsession with sports figures/celebs,um worse,the wannabees? We give themso much credit when none is due their freakin pedestals become shrines! They all feel so damned entitled it's ridiculous.....not to mention harmful.Seriously lookit this fugly , what female in her right mind would bed that? $$ or not.

1603 days ago


FYI.....check your puters guys,I just picked up a virus here(front pg) & I'm not talking STD hehehe

1603 days ago


ESPN's Kelly Naqi reports that Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged with sexual assault stemming from the accusation of a 20-year-old student in Milledgeville (GA) last month.

1603 days ago


16. He doens't seem like a sex offender to me. I dunno though I wasn't there. But he's a likeable guy I'm not gonna think of him in that way and I hope he gets through it. It sounds like he's gonna need to write a check, but jail time would be unfortunate unless the detials are worse than I thought.

Posted at 1:50PM on Apr 9th 2010 by kindasad

curious here......like just what does a sex offender 'seem like'.....the cool coach?the nice uncle, the friendly,helpful neighbor....the priest who needs to keep the alter boy late? geez,it's the 'doesn't seem like it'(fit the profile) that these pigs count on.IF he's not guilty of this crime,he's guilty of sheer stupidity. Bad manners in the least.....sorry,guys have no reason to be in the ladies room.Really! You EVER see a long line @ the men's room? oh,that's right he didn't need to USE the ladies room, he was just being helpful.....how'd the girl get home? I forget.....

1603 days ago

Just Me    

Charges have been dropped, why didn't you cover that, TMZ? This is over!

1603 days ago

Thunder Thighs    


1603 days ago
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