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Suri Cruise -- Baby's First Lipstick

4/12/2010 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in her birth mother Katie Holmes' arms this weekend in NYC, adorable little Suri Cruise showed off her hot pink lipstick to her legions of adoring fans.

Suri turns four next Sunday, which begs the question ...


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The rule with my young daughter can play with make-up and wear lipstick...but only in the house; not in school; not out in public.

I would think in these days of the JonBenets parents would be more aware of predators watching and not encourage that attention.

1656 days ago


Let's get this right. She'll be 4 years on on April 18, is unable to walk anywhere on her own, still drinks out of a baby bottle, but is allowed to wear lipstick. Looks to me like little Miss Suri has TomKat wrapped around her little finger, and that Mom & Dad are unable to be the grown ups in the house. Thank God other Hollywood parents haven't gotten on this band wagon!

1656 days ago


There's nothing wrong with playing dress up and wearing lipstick when you're 4 - when you're at home playing.

This child must rule the roost - we've seen pictures of her outside in bitter cold weather without a coat, we've seen pictures of her teetering along a NY sidewalk in high heels, we've seen her outside in rabbit slippers, we've seen her wearing lipstick....etc. Nothing wrong with any of these activities; what's wrong is letting her decide what to wear regardless of the appropriateness of the situation.

When you're going out in public, you wear 'public' clothes - coats, shoes, etc. You teach your kids this; they're not born knowing what to wear outdoors. If they're not able to lay some basic ground rules on what's appropriate to wear outdoors at age four, they're going to face some serious issues when she becomes a teen.

1656 days ago


For all those who think this is okay "because she's only playing dress-up" you're idiots. You don't go out in public playing dress-up. She is way too young to be out in public wearing lipstick!!! Out in public she just looks like a mini hooker. But that's the least of what I'm concerned about. Why the HELL doesn't this child ever walk? Is she mentally challenged?

1656 days ago


Can't stand this family and that includes this satan-spawn known as "Suri" (which is actually a monkey's name). Why oh why can't they find the nearest California cliff and take a tail-spin over the edge, then peace would be restored. Holmes/Cruise and their spoiled, entitled BRAT of a child SUX!

1656 days ago


I am the Mom of three girls, and while I let them play dress-up at the age of four, they didn't wear lipstick and heels out of the house. They were only allowed to wear peel-off nail polish in a pink shade. Any podiatrist would tell parents not to let young children wear heels, especially out shopping with mommie. And yes her hair is usually hanging in her face and tangled. A child is NOT supposed to be done up like a woman! Let them be children as long as possible! They have the rest of their lives to be adults!!!

1656 days ago


I'm more appalled she still drinks from a bottle. The heels and lipstick are little girl dress up games.

1656 days ago


No "all little girls" don't do this. Just one whose parents can't distinguish between childhood and adulthood.

1656 days ago


even though kids play dress up im not about to let my lil 4 yr old wear makeup!! first heels now lip stick next shell ahve a bra?? come on now whats wrong with tom step up and say something cause katie is doing to much with this little gurl is it for attention or what they ar reallly annoyyinngg now!!!!!!!

1656 days ago


wow, you people are nuts. Little girls love lipstick and playing dress up.

1656 days ago


42. wow, you people are nuts. Little girls love lipstick and playing dress up.

Posted at 5:08 PM on Apr 12, 2010 by anniee

They may like lipstick and playing dress up, but that doesn't mean they should be out in public looking way too sophisticated for their age.

1656 days ago

Not Your Momma    

Suri is a very cute little girl however at the rate she's going, she'll just grow up to be another useless,SPOILED bratty Hollywood rich kid that gets what she wants when she wants it and will have no scruples or boundaries (like Paris Hilton & Peaches Geldof.) It's what "entertains" us folk who read these celebrity sites...whoohoo!!

1656 days ago


Nice photoshop TMZ, yes your so big to pick on a little girl !!

If not photoshopped, little girls like to play dress up.

1656 days ago


I would rather see a little girl wearing her mother's lipstick than seeing a little girl dressing like and made to look like a little boy.

1656 days ago


She'll look and act like dad. Not sure if that's good. It's not like her parents can brag about being in love.

1656 days ago
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