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Suri Cruise -- Baby's First Lipstick

4/12/2010 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in her birth mother Katie Holmes' arms this weekend in NYC, adorable little Suri Cruise showed off her hot pink lipstick to her legions of adoring fans.

Suri turns four next Sunday, which begs the question ...


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Kate wears messy jeans and flats (like a boy?) and puts Suri in dresses, heels and lipstick. Little girls play dress-up with their FRIENDS at their private homes. This kid is acting out at 4years old. Have you ever seen this child play with other children or have on play clothes of pants and sneakers? Running? Getting dirty?

1620 days ago


TMZ - WHY do you start these out with "birth mother"?

Aside from everyone knowing that anyway; it shouldn't matter unless it were a recent adoption; after a certain point even an adopted mother should simply be addressed as "mother" of the child.

Reality check table 1 please.

1620 days ago


Suri's very fair-skinned. She needs sunscreen, even on her lips. IFFFF it's a colored lip balm with SPF, I can't argue with the Cruise's decision.
However,--considering the other "dress up your child like she's a toy" choices they've made--I wouldn't be surprised if it's plain ol' lipstick.

1620 days ago


The lipstick - not so much, kids like to play dress up. But why is that child carried everywhere? Most 4 years olds crave independence and run all over the place. Katie seems like such a sweet and loving mom, I really like her. I think she needs to encourage independence for Suri. Preschool without mom would be a wonderful growing experience for her. Even though Suri's world will always be privileged, it would be good for her to learn about how others live. As I teacher in Studio City, I have worked with many celebrity's children. Those who do best are ones who have curfews, allowances, rules, and go to school with a diverse group of kids, including those from other faiths and cultures. The kids who are catered to, really have problems! they can be very rude, demanding and intolerant. I hope Katie is able to provide Suri with the tools she will need to be a kind and good person, like her mother is.

1620 days ago


I have to hand it to Katie for being a hands-on Mom. I never see that little girl with a nanny and Katie carries her everywhere even though she probably weighs a ton now. It's refreshing!

1620 days ago


First she prematurely ages herself by dressing like an old lady, now she's doing a similar thing to her daughter. Katie seems to be in a competition for her child to be number one (regardless of the potential long-term effects), and this is affecting her parental judgemnent. Children make all kinds of requests, but it's a parent's job to set boundaries. Although it may not apear that way, children actually like boundaries because they know that their parents really want the best for them, and won't allow them to turn out which ever way. Sure, for a mother it's flattering for a child to want to be like mommy, but is it in the child's best interest? Playing dress-up indoors is fine to a certain extent, but for a soon-to-be four-year old to be wearing lipstick in public is inappropriate. She looks like a little 'grown woman'. It's one of those situations that may appear harmless, but actually isn't. You can tell from Katie's vibe behind the shades, that she knows that it's wrong.

1620 days ago


All little girls love to paly dress up and wear lipstick! Get off their case!

1620 days ago


First of all, the kid isn't adorable, she isn't even cute. She has dumb f***s for parents. Who in the hell would allow a child this young to wear lipstick?

1620 days ago


Every little girl wears some lipstick now and then. This is a NON issue.

1620 days ago


It's 1 to play dress up...which I did as a little girl. It's another thing to go out in public - with color coordinated lipstick. That is not playing dress up. I read an article (think here on TMZ) that Suri only gets the best lipsticks and lip gloss. No she doesn't use Mommy's - she has her own adult makeup at 4 years old -- yet mommy still carries her everywhere. Something very off about this fam.

1620 days ago


Is it just me or does Katie look sad every time she is out in public? Must be her dream beau she thought she had in Tom is not so dreamy. It is the Scientology garbage. As for the lipstick, she is a little girl. Little girls love to play with makeup and even clothes. I have three girls, and they all play around with it.

1620 days ago


Is this little girls legs broken? All I ever she is someone carring her.

1620 days ago


So what? Stores even sell little girl's makeup and lipstick. It's fun. It's no big deal. Katie Holmes has to carry her daughter because the stalkerazzi are hounding her. I would carry my precious cargo too if TMZ was stalking my child.

1619 days ago


How about too old to be carried around like a baby though!!!

1619 days ago


well, she is NOT the CUTEY KIDS EVER had in Hollywood-celebrities & btw, even dannielynn birkhead & Tori Spelling daughter Stella's look All Over THE TOP & adorable!!!!

1619 days ago
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