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Suri Cruise -- Baby's First Lipstick

4/12/2010 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in her birth mother Katie Holmes' arms this weekend in NYC, adorable little Suri Cruise showed off her hot pink lipstick to her legions of adoring fans.

Suri turns four next Sunday, which begs the question ...


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As I child i used to love putting on heels and my mums lipstick!

1618 days ago

penny green    

Its ok for little girls to play dress-up, but their MOTHERS usually do not let them go out in public in the dress-up clothes. Mommy needs to learn to say to Suri No we are going to get dressed appropriately now so wash your face and put on a jacket and your real shoes! Also why is it this past Nov. in Boston this kid was in a sundress and high heel sandals when all the adults around her were dressed in sweaters, jackets and coats, and now its the middle of April and she has on a sweater while Mommy has a sundress on? I mean who is parenting this kid? Another 10/15 years she will be another Hollywood brat getting into trouble because nobody ever saids NO to her!!!

1618 days ago


I can't believe people are going ape sh*t over a little girl wearing lipstick. They make "play" makeup for kids now, in case you didn't know. Little girls love doing this. I can't keep my 7 year old out of my make up. She also begs me for high heels. While I refuse to buy her high heels, she does wear mine around the house while dressing up and wearing make-up. This is no big deal. Completely natural and adorable.

1618 days ago


Well, I support the comments that little girls play dress up, but I don't buy it in this case since the lipstick is not even the shade that Katie's wearing. I don't think in this case Katie was innocently just getting ready and her daughter wanted to wear mommy's makeup, it looks like they went out of there way to apply it, and pretty liberally, too; it's too much and too bright. Like a Crayola crayon.

1618 days ago


This kid is going to be so f*cked up when she gets older. Never
see her with other kids. Mommy started buying her designer clothes
when she was an infant and still takes her shopping to the most
expensive stores in the world.
Katie, stop making her look like a mini-adult and let her be a kid
before it's too late.

1618 days ago


Nicole got out!!! Run Katie, run... take the child with you. Soon she will be parading in fashion shows.. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

1618 days ago


Sure, most little girls played dress up at that age, but their parents didn't parade them around in front of the paparazzi. If she's going to play dress up, keep her at home where she isn't tabloid fodder. Seems Tom and Katie think Suri is more of a stylish accessory than a child.

1618 days ago


'Kay - my daughter was born 2 days after Suri, so i think i can speak from Katie's point of view on this... she spends a lot of time with Mommy, and little girls love to emulate their parents at this Gracie is limited to Chapstick and pink nail polish and some sparkly shadow on her eyes - and she is never happier than when she and i are "doing makeup" together. it is a bonding thing for moms and their girls!!

People w/o a daughter, or men in general, cannot be expected to understand this phenomenon. Suri and Katie probably have a great relationship, and enjoy their time together just like Gracie and I do.

1618 days ago


OMG - calm down people! Shes a little girl...ALL LITTLE girls like dress up and putting on makeup. You all just look for reasons to talk sh*t on this family. I really think this family is more stable than most of you.

1618 days ago


As a rule, if you still drink from a baby bottle, you are too young for lipstick! PLUS, four is way to old to drink from a bottle! For god sake her parents are clueless!

1618 days ago

Silly Season    

Why is she carried everywhere? -Because of the paps! Maybe Kate doesn't want her grabbed or touched or wandering off into the hurricane of cameras.

Why is she wearing lipstick? -Because she is a little girl that wants to be like Mommy and she's playing.

gimme a break here, people. She's FOUR. She's not going to grow up to be a spoiled brat just because her mother carries her and allows her to wear lipstick and play *Big girl* on Sundays.

1618 days ago


So judgmental! A little girl playing dress up so what!? Didn't most of us do that?

1618 days ago


So, she's too young to walk on her own or to move from a bottle to a sippy-cup, but she's not too young to wear heels and lipstick?? WTF?

1618 days ago

Tweety Bird    

I understand that most little girls that age like to play dress up, put on mother's lipstick, and wear "high" heels. However, let me point out that Kate (not Katie) started all of this insanity when she referred to Suri as a "woman" rather than child, little girl, etc. during an interview. Seems to me both she and Tom are just asking for all the media attention, and since they can't seem to get any on their own, they feel they need to drag their child into it. And before anyone says that it's due to all of the paparazzi hype, well maybe, then all these stars who complain about it, should have thought about the consequences when they posed for the magazines with their newborns/infants.

1618 days ago


Not all girls, little or big, wear makeup and high heels. The little girls I know that like to play dress up, do so at home. Their parents do not allow them to be on the street at 4yrs old walking in high heels to go shopping and run errands or wear makeup. I don't know why adults think it is cute to dress a child like an adult. They will regret this when this child is a teenager. By the way, Tom never let his older kids do any of the stuff I see Suri doing. He did not parade them around when they were her age or let them dress inappropriately. Heck, they are now teenagers and you rarely see them. It seems to me that Suri is the favored child in that household. Whenever parents favors one child over the others, no good ever comes of it.

1618 days ago
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