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Octomom -- Living in Fantasyland

4/22/2010 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does Octomom do right after she tells Oprah she has trouble paying her mortgage? She's goes to Disneyland!!!!!

Octomom in Disney Land

Nadya Suleman and one of her spawn were spotted at Disney's California Adventure Park on Tuesday in Anaheim.

We're told Octo and her kid had VIP passes and were able to bypass the lines. For the kid's sake .... let's hope they were comped.


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This should come as no shock at all. Everyone knows that once you appear on Oprah THE WHOLE WORLD comes to your aid.

Someone probably visited Octomom's official web site and donated a BILLION DOLLARS.

1644 days ago


How DOES she live day to day?

1644 days ago


She was there seeking financial management advice (and to comp the usual few freebies) from Goofy.

She should enjoy Disneyland while she can. By next year there won't be enough cash on had to buy a Disney comic book. She'll have to pawn those $400.00 fake eyelashes for gas money.

1644 days ago


You would think she woulda thought how to come up with case to take care of her kids before she had all 100 of them. We will see them in later years hooked on drugs and in jail.

1644 days ago


Of course she went to Disney.What else would a woman with 14 kids,
and not enough babysitters do?? You leave the babies to be stomped,
and take the oldest one to Disney.She deserves a treat after her
performance on Oprah. Balloon payment? What ARE you talking about?
Does anybody check her stories out? Harvey, get on her case!!!!!
Gives you a good WARM feeling, doesn't it Oprah????

1644 days ago


well she signed the one kid to a future contract with WWE wrestleing,,,she looks like she has a great leg for kicking people and stomping on heads,,
My gripe are these passes that allow people to go to the front of the line..what the hell is that about???So if you have money you dont have to wait like the common people..screw that

1644 days ago


You can even see her fake lashes in the picture,they are so long!
I understand they are pretty expensive, and so is the upkeep on them.
Why do you people in the media let her continue to make monkeys out
of you? All she needed was a tin cup on Oprah. Poor, pitiful,no money,
no sleep,I need a mansion, a high $ job on tv, sitting there deciding
which kid to drag to Disney after some SUCKER gave her a million bucks.

1644 days ago


...but maybe since the kids didn't get to choose their mom or their situation we could refrain from referring to them as "spawn."

Just a thought.

1644 days ago


Here this is DISNEY pushing other children aside like they are garbage for OCTOmom & her children to get ahead of the line ,that not right...

1644 days ago


Disneyland has some type of special pass, which allows the family to go to the front of the line to go on rides to limit standing due to an injury or disability.

My niece, her husband and children were allowed a special pass because one of the children was injured and in a cast with arm/brace crutches healing.

This looks like the kid that told Ocotmom he did not want to go to school while filming for the Oprah show and he does not look like her disabled child.

1644 days ago


This woman is a worthless piece of trash. I am sick and tired of people like her getting rewarded for being stupid and making stupid choices.

1644 days ago

Cheryl A.    

"Bypassing the lines for the sake of the children" What the HELL does that mean? I stood in a lot of lines when I was a child and the only terrible thing that happened to me is that I was bored and I learned to wait my turn like the rest of the world!

1644 days ago


Poor Aidan has autism. She NEVER takes him anywhere.
She said on Oprah she wouldn't even give him up, didn't she?
I wonder if she still has her handicap parking placard?

1644 days ago


She is plain FUGLY and looks like a tranny.

1644 days ago


ahh come on guys. Leave the lady alone. I like her. She is very well spoken and yes she is a mother.

I think that she did have way to many kids.. but that was HER choice.

1644 days ago
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