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Octomom -- Living in Fantasyland

4/22/2010 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What does Octomom do right after she tells Oprah she has trouble paying her mortgage? She's goes to Disneyland!!!!!

Octomom in Disney Land

Nadya Suleman and one of her spawn were spotted at Disney's California Adventure Park on Tuesday in Anaheim.

We're told Octo and her kid had VIP passes and were able to bypass the lines. For the kid's sake .... let's hope they were comped.


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Bruno,her kids go to PRIVATE school.
Do the private schools send out truant officers?

1644 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Sure life is a theme park for Octomom.. What a looser !!! Get a job honey and stop soaking the rest of us to are just trying to get by

1644 days ago

Peanut Santiago    


***She used SIX frozen embryos not to destroy them. Her OWN doctor and his medical records say she had FRESH embryos implanted. And fertility experts say it was many more than six.

***She is needs money. Begging. Okay. Yet her breasts are bigger, obvious nail and eyelash maintenance, her house is full of toys, she is always on outings, she wears designer clothes, is always mall crawling.....

***She needs child care help. Yet she is always seen OUTSIDE her house alone or with one or two kids. She was desperate for somebody to take one kid to the doctor...and then is seen at Disney with one kid. She needs child care help?

She is a good mother. Yet feeds her kids like animals. Enough said. And where is the healthy food? Food dumped from a can?

She looks unhappy and miserable and overworked on Oprah's show. Yet just TWO days after the show airs, she looks quite happy at Disney.

She usually LOOKS high and out of it. Oprah's interview was one of the best (of her behavior) I have seen. I can remember her usual/worst interviews. Disgusting and she LOOKS high as a kite.

Nadya should pay her bills and take care of her kids on a daily basis. Not p*ss away money and roam around constantly and them beg, beg, beg for help.

Some people are just gullible!

1644 days ago


Nadya Suleman had her lashes done (just prior to her foreclosure being made public) at Makeup Mandy Eyelash Bar and Make Up Studio on Melrose in West Hollywood (they call themselves the "eyelash bar to the stars.") Regular lash extensions there are $350.00 for a full set with touch ups every 4-8 weeks running $150.00. Unless she got the mink lashes, then those are $500 and $200 for touch up. Plus tax --plus tip.

Suleman's donations site takes Paypal.

1644 days ago


You can actually pay extra for a special Disney host and bypass the lines. I am sure that Disney didn't reach out to her and offer to let one of the most loathed women in the nation skip past their other guests for free.

1644 days ago


These photos shouldn't surprise anyone already...
I'm sure that even if MRS. O said she wasn't giving them any $$$.. That didn't mean any special gifts from the Harpo production company or ABC . Doesn't ABC /Disney own each other or something..
Everyone knows Nadya is insane and is accepting government assistance. As long as she keeps exploiting her children with self pity over her actions ~ She will continue to get freebee's from anyone and everyone willing to donate . And the State will do absolutely nothing to help these remove these children from the disgusting household until at least one or two of those children are killed.
It's all a complete "JOKE"...

1644 days ago


Why are you worried about referring to the kids as spawn instead of getting the guy who has spawned them to take financial and day to day responsibility for them?
Which do you seriously think is a higher priority?

1644 days ago


Blondie- Private schools don't fall under the same guidelines as public, as the schools aren't mandated to report bad attendance. I'm sure that is one of the reasons she keeps them there since she seems to have an ongoing problem with tardiness and truancy.

She was already warned by the school last year to get her act in shape...guess she thought that only meant until next time and for the cameras.

1644 days ago


#57- Steph;
Yes you can pay extra for that VIP treatment. It's not cheap. But then what's a few extra bucks when you can't pay your mortgage?

1644 days ago


as i read this article you called Ms. Suleman's child a spawn. I think that is very degrading. how would you like to be called a spawn. USE YOUR WORDS WISELY. Not the CHILD'S FAULT.

1644 days ago


Amen to that CherylO. It looks like she's passing on her massive sense of entitlement to 14 more little Sulemans. Just what the world needs: more entitled idiots.

1644 days ago


Maybe she has season/year passes!! GIVE HER A BREAK.

1644 days ago


Why are you so worried about referring to the kids as spawn instead of getting the guy who has spawned them to take financial and day to day responsibility for them?
Which do you seriously think is a higher priority to raising those kids?

And I'm not the one who has a Peta sign referring to spaying your pets on her lawn, either. Why exactly do you think that sign is there, carol?

1644 days ago


Let me get this right. While Oprah`s cameras were rolling, her presence in their nightmare was so crucial she enlisted a friend to take the baby to the hospital, and threatened Elijah with CPS if he doesn`t go to school. The cameras left, and now it`s back to "business as usual",leave the whole brood home with the nannies and keep Elijah out of school for yet another trip to Disney?
What`s wrong with this picture?

1644 days ago


Let me get this straight. While Oprah`s cameras were rolling, her presence in the home was SO necessary that she enlists a friend to take her sick child to the hospital, and threatens Elijah with CPS if he doesn`t go to school. Once the cameras have left, it`s back to business as usual, leave the whole brood with the nannies and keep Elijah out of school for a trip to Disney?

1644 days ago
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