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Bret Michaels -- 'Setback' in Recovery Process

4/27/2010 7:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_brett_michaels_BN_TMZ_03Bret Michaels' reps confirm that the rocker suffered a "setback" in his recovery from a brain hemorrhage -- and he may now be at risk for seizures.

According to Bret's people -- test results show Bret is experiencing hyponatremia, a side effect from the subarachnoid hemorrhage which is caused by a lack of sodium in the body. The condition can often lead to seizures.

But despite the setback, doctors are still hopeful Bret will gradually improve, "as the blood surrounding the brain dissolves and is reabsorbed into his system, which can be a very painful recovery and take several weeks to months."

Bret's reps also report that the rocker "remains under 24-hour observation in the ICU and is in positive spirits. He is responding well to tests and treatments."

Bret was first hospitalized for the hemorrhage last Thursday night after complaining of a massive headache.


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I started crying for him. I felt so sad thinking that the world might lose another special person. I am keeping him in my prayers. Thank-you to the medical personnel that are taking such great care of him!

1647 days ago


I hope he gets better and I'll pray for a speedy recovery.

1647 days ago


My best wishes and thoughts are with Bret and his family. He is so very fortunate to have survived this. I hope that he will continue improving and overcome this. Thank - you Bret for all the great shows and fun times I have had at Poison and your shows. We love you here in Scranton Pa.

1647 days ago


man, thats scary! This all came from that fall & I question if they did a cat scan when that wall came down on him & he hit his head & broke his nose & if so did the scan show anything? I would be rounding up to lawyers to at least cover the medical bills & then some pain & suffering. I'm not a true fan but I enjoyed poison back in the day. Really enjoyed Rock of Love & now celeb apprentice. Its way too soon for you to go Bret so good wishes, prayers & get well soon!

1647 days ago


I really hate when you guys attempt to report about medical never ever get it right...

hyponatremia is not caused by low sodium, it literally means low sodium, it isn't a disease or need better researchers on this stuff!

1647 days ago


The only thing that clown is talking about is when they are going to take his temperature again rectally. Or asking when Boy George is going to visit. rotflmao

1647 days ago


He is such a great guy and a outstanding faily man i am keeping him in my thoughts and prayers daily. I was a big fan of Poison and all his solo cds are awesome also. Get well soon

1647 days ago



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1647 days ago



1647 days ago


Stay relaxed and thoughts with only the option towards the road to recovery! I had a mild stroke (blood clot in my sinus cavity) at age 25 in 1985 and had a full recovery. I'm lucky to be alive and had the support of family and friends that kept me positive through the whole experience! Hang In There Rock of Love!

1647 days ago


I've always liked Bret he's a good guy!
My prayers go out to him and his friends, fans,family and kids.


Love Ya!

1647 days ago


I'm praying his guyliner wasn't smudged

1647 days ago


Lets leave the guy alone so he can get better. I do appreciate TMZ dressing up the story that he has "hyponatremia" (whether quoting sources or not)- which is LOW salt. But the terminology makes a better read for publicity right? Star or not- let him get better.

1647 days ago


Dear Bret, by the time you read this, you will have won
"The Apprentice". NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER give up. Keep the faith, keep fighting, this is the fight of your life. Stay STRONG. You will get thru this. You are in our prayers and thoughts.
A few years ago, an acquaintance (sic)I met for a brief moment, suddenly dropped to the floor with excruciating head pain. I'm sorry to say that she didn't make it. YOU were meant to be here for a reason, and that's why you are still alive. YOU'RE still ALIVE!! There is a reason. I know it sounds sooooo cliche' but it is true.
God bless, stay strong and positive.
GET WELL soon...

1647 days ago


i hope he gets better soon..

1647 days ago
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