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Octomom -- Bring on the Farm Animals!

4/30/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman took one of her 14 kids on an irony-filled field trip this week ... to a children's museum petting zoo.

We're told the photos were taken Wednesday at the Children's Museum at La Habra -- where Octo visited the Farm Animal Friends exhibit.

The exhibit is designed to show people what it's like to live in a barn full of cute and domesticated creatures.


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Who gives a crap?....really.

1603 days ago


Well, in Florida the Senate just passed a bill that says it is illegal to have sex with farm animals...I doubt if most people would have to be told this but maybe Octomom would...

1603 days ago


Did anyone ever check to see if she's in this country legally?

1603 days ago


I guess this is the proof that Ugg boots are now officially over...

...Maybe being the Dead Trend Ending for babysitter skankwear is what she will now become known for now that Time Magazine has decided what everyone but TMZ seems to have noticed--- that nobody cares about her..
I'll bet the designers at Hollister and Guess absolutely dread spotting her on these gossip sites.

1603 days ago


So now a camel is considered a farm animal? if you look at photo closely,you can see
its toe and it's neither cute or domesticated.

1603 days ago


I think it's important when you have more than one kid, to do things with just one of them know to give them individual attention. I really don't see the fascination with this woman. Many women have lots of kids and aren't considered a freak of a nature. My hubby is one of 12 kids and his mom was never married to ANY of the dads!

1603 days ago

pass the barf bag    


this woman is not a freak of nature, she is a freak of Dr. Kamrava and the plastic surgeon who did her face. Nature said she should have no babies, Dr. Kamrava and science allowed this freak to procreate. Your husband's mother probably had sex to get pregnant 12 times, this woman spent miniumum of $100,000 to become the freak of science that she is.

1603 days ago


Not a big surprise that this skank doesn't even care that she is embarrassing those kids with the way she dresses! Looks like she rolled out of bed ,(NOT buying the 2-3 hr. sleep crap)& threw on her boots. Tank top w/ boots & sweats. Time for a stylist know you'll reward yourself w/ something, might as well benefit the kids. Yeah, the camel toe, there's nothing more disgusting. I said the other day tho- A. She never stays home & B. She'll find a way to have her pic taken. C. Who gives a crap? How is this news? I wonder if 1 or 2 of the fake Octonut supporters are TMZ. What a way to keep your postings up. I for one am trying to quit. I despise her more than I've ever imagined I could despise a person. I hope CPS gets off their dead lazy butts & makes a surprise visit, that is if they can ever catch the Sulemonster at home! They'll catch her sleeping or blogging about herself. Octomobster, you're a pig & Karma will get you! From the nasal scretch, sounds like your septum is collaspsing (now that is picture worthy!) The botox can cause damage by the looks of you, & your hair is thinning so much your scalp shows. Karma perhaps? Your attempts to look like that lady you've never heard of has caused you to just be a freak show...all you.

1603 days ago


Good for Nadya and the child ..YEA! Nadya why don't u have another litter of 14???

1603 days ago


@ Vic,Nadya is not the only woman that got a lot of children.Nadya is out w/one of her children and I hope she will have another litter.Nadya is dressed just like a normal woman would dress.Vic why are you posting if u don't give a crap?GEE! Vic what do u look like???

1603 days ago


Why take the kid anywhere,,from what I saw on tv he has a built in zoo right at home..

1603 days ago


Now the flip flops would have matched THAT outfit,
so of course she wore boots.Boots and a barely there
tank for a trip to the kids museum? On 2nd thought,
who cares?!TMZ move on to something

1603 days ago


Who knew La Habra and northern Orange County was just such a tourist mecca? Is Octopus/Octomom going to take her kids to the Brea Mall next? I can't wait.

1603 days ago


Yeah. Pull the one child outta the zoo she calls home and take him to see how the animals live in the zoo across town. Nice.
Oh, and wear yer pajamas and Uggs, just in case the paps you called actually show up.

1603 days ago


Wasn't she JUST on Oprah complaining that she only has a month left of cash? Shouldn't she forgo the petting zoo and be out looking for a JOB? A REAL job? The kind that lives in perpetuity instead of one month in a magazine? Last week it was, what?, Disneyland or something? NO ONE should help her because she is not helping herself.
She continuously foolishly spends cash when she should be tending to the business of her family and income.

1603 days ago
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