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Octomom -- Bring on the Farm Animals!

4/30/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman took one of her 14 kids on an irony-filled field trip this week ... to a children's museum petting zoo.

We're told the photos were taken Wednesday at the Children's Museum at La Habra -- where Octo visited the Farm Animal Friends exhibit.

The exhibit is designed to show people what it's like to live in a barn full of cute and domesticated creatures.


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Why does this mother only take one child when she goes somewhere? I am not saying take all of them, but take more then one out at a time.

1635 days ago


You all make some excellant points. Here's another question to add to our imaginary earth ****tering interview;
"Nada, while you say you are so, so guilty for what you have done & blah, blah, blah...why is it then you are constantly seen pampering yourself?" One with true guilt would feel self-deprecation at the least. "You seem to have quite expensive taste for someone who has a beg, I mean, donation site on the web & are claiming to be running out of money." You appear to have put at least a hundred grand into your appearance & that's not counting all the future maintenance. "Are you familiar with the expression, "you can take the girl out of the trailer park but, you can't take the trailer park out of the girl." (No offense to anyone other than the Octomonster)

Donedone; I know you can do better than my lame attempt here but, plz. slow down, that last one was a little hard to read. Great points as always, I really feel some vendication when I read. ;>

Cherries;Does anything she does make sense?

Tired; love ur posts.

1635 days ago


If she takes more than 1, she has to have a nanny.
She can't be bothered with kids, she has to preen
for the cameras.

1635 days ago


I bet the animals at the petting zoo get more attention than her kids.

1635 days ago


Posted at 12:56 AM on Apr 30, 2010 by ken

lol Ken, Nadya was born and raised in America.

But I do think it's a wonderful thing to see Nadya out and about with her children taking them places and teaching them the wonders of life.

1635 days ago


Oh, sweet of you to comment on you. Did I say sweet? I meant typical. Listen, while we're on the subject...your hair's looking really thin, did you get enough donations this month to take care of that? I don't think the Oprah show went very well, sooo....Oh & lay off the botox. One's forehead, (or 5 head in your case) should move. I do like how you had 'em load that upper lip up with botox to help keep you from doing your maniacal laugh,thx. Now your turn. You attempt to insult me & other anti-abuser moms, say a lot of garbage, blah, blah, you are as TIME says, ooooVer!
How about tell us WHAT MAKES you A GOOD MOM OR A HUMAN BEING? Too bad you don't have the guts to even try to make an intelligent statement.

1635 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Shame on you Kimba- you didn't keep your promise to go away.
Wonder what PETA would say about the octoskank taking in this exhibit? I don't think they would be too happy about it. Still haven't seen any pics of the sign up in her yard yet. I wonder if that was another FAIL on her part?

1635 days ago


Ironic isn't it how she gets offers & then once they meet her, BAM...offer recended. You'd think she would crawl to the nearest mental health facility & ask for the help she needs in order to attempt to raise 14 kids. I guess it's true, when you're truly crazy, you don't know it. I read somewhere else, she may have Muchausen. Fits.

1635 days ago


Vic...hello..I have missed you..and have been looking for are you doing..? I hope that your back is progressing positively.. btw:
look up see you there........
Kimba 10..Well.... she is what she is. Not to be taken seriousy. Really, how can one...? Madya is taking her children out and about;... singly, on an isolated basis ..teaching them the wonders of the world. Would that be the crap-shoot daily existence that each child endures.? Tent City Prison would be more varied and enjoyable in comparison.
Of course Mady is frequenting Disneyland......despite her pecuniary embarassment. The reason is simple..she is not destitute, not in dire straights. She has a back-up plan.... the Taxpayer. She will not skip a beat, in terms of subsidizing and fulfilling HER self-serving needs...... "No need for a plan,'s okay to be slack , Jack. Umpteen ways she'll Screw you over".......

1635 days ago


Yeah kimdya10
Some of the Wonders of Life:

I wonder what a photographer was doing there while you were out sharing some quality private bonding time with your kid?

I wonder why you're wearing camisole underwear that's two sizes too small and makes you look really chunky and snow boots at the same time?
I wonder if this photo-op paid enough to cover your $400 eyelash monthly maintenance?
I wonder how much the baby daddy is paying you this month not to out him?
I wonder how how many publishers are having a good laugh around the dinner table at the prospect of you making their day a little brighter with your manuscript?
I wonder if you have enough written to be longer than a shopping list. Well, actually anybody else's shopping lost.

I wonder if Worker's Comp is going to ask for jail time when they prosecute $167,000 in fraud?

And as far as some petting zoo baby wonders of life go: I wonder why you haven't fixed your kid's harelip while you keep inflating your own? What is it seven times now you've had your lips adjusted?
I wonder if anyone at the zoo thought you were a dromedary in drag?

I wonder what Nadya Suleman who has 14 out of control children in a dirty noisy crowded house with no place for kids to even sit and have a meal as a family is doing online at 1:00 lunchtime on a Saturday afternoon?

1634 days ago


Lucifer-miss you also, so good to hear your infinite wisdom. And thank you for asking dear, it's a slow process but,I am making progress. Got into some bad habits of staying up half the night & cat napping all day. You know how pain meds. make you sleepy. I so look fwd to hearing what you & the others have to say about this crazy toxoworld. Are you posting anywhere else? I need the entertainment plz...and like Time said, it appears no one cares anymore about Octomonster, not even she is wasting her time posting. Bummer! Help me, I'm desperate! LOL

1634 days ago


Lucifer- Thx. for the link. I read the old P.R. (Kileen?)'s statement about Nada "only" getting about $100,000 from her 1st beg site...ONLY...I sure would like "only" that much donated loot! What does the pos do with it? Lips, eyes, tummy. I would love to hear from one of the pi$$ed off people that were gullable enough to send money. I'd PAY to hear from a few nannies! Man, I would like to take a road trip with you, maybe Done, TM, Snow, Tired, etc. to be at the workman comp hearing. Wonder if the locals will be there, maybe form a protest. We'd have a crazy time, eh? Or I could just be suffering from lack of sleep. lol Since the surgery, I only sleep an hour or 2 at a time...made me think of Octolier..Someone had mentioned her statement about only getting 2 hrs. sleep & all the negative affects, etc. I agree with the total misbelief that she only gets 2 or 3 hrs. also. I am "fortunate" that I can't really do much right now cause on 1 or 2 hr.s sleep at a time, my brain is turning to mush & I am beyond tired, no energy at all. I barely have the energy to eat. This is only after about a week...Like everything she says, just another lie. Well, I'll catch up with you later.

1634 days ago


Hello Vic...I am hoping that you are doing better today. I am glad that you perused the link. It is a cohesive, investigative group, from all walks of life.,with a common thread and does not tolerate stupidity or abuse....but is rife with humour, and intelligent thinking...and good people... You take care.......

1634 days ago



someone just sent me a link to ROL June 8 2009. that one post alone is so totally dammning to this horrible opportunist. I'll see if I can post it. Otherwise google it. Warning--it's pretty sickening.

1634 days ago


Done- I replied a long time ago but, it never got to my email to post...anyway, pure disgust. You are right, this should hang her. What a low-life, hypocritical pos...she sits there analizing, CRITISIZING Kate & kids while she has at least 10 crying. The one saying dadadadada, made They do a close-up on the cleft lip, & I lost count of the blank eyed, saaad lookin' souls. Could not help but notice she was fresh out of platic surgery! I'll go into more detail if my 1st post never shows cause I really don't feel like re-typing it all. Thx. for the link...if there's anyone left that likes that pos, they need to take a good look at that video.
I'd love to hear what LUCIFER has to say.

1633 days ago
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