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Jaycee Lee Dugard Grabs Lunch

4/30/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since surfacing last August after being kidnapped for 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard was spotted in public outside a Subway sandwich shop recently.


The mother of two turns 30 on Monday.


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oh whoa, got a TMZ employee here sticking up for the tasteless picture.

Get a soul and %$!@ off.

1609 days ago


This makes me sick.

Please TMZ leave this poor woman alone. She has been through enough without having freaks with cameras follow her around. I think she has deserved the right to live a quite peacful life now. For once be decent and don't oublish any photos of her, don't buy photos people bring you of her, let her be.

1609 days ago


TMZ Leave Jaycee alone, its great to see her looking happy at last. Happy 30th birthday Jaycee, hope its special for you.

1609 days ago


I am amazed by some people. Meaning the person with ADHD up there.

They are very nice pictures. That being said, Terri did ask for privacy. I did not go out and buy the National Enquirer with the pictures in it. It's because Terri asked for privacy.

People like CJ up there have a quasi-belief that this is being done for money. However, they don't get paid for National Enquirer photos, only the person who took the pictures. This is going way beyond simply a picture about Jaycee Dugard.

Jaycee Dugard did not live a life for public scrutiny. She was placed into this position. Her story is huge because it shows America what we are really like as a nation. Laws in this nation are changing because of what happened. This woman did nothing. She has more than 15 minutes of fame. Some people present this as though her side is in a conspiracy of though she thought as she was being taken that one day her story will be worth a lot so she should stay there as long as possible to make it worth more. Is that what people like CJ think?

Jaycee is a beautiful person. But she needs freedom from our prying eyes and public scrutiny. Live and let live. Give the girl and her family a break. She's not a circus sideshow that TMZ and National Enquirer are turning this into. She is a real person with real feelings. She has a real family. She has a real life. Let her live it in peace.

1609 days ago


"Who_Me" because I didn't make a comment regarding jaycee, & pointed out other issues in the world you assume I have "ADHD"?

Sweetheart I posted my comment on this topic when this came out five days ago.
Yes, its awful for what she went through. TMZ did nothing wrong.


You really do not see the point to any of this. Yes Terri, & family asked for privacy that was to be expected. They are also writing a BOOK that her mother was quoted on.
Not ONCE was anything in my post stated with "national enquirer", I said she did "INTERVIEWS".
Not once did I state she received money for the current above photo.
Do not put words in my mouth, & do not put me in a group like I am clueless on how all this works.

That being said, if it makes you feel better to continue to flip my post around and say what you need to say, than by all means continue.
I said what I needed to say, last week, yesterday, & right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYCEE! Hope you enjoyed the day!

1609 days ago


Dear CJ
The reason I said you had ADHD is that you were all over the page in your comment. But it could be you were just being a little obnoxious.

Tell me her interview she had for money. She was not interviewed by any reporter. Her words were written by someone else and her pictures were taken by an independent photographer and then sold to People magazine. You need to get your facts together.

And the book you refer to is not actually being written like the tabloids said. No book can be written yet because of all the current legal issues. So no, you are not exactly right about that.

Let's go me one article that one reporter sat down with her and asked her questions and she answered.There are none.

What we do see is mostly Carl Probyn who had been interviewed early on. Then we see Tina Dugard interviewed early on and neither received money. So where's all these interviews with Jaycee that you are referring to? By the way, Carl and Tina's interviews were very appropriate. And we do see the ABC video. Which was very good. We didn't really need to see it.

But this is where we are, looking past Jaycee Dugard. When does a person have the right to be private? When do they become a public citizen? When they do something that is public. Jaycee did not do anything to have this happen to her.These photos were taken by a stalker and sold to the National Enquirer and TMZ. Again, when does a person have the right to privacy? Jaycee is an innocent bystander who just happened to have all the bad things happen to her. We don't need to keep pointing it out. We get it that it happened.

I stand on my previous post. If you want people to listen to you, write like you have intelligence.


Show me. I did what you asked and looked at Google just to prove you wrong, and you are wrong.

Before you call us shmucks again, please get your facts right.

Thank you,

1609 days ago


oh I'll continue to say "shmucks" whenever I please. You continue to write your unnecessary comments & post.

Like I have previously stated, This is a HARMLESS picture.

you continue to look at it in a deeper way, & I'll continue to look at it as HARMLESS. You continue to look @ the tabloids, I'll continue to go about my day.

You want to continue trying to make your point across & twisting this photo into something more, & so horribly wrong & shameful? Take it up with your local stations if you think this is so awful.

This is ridiculous, I'm not going into a debate OVER A PICTURE.

Get over it, jesus.

1609 days ago


Just because someone makes a lot of money acting in movies doesn't mean paparazzi should be camped out across from their homes (and it's these Hollywood stalkers with a camera who feed sites like TMZ.) But at least the stars know such intrusions are the unfortunate price of fame and wealth. This woman did not choose her celebrity. Many of us love and admire Jaycee and look forward to her telling her story...when she is ready and wants to do it on her own terms.

1609 days ago


You are all saying TMZ leave her alone. It is an innocent picture of her and she looks rather pleasant, no harm done. Having followed her story myself it's kind of nice to know that she is now living a normal life. Thank you TMZ for the update.

1608 days ago


Seriously, leave this one alone!

1608 days ago


TMZ you are now on my boycott list. You have no class for stalking a crime victim. This is NOT Kate Gosselin or Nadia Sulemon, Jaycee was a rape/kidnap victim. Do you understand the difference? Do you really understand the difference? or do you completely lack a sence of morality?

1602 days ago


Yes she does look pleasant and happy and I am so glad to see her like this. I know her mother and Jyacee probably don't like this picture of her, and it's understandable. But for people fascinated by Jaycee because she is a hero, this photo makes us feel happy for her. I trully am happy to see that she is on the road to living a normal life. She deserves it, that's why she survived through all that...

Jaycee you are absolutely amazing and you look soooooo pretty!

1579 days ago


This is the last time I look at your website. You should be ashamed of yourself for stalking this poor woman.

Shame Shame Shame on you TMZ.

1577 days ago


This guy was already a pedophile, and the state was spending money then to monitor him. He then kidnaps again, etc. and the state pays the victim 22million, now they will spend more (that they don't have) for trials, jail time,whatever, etc.
Question: Why is the guy still breathing? The Judical system will fail us and the kids again, I can't believe this girls family members have not already saved the state of California the time and trouble yet.....Hail to the brave guy that shot his boy's molester in the head at the airport a few years ago, before the trial misery insued.

1545 days ago

Steve Kasian    

I find it humorous, all y'all going on here about "Leave her alone, TMZ" and "Please remove this photo!", as YOU are precisely the reason why this photo is up here in the first place! You along with myself and everyone else. You are here looking at it, being advertized to and making TMZ money. lol THINKABOUTIT!

1460 days ago
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