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Jenna and Tito -- Back on Speaking Terms

5/4/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz finally talked to each other for the first time since Tito was arrested on a domestic violence charge last week -- and their conversation was "extremely emotional."

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz

Sources close to the couple tell us the two spoke on the phone late Monday night -- and each made it very clear that they want to make things work.

We're told both Jenna and Tito declared that they "loved each other very much" -- and are each looking forward to finally seeing each other later this week.

As we previously reported, Jenna and Tito each backed off inflammatory statements they made about each other in the wake of Tito's arrest.


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This is getting boring.....

1635 days ago


Speaking terms? He says "pass the steriods" and she says "pass the oxy".

1635 days ago

solar panel    

TMZ doesn't know crap about what goes on in private between those two. But that never stopped TMZ before.

1635 days ago


Sas sad situation.

1635 days ago


i don't get is this NEWS? WHY WHY you idiots at TMZ do you post trash like this?? shameful bastards!!

1635 days ago


I wonder how much crying Tito did in that emotional conversation. I like his press conference from a couple of days ago when he ran off at the end crying.

1635 days ago


Sorry but if you were not in the business, what would you possibly have in common with a porn star. Most men like their women with a little self confidence and a woman who likes and respects herself. A Porn star usually has a lot of issues that put them in porn in the first place.

Surely it wasn't the sex either, seems like Tito would have plenty of groupies and chances to have whatever he wanted. Maybe you get Jenna for a bachelor party, or for a one night stand that you pay for, but taking that stuff home you live and making it part of your family is taking your self down lower than you should and for what?

1635 days ago


Her arm sure got better quickly.Maybe she should be arrested for filing a false report to police and wasting their time.

1635 days ago


I for one am tired of these two. TMZ can you give someone else their space.

1635 days ago


I don't understand why this whole story is news. Why is she relevant? She's a whore (literally) and he's a guy who loves a whore. Please do your reporting on people who actually matter.

1635 days ago


Another "ATTENTION WHORE" Please go away and find your old pimp!

1635 days ago


Tito is a PUSS and gets his ass beat everytime he goes in the octagon and she is a used up ,tired, & dried up Nasty! He cant sell UFC tickets & No one wants to watch her over tanned loose leather cooch get gang banged anymore, They are getting more attention then they deserve...another 15 minutes for them, thats all this publicity stunt is!

1635 days ago


Hey Tito!
This bitch is nuts & it's never gonna stop. She's used to having 5 guy a day bangin her. She is going koo koo

1635 days ago


I believe it it very obvious and quite evident exactly what this entire situation is.She is known to love to have the papparazzi on her side. She loves to play the victim.Compare this situation to the Rhianna situation. Rhianna did what a woman who TRULY WAS ASSAULTED does and that is to go to the hospital. To have photos taken by medical staff, NOT the paparazzi, to be used as evidence against the man who assaulted you. NOT Driving yourself to a CVS pharmacy&going in, then coming out with an incorrect brace put on you incorrectly(as her claim is torn ligaments of shoulder). I am in no way, shape or form condoning any domestic violence whatsoever and that includes the domestic abuse that I believe that Jenna is wreaking havoc upon possibly to Tito, but DEFINITELY to those innocent babies. Her ever changing story is classic signs of deceit and lies.I also believe her lies, her embellishment, her need for drama&attention seeking all correlate with addiction.No doubt she is in the midst of a very serious Oxycontin addiction.(This is NOT new news to anyone that even slightly knows her history) I believe that Titos story is as close as we'll get to what is actually the truth of this matter. I believe there was a confrontation of Tito to Jenna about her use of Oxycontin, and then just as a using addict would, she completely flipped out on him when confronted with the truth and that ensued to a physical altercation(My belief is more along the lines of her physically striking/slapping/hitting at or directly on Tito and I believe what is left out of Titos statement is that it was during his trying to restrain her that "IF" there is any bruise or scratch on her arm that it is from his restraining her that it occurred.) Her then calling 911 and going further was her way of saying to Tito, "Don't you mess with me(question my medicine habits, etc)or look what I can easily have done to you, Tito!" Then of course his holding of the press conference letting everyone know thay her addiction is still in full swing, well that only further fueled Jenna's rage&then need for vindictiveness(ie, her story making the 180 degree change at 8pm stating it was misunderstanding, that Tito IN NO WAY BEAT HER, AND WAS not A WIFE BEATER, the 180 change merely 2hrs later at 10pm,after Tito's 930pm PC, she changed completely opposite calling him a WIFE BEATER several times&that HE'S A LIAR attempting to save his career)thus we have her going full throttle with allegations&embellishment!
I believe that is EXACTLY the situation that we are dealing with here.(tho of course I can only speculate as to the exact details) but I from personal experiences of dealing with ppl with addictions believe this is about as close to the reality of what REALLY occurred last Monday, as we'll get.
(Notice my post has absolutely no bashing of JJ, nor even need of mentioning her career choices, this situation has plenty of truly negative issues already WITHOUT that even being mentioned)

1634 days ago


someone get tito a tissue !

1633 days ago
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