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TMZ Live: M.I.A.'s Video Kid Talks Genocide

5/4/2010 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ian Hamrick -- the redheaded 12-year-old from M.I.A.'s controversial "Born Free" music video -- stopped by today to answer questions about the video, ginger discrimination, and Kim Kardashian.

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Plus: Did M.I.A. go too far?


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"This kid is amazing...12 years old my ass! I know many 22 year olds who aren't half as poised, well spoken, or intelligent."

Amazing? When he IS 22, he will be broke and hanging out in the restrooms at truck stops, tapping his foot under the other guys stall.

1597 days ago


this blows

1597 days ago


Wow - that was weird.

1597 days ago


I like him ``so you haters need to `` step back and STFU!!

1597 days ago


EXTRA! EXTRA! read all about! Harvey's talkin' to an EXTRA!

What's next? Harvey gonna be chattin' with a Grip from The Ellen Show?

1597 days ago


Have him on in a separate interview, or keep it short enough so you can actually do TMZ live. Guests like Arnold Klein and Michael Lohan are relevant and interesting to current topics and while the music video was controversial it isn't in the news like Michael Jackson and Lindsey Lohan. That was a disaster. He's 12. He doesn't have opinions on Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan. Get over it. That was far longer than it needed to be and you completely ignored the desires of the people who actually wait at their computers to watch this every day. Don't pretend like you're going to answer our questions when you have no intention to. I thought TMZ was supposed to be for the viewers, not so you can have an excuse to debate genocide with a middle schooler.

1597 days ago

LA Native    

The kid was interesting to me but on THIS day, with so much happening, it would have been better to leave him to another day. I tuned in a bit late (and had no audio/video issues, BTW, which is amazing from Mexico)and was hoping to see some of the questions of today answered. TMZ, you knew the depo was going on today and I don't think scheduling this guy today was a good idea. I have to say, the news and video from Venice was classic LA stuff (born and raised there myself). Living in Mexico now, I miss the drama of LA.

1597 days ago

Lady Liberty    

"The New, Improved Colossus

Like the brazen hussy of giant fame

Conquering legs astride from land to land

Here at our sea-washed :sunset gates - she stands up

Mighty Gal no torch just flames

Her imprisisoned rage

Her stolen name

Mother of All Exiles

Her lightening hand

Her eyes command and her air headed horror of twin towers fame

Keep Your Ancient , conquered minds and arrogance in fancy pants

she wails

no silence from her lips

Give me your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe heavily

Your wretched refuse of your teeming shore

Send these, the homeless tempest tossed to me

I open my Golden Legs to thee-

(took poetesses' license , that's how i feel like we are being turned into a giant whore against our wills, Harvey)

1597 days ago

slick dawg    

harvey, stop bootysmoochin and get to the real questions

1597 days ago


enough, if I wanted to listen to the ramblings of a little boy I'd talk to my own kid. With all the more "interesting" news stories this is what you waste time on?? Plus you're way past Harvey's 20 minute rule.

1597 days ago



1597 days ago


favorite food?

1597 days ago


Why on earth are you interviewing a 12 year old child ? I think that you have gone bonkers now. Harvey is getting a bit off centered.

1597 days ago



1597 days ago

who dat    

I already like Ian better than mike

1597 days ago
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