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LiLo, Bombshell, Sheen & Hasselbeck

5/5/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan skipping out on alcohol ed, Bombshell's I-have-"colored"-friends remark, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's tearful apology to Erin Andrews.

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Plus: Gloria Allred firing back against David Boreanaz' extortion claims... and Charlie Sheen surrendering child custody to Denise Richards.


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I live in Tempe, Arizona. If you are here legally, then you don't have anything to worry about. Period. If you are not here legally, then get the f out.

1610 days ago


I am from Tempe, Arizona. If you are here legally then you dont have anything to worry about. Period. If you are not, then get the f out.

1610 days ago

Rafael J.    

Harvey! The new Arizona law is just another reason for racial profiling, the cops can stop anyone they believe is an illegal, and that's kind of hard to tell, I'm Hispanic, do you think they won't stop me in Arizona? how could they tell I'm not from USA.....

1610 days ago


What the heck is wrong with Siohvaughn Wade forehead?????

1610 days ago


i agree w/ the comment that harvey is so wrong here, he is painful to listen to.

1610 days ago

Sandy Taylor    

What does Lilo's mom do to bring money home?

1610 days ago


I liked this discussion... Perhaps y'all should do a new segment, maybe once a week or as topical concepts pop up. The informal discussion of legal concepts, application, etc... is interesting.

Harvey, I was surprised to hear your position on the AZ law. Is that your actual position or just a straw position for the sake of argument?

1610 days ago


Thanks for reading my comment on air guys. I've done a bit of research, and apparently it's okay to use the term "people of colour" but not okay to use the term "coloured people". I guess I made the distinction huh. Let's also remember that the NAACP uses the term in its name.

1610 days ago


1. This stream is really terrible. Couldn't hear half of it, because it kept freezing.

2. The half I did hear, Harvey kept cutting off Jason and Jason's explanations. Harvey, I know you know a lot, but I respect Jason's opinion as well. If you don't want him to share it, don't invite him on as a guest.

That's not Minnesota nice.

1610 days ago

Miss Bitch    

Harvey, you made yourself look very stupid today. Do yourself a favor and READ THE BILL. Then, have another look at the U.S. Constitution, particularly the 4th amendment. Probable cause is not reasonable suspicion. Please don't punish us with any more of your yammering about stuff you can't understand.

1610 days ago


Okay then;
Please show pictures of Pauly Shore so we can see the difference between Max and him, so we can get the story he told.
I do not have a clue as to what Pauly looks like and I'M sure I'M not the only one.

1610 days ago


25. You are both sorely missing the point on the Arizona immigration law. The problem is that the STATE of Arizona wants to enforce the FEDERAL crime of illegal immigration. Asserting "States rights" over the Federal gov't is the same thing Alabama tried to do during to enforce segregation during the civil rights era of the sixties. THAT'S what's wrong with this law.

Posted at 1:57 PM on May 5, 2010 by Some Faustkateer


I disagree. Alabama tried to cir***vent civil law, Arizona is stepping up to enforce the existing law - where the Feds are abjectly refusing/neglecting to adequately enforce it. Why? because they suffering significant damage, as a state, from illegal immigration. Many other states are as well. It's a simply an attempt to protect the state, where the Fed is not performing it's constitutionally mandated function. If the Fed wants to do anything, perhaps it should fulfill the simple reciprocal requirements of it's existence. Then AZ wouldn't have to. Perhaps the argument should be about them enforcing AZ state law? Such as illegal interstate commerce? the illegal export of funds by illegals. Then they can make a law to open the finances of all illegals as a part of immigration investigation. Then require them to pay a tariff on all the money they siphon out of the AZ state economy?

1610 days ago


In your opinion - Did Rachel Uchitel get a 10 million dollar settlement because of her knowledge of Tiger's drug use (specifically PED) or sexual activities, or both?

1610 days ago


HARVEY Do you think Gloria Allred is just out to get every guy in Hollywood because she was cheated on before or just for the media and money? My guess is all of the above.

1610 days ago


"TMZ" Do you think Gloria Allred is just out to get every guy in Hollywood because she was cheated on before or just for the media and money? My guess is all of the above.

1610 days ago
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