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Tom and Katie

Singing, Dancing, Kissing

5/5/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise unleashed his inner Broadway star this weekend -- stage-diving, dancing and even kissing his wife, Katie Holmes, during a performance of a "Damn Yankees" song for a charity event.


It all went down during a performance of "Whatever Lola Wants" at the "A Fine Romance" benefit gala in L.A.


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His stiff body language and lack of affect while sitting says it all - "NO Katie, NOOOO...!

1597 days ago


Her legs aren't fat, ya knuckle-draggers. She has very muscular legs from running. DUH.

1597 days ago


charity benovolent of much did they get paid for showing up?

and after scientology ....after realizing Tom actually beleives in that crap and partcipates in that dangerous criminal organization thats wanted for murder in multiple countries and tortures its seacrew can only conclude both Tom and Katie are off their freeking rockers and perfect for each other....sadly the government allows them to parent a child while they are knee deep in financing crime...and what should properly labeled as a predatious terrorist organization.

Someone save suri!

tom sucks. whatever sex apeal he had went out the window when he became a freeking nutcase.

1597 days ago


Tom, your a great guy and although I know that if you "came out", it would be career I do understand why you haven't (because you will never be believable on screen as a ladies man anymore). However, please stop trying so hard to cover up...It's starting to look too obvious. Me being in the industry know your secrets...but who doesn't have any. I still love you.

1597 days ago


Hmmm: Your comment is hilarious. I am there with ya. LOL I felt the second hand embarrassment big time!

1597 days ago


LOL @ the moron who cited his brief 'fling' with Cher as proof he's straight. It's just confirmation he's completely gay. These two are the biggest creep show couple I've ever seen, and I can't believe they are still trying to convince us they are straight. Just like their friends, Jada and Will Smith...

1597 days ago


typical straight stuff. the woman cant sing and he rolled around like a doof but i guess they had fun.
he didnt look like he minded when she blew some wind out of her skirt. haha

1597 days ago


i don't know what is worse! watching that or one of his lame movies.

1597 days ago

The I-Man    

Gosh. I'm actually shocked and disappointed by the unanimous outpouring of hatred being spewed at these two on this board. Sure, Tom and Katie have their share of eccentricities, but at least they aren't predictable like you people who fear anyone or anything that is different or outside the norm. Personally, I thought Katie sounded terrific vocally. In fact, I originally assumed she was lip-synching to someone else's vocal track, but then realized it was her own voice. As for Tom, this comes as no surprise as he has previously stated that he would indeed be interested in tackling a musical project some day. Here, I thought he was polished, graceful, and most of all -fun. Fact: Anyone who takes an unbiased look at Tom's career choices over the past three decades, can see that he has an irrefutable history of challenging himself with his role choices. From studiously giving his all to Stanley Kubrick, Oliver Stones, Steven Spielberg, and Paul Thomas Anderson, Tom has been and will continue to be one of the true great actors of his generation. Time will reveal that to the masses and haters, just like Michael Jackson's death shifted the majority's focus back to the brilliance of his talents. 'Nuff said.

1597 days ago


God what haters u all are!!! She is just fine...he doesn't claim to be a dancer & he is a real good sport about this...AND it was for charity!!! Well, they have the best revenge...they live well & are happy. I guess you people cannot bear that.

1597 days ago


Thought this was a really entertaining performance by both, Tom and Katie! Nice job!

1597 days ago


I liked it!

1597 days ago


I thought they said Katie could sing. That's terrible. I can do better...really I can and I have. They looked pretty stupid prancing around the stage.

1597 days ago


"MR. LOOK-AT-ME refuses to let Katie be the Broadway star. His Napoleon Complex is so huge it's ridiculous. That's the only huge thing about him. When is she going to get a mind and get away from him ????

1597 days ago


Really extremely pathetic. They both looked stupid and will do anything for attention. I could not make it through the video. Another Michael Douglass/Zeta Act. If your rich, it doesn't matter what we all say or think. But really Tom - you look so so uptight. Site of tree trunk legs/ He's probably hoping he doesn't get crushed as small as he is. Cannot stand this couple at all.

1597 days ago
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