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Lawrence Taylor, Chaz Bono & Uchitel

5/6/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything today -- including NFL legend Lawrence Taylor allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl, Chaz Bono's legal manhood, and Rachel Uchitel's extortion statement.

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Plus: Lindsay Lohan's walk of shame this morning.


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He didn't know she was underage so aside from all other, this is just having sex with a hooker and call it a day

1596 days ago


LT did not have to give up his passport ?

1596 days ago


so gisele is endangering her kids life...... just saw pics of her on dlisted with shortshorts but the more important thing i saw was her getting out of a car with benjamin in her arms and not a carseat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1596 days ago

BOBO Nofingers    

Is U the TIZ? and why didn`t the KID jace hit on the bike have nothin on and didn`t have his hands on the handle bar`s? TIZ?

1596 days ago


set it to mute automatically so i dont have to hear you two rambling. Both of you are annoying

1596 days ago

Swaztika'z El World    

keanu reeves for thundercats

1596 days ago

Swaztika'z El World    

How Much time he Get

1596 days ago


Despite the fact that she was a hooker, she is still a child. Bull**** he couldn't differentiate. A young girl, looks like a young girl. Just because you are famous, doesn't mean you should be entitled to exploit a child! Hooker or not, he should have known better. He took advantage, and got called out. He is sick, and should be ashamed of himself and I hope he gets punished for it. There are a million skanks in the world. Take home one of them from the bar. Don't contribute to the problems the world already has concerning children in the sex trade. SHAME on him, and anyone else that would make excuses for the rape and exploitation of a minor!!

1596 days ago


Wild ride on Wall Street today... Perhaps it's time watch the Wall Street Punk Rock Polka from CA punk band CUBICLE?

1596 days ago


BS about his not knowing her age. I am so tired of athletes and celebs getting special treatment for crimes others are thrown in jail for. They need to take responsibility for their actions. All these male athletes need some training on how to keep their C--KS in their pants. This is so simple.

1596 days ago


after Big Ben's media BEAT DOWN, why would ANY pro athlete go near any situation like L.T's?

1596 days ago

in question    

Is eharmony really at risk of going out of business? I am seeing this everywhere. Do you thing they will team up with the corporate giant trying to take them over with the that is auctioning off at Should we be happy for more jobs being made out of this or disgruntle that eHarmony has no awareness of this situation. Nor have we yet to receive a statement from ehamony saying if they are inquiring this or anything? Someone know anything?

1596 days ago


Did I hear Rachel U was going to do Playboy?

1596 days ago


Are you taking bets on how big Heidi will go before her boobs explode?

1596 days ago


New lawyer rocks!

1596 days ago
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