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Joel Osteen Invites Conrad Murray for a Pray Date

5/9/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pastor numero uno Joel Osteen will have a special guest at his weekly sermon today -- none other than Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources tell TMZ the doc accused of killing Michael Jackson has been invited into Osteen's inner sanctum at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.   We don't know why Osteen personally invited Dr. Murray.  In fact, we're told Dr. Murray isn't sure why he was invited either ... although he's an active member of his Houston church.

We're told Murray will arrive at the church in the morning and go in through a "bunker-like" entrance -- and he won't be given the entry code until just before he arrives.

With all that security, it's almost as if Murray has a meeting with ... nevermind.


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Michael Jackson's fans are as weird as he was!!!

1627 days ago


With all that security, it's almost as if Murray has a meeting with ... Michael Jackson.

Truth about the hoax : june 2010.

1627 days ago


Murray doesn't know why he was invited??? You don't think it has anything to do with publicity and ratings for Olsteen, do you?? If it wasn't, we wouldn't be reading about it.

1627 days ago


Going to Osteen's church is like watching The Situation and Snooki make out.

1627 days ago


Is this really happening?!!!!!! Now I know for sure we are in the TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!!!

Or should I say only in America...the land where people THINK they are free and the home where evil and greed are free to roam, and write stories on TMZ.

This is getting more unreal by the day. Something very strange is going on.

1627 days ago


Another question...Is Murray in Houston or Las Vegas these days????

I thought he was in Las Vegas as that is where they had shown him going to work. The Houston office seems to be abandoned.

How come TMZ doesn't track down Murray more? I wonder if they will have "spies" at Joel's church like they had when MJ's casket went into Staples...

1627 days ago


Joel Osteen is just looking for free publicity, even after dead MJ keeps making everybody around him famous and rich! Murderer Murray will go down and hard! The Lady Justice better be served!

1627 days ago


there is a hell people. repent and be baptized. Jesus is the only way to God ask him tinto your hearts.

u have been warned. either you accept Jesus or you'll burn in the lake of fire for evelasting and everlastiing.

1627 days ago


The King of Major Naivete's
friends are shrieking louder than Bubbles the chimp.
Gays, wimpy entertainers, simple-minded enabling witches,
fraud girlfriends & barbaric doctors.
He started out as a cute man &
became mixed up after he changed physically.
His eyes became glazed & sunken.
His face was just hanging skin. He talked really fast &
cried for kids, but he was in need of help.
He wore frizzy Asian wigs & girly make-up.
He looked for love in Japan parties but where was the USA?

1627 days ago


Joel: "let's hove a pray date murderer!!"

1627 days ago


Nut job meet a bigger nut job.

1627 days ago



1627 days ago


43. 35. Yeh, meeting with God. And God will ask " what did you do to my precious gift to the world ?"

Posted at 4:44 AM on May 9, 2010 by lynn

I think this question will be asked of us when we meet our Maker, with one exception - It will be "what did you do WITH my precious gift to the world". IE, Jesus Christ.

I am not a Bible thumper but I am getting darn sick and tired of seeing people say Michael is God (TMZ is King for one) or writing prayers to Michael here. MICHAEL WAS HUMAN, NOT GOD. I don't care if you believe in Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, etc., MICHAEL WAS NOT GOD! Stop worshiping him and instead worship your Creator who is worthy of all honor and praise!

Also, PLEASE STOP with the Michael IS the sexiest man alive, Michael CAN have any woman he wants, etc - change the present tense to past tense. I know some of you believe he is alive but HE IS NOT - HE IS DEAD. Elvis fans have been waiting almost 33 years for him to come back, and his BAM day has never arrived. The same will be true with Michael.

I know that those of you who beLIEve think he really is alive. I think that that hope is what keeps you from going into full-blown grief. But look at the evidence OBJECTIVELY - not from a slanted point of view passed on by folks at YouTube and elsewhere, and you will see - MICHAEL IS DEAD.

So, lessons for today:
1. Michael is NOT God.
2. Michael IS NOT the sexiest man in the world (ewww, decomposition and all).
3. Michael IS dead.

Posted at 5:47 AM on May 9, 2010 by Deb


Dag Deb

For someone who claims not to be a "bible thumper" you sure are doin a bunch of preachin here this Sunday Morn. So I will add my own lil sermon to the mix.

Each of us is precious in the eyes of God. The life he has given us is precious. So yes we are all God's gift to the world. I.E. Jesus Christ was born of God to come to save us from our sins. God was well aware what Christ's fate would be...

Now I do not think anyone here is worshipping Michael in a God like manner. Yes there are some that are a little over zealous but so what?

As far as you thinking Michael was not the sexiest man on the planet, well I would have to disagree with you. But of course it is a matter of personal preference...

As far as people believing he is alive, I for one am not one of them, but I do not come on here bashing those that do.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Have a blessed Mothers Day.

1627 days ago


OK TMZ FIRST THANKS FOR ANOTHER CLUE.go ahead and finish the sentence who is murray meeting with????? come on it's MICHAEL JACKSON??????????? tmz when Michael does return please tell him to wear those sexy hot gold pants.oh but tmz YOU KNOW WHY HE WAS INVITED OVER RIGHT??? RIGHT!!!harvey and tmz think we're stupid.ha laugh is on you all.MICHAEL I LOVE YOU MOST.PLEASE HURRY HOME.WE'RE HERE WAITING FOR YOU SWEETHEART.LOVE AND HUGS MICHAEL.

1627 days ago


#11 --- JaniceBryne--- Your mother must be so proud of you, huh ? Just sayin. Too all the crackpot Jackson fans, I wonder when the police are finally going to crack down on all of you making threats against Dr. Murray. Your all easy to locate by IP Address. For the past 10 months I have read all your violent, vile comments about a man who is innocent until proven guilty. Your death threats show a total lack of respect for the justice system. Apparently it worked quite well for Michael Jackson, lets hope Dr. Murray gets the same consideration.

Since you have all been so busy threating and trashing this man, what would the great OZ Michael Jackson have to say about that ? He apparently was a man of peace and love, and all you fans are, are people of hate !

Dr. Murray didn't force or turn MJ into the junkie he became, he just gave in to the ole mighty dollar. I believe Dr. Murray will be found not guilty just based on the evidence. But thats just my opinion. Now are all of you going to rant and rave and threaten my life too ? Michael Jackson was a junkie pour and simple. He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. Accept that fact and open your eyes. There will be no sainthood on Michael Jackson.

I personally would probably turn into a junkie too if I had to deal with all the guilt I would feel for harming little boys. Michael Jackson died with a needle in his arm, something he wanted there, and something he begged to have there, Dr. Murray just complied and tried doing the right thing, it was Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson alone who killed himself...but I'll still stand by the Innocent Until Proven Guilty ! Let Lady Justice do its job....stop threatening this man its so unchristian.

1627 days ago
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